Semi Normal

This past week has been…social! It’s been wonderful. We’ve had plans nearly every single day this week and it’s just felt so right. It’s been busy and we are also gearing up for our trip to Michigan but I’ll take this lifestyle over the lonely secluded one any time. Both of our girls are obviously positively affected by the social events as well and seem to thrive in them.

Monday: Reese and Bryan had a daddy daughter date at Macrina Bakery for a croissant and coffee before doing a second orientation day at Reese’s new preschool. We then had our new nanny share family over for a meet and greet with the babies and for a drink of Bryan’s beer for a post work happy hour. It was the only time we have ever been the last to pick up Reese at school so that was the con for the day.

Tuesday: We all shared a walk to school in the morning. We picked up Reese a little early to head south to Renton and the south end of the lake to play at the massive Gene Coulon Park, spend some time with Bryan’s old coworker Mark and his wife Kim, and then all got fish and chips from Ivar’s for their birthday BOGO to eat in the sunshine and 60+ degree weather. We had a wonderful evening out, maybe a bit too late because Reese went haywire, we lost Brooke’s Wubba, and then she wailed the whole ride home.

Wednesday: Less social but we still enjoyed our morning walk to school (we have so few left now). In the evening, after putting Brooke down for the night, I went over to sit for our neighbors so they can resume date nights. We will try for our turn when we get back from Michigan. It’s urgent now as our neighbors have bought a house and have plans to move in May 😦 Bryan got the short end of the stick though and had to settle Brooke twice when she woke up and then had a disgruntled Reese to put to bed after that, bottle some beer, and do some other prep around the house.

Thursday: We invited friends over for the March Madness games and dinner. Polly and Ryu and Jeff were able to come over and with Polly’s birthday on Friday we also made her a cake (chocolate covered strawberry cake because she had once told me that is her favorite and the one her mom always would make for her). Michigan and Texas Tech both lost which was a sad outcome to the game but we thoroughly enjoyed having our friends over again and Bryan’s excellent beer can chicken and other snacks and home brew during the game. This is where we could see the girls thrive and it was fun to see our two girls, who sandwich Niko in age, and how all of them mixed together. Since it was so nice outside we watched a portion of the game outside on the big screen as well.

Friday: Sad day as it was Reese’s last day at Mother’s Place. I’m tried to hold it together because this place is so special. Reese knew it was her last day but what that exactly means to her I am not sure. Bryan made his special chocolate chip cookies for her classmates and teachers for her last day. And for whatever reason Reese wanted to ride her scooter to school, which she pretty much did aside from the uphill portion of our walk. After her last day of school we said our goodbyes and then headed off to Madison Park for her second ever hair cut and then a play at the the park with Lottie who met us there before heading home for dinner with Lottie and Sarah.

We had a birthday party to attend today for our friend Philipp and Sara’s daughter Emelia who is turning three, Elsa themed and small, but there was multiple sicknesses in the small attendee group that we decided to not take the risk. It’s also been quite the process to get all of our laundry done this week since getting the new washing machine installed on Monday afternoon (and a few rare accidents for Reese in bed). I cannot wait for a week off of work and a week spent with family coming up. Will definitely be wonderful, although I wish I could just teleport us there and skip the flight and drive.


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