Due Date

We’ve reached and now passed our theoretical due date which was Monday, 11/29/21. I’m not surprised and feel like no one should be really with Reese coming two weeks past her due date but I’m also keen not to go the full two weeks past my due date this time around. I’m still patiently waiting and letting nature run its course for now but its the strangest feeling wondering when and where it will happen!

Picture from a week ago

While we have been waiting, we had a nice low key long weekend at home over Thanksgiving. We had pretty much four straight days of drizzly dreary weather and spent the majority of the weekend at home. We did go over to our friend’s house on Thursday for the big dinner and that was enjoyable, delicious, and most importantly hassle-free for me in terms of preparations of the actual dinner. There were five adults and one Reese and she really did quite well sitting at the table with the adults and entertaining herself and others while we were with our friends. For dinner we had the necessities and they were all well executed: heritage turkey with caramelized onions, green bean casserole, cornbread muffins, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and a delicata squash, feta and candied pecan salad. The dessert, featuring a chocolate pecan pie and a bourbon “pumpkin” pie with fresh whipped cream and Washington Dairy pumpkin ice cream, were some of the best pies I have had ever!

Thanksgiving dinner

After the big meal, on Friday morning, we decided to use the break in the rain to get our Christmas tree from City People’s down the street. Bryan is great at picking out the perfect tree and we brought home a brilliant 6-7′ noble fir and a wreath. The whole event took no time at all. We got the lights strung on the tree Friday afternoon before having Lottie and Sarah over for homemade beef stroganoff and apple pie a la mode. The girls played so well together and it was nice to have some more company on an otherwise quiet day.

Saturday and Sunday were again quiet and rainy and spent indoors doing both holiday activities, enjoying lots of cuddles, and Bryan tackled a lot of items around the house. But first, we had the Michigan vs. Ohio State game to watch and what a game! Michigan came out actually pumped and prepared and with a lot to prove and it was wonderful to see. Even if they hadn’t won I would have been proud of their playing. Fortunately we got the victory, the first in ten years time! Throughout the game Reese and I put up decorations on the tree and Reese really enjoyed doing this (so much so that she wanted to take them off and put them back on on Sunday, which we did not do). We needed to get out of the house Saturday evening so we decided to use our BOGO dinner at Eastlake Bar and Grill. We were essentially the sole table in the entire dining room (a few parties in the bar) so it felt like we had the restaurant to ourselves. We had a great meal and got to watch a little more football.

Reese broke out her train set this weekend

Sunday was more playtime and things around the house but Reese and I did take her scooter out for a spin to walk and get Lowrider Cookies after her long nap. Reese enjoyed her cookie sitting outside with me at the cookie counter and we brought Bryan one home. Bryan helped Sarah and Lottie get their tree, which was eventful enough for his day, and we had homemade mole chicken enchiladas for dinner to round out our long weekend.

Quick cookie run (I mean scoot)

Being that Monday was our due date, Bryan came with me to my midwives appointment. There was nothing really big to report from the appointment but we left knowing that we would keep patiently waiting, at least until next Monday, before deciding anything else. We got to hear baby on the non-stress test and baby was sounding alert and active. Since we weren’t presented with baby yet, Bryan and I took one last opportunity to go out for a date night dinner. This time we walked down the street to sit at the bar counter at Harvest Vine. We had another amazing meal of their roasted cauliflower with salsa verde, sea bass with peppers and crispy jamon, and the now famous cuttlefish with aioli and squid ink fideo pasta. We also had bread, some complimentary serrano ham from the kitchen and I stole a few sips of Bryan’s wine. We talked more about names, although still not settled on a boys name so it could be anyone’s guess.

Due date dinner date at Harvest Vine

And taking advantage of slow days at work and still waiting for baby we ventured south to our friend’s new house in Kent for dinner at their house and to enjoy their company. We picked up Reese early and arrived just in time to see their yard before it was too dark. We got a tour of the new house and Reese had a blast playing with their two girls. We had a fabulous meal and good entertainment with a full on dress up show by the three girls during dinner. We didn’t leave until nearly 9 pm but somehow Reese stayed awake the whole ride home.

Three Annas from Frozen

We have zero plans now these next several days so just still waiting and seeing…I give Reese a big hug every morning when I drop her off at school and have been prepping her that it could be mommy and daddy picking her up or she might get lucky and get to go over to Lottie’s house. Time will tell…but if there is any better sign, my one and only pair of maternity jeans ripped through the crouch pretty good last night and are now in the trash.



Down to the Wire

I can feel the inevitable is near. Am I ready? I think so. Am I impatient? No. I would have thought I might be impatient this time around just knowing how long I waited for Reese the last time. However, that’s not the case. I’m not uncomfortable. I know that we are about to be thrown into the thick of it again with little sleep and little social. I know that we still have the transition for Reese to help her adapt. And I know that my one-on-one time with my first born is slowing ticking away. It’s bittersweet. When it comes it will be great, but until then, I can wait.

Plus, there was a brief little scare this week when Bryan came down with a cough and achy feverish symptoms on Tuesday. The worst was playing through my head. What if he has Covid? Would he be allowed into the hospital? To hold the baby? To be with Reese? If its not Covid, how am I going to manage a newborn, Reese and a sick Bryan all at once? What if he’s too sick to enjoy the birth of the new one. Fortunately, it tested out not to be Covid and come Thursday morning he was feeling much, much better. He spent all of Wednesday resting and fortunately his work hasn’t been too busy lately that he was actually able to take time away from work to get better. I’m so relieved that I didn’t go into labor this week and that Bryan is on the mend.

I did have my 38 week appointment and the baby’s heart sounded good and strong and I have still been having plenty of movements. I walked Reese to school twice this week and walked to pick her up twice as well. I’m still moving and still feeling good. I don’t have the swelling of the ankles like I had last time and in general I’ve been feeling pretty great and with good energy. I was able to rake up the leaves in the yard one more time given that we had two and a half days of no rain. I finished the baby’s new mobile above the crib (Reese was a big fan) and finished and pressed and framed the last of the three cross stitch patterns for the nursery. To put that in perspective, I didn’t finish the last of the three for Reese until she was about 9 months old. Hoorah for working at work sometimes!

We got the house cleaned one last time on Thursday and I have started making some double batches of food to put leftovers in the freezer; beef enchilada bake, Indian chicken curry, chicken and dumplings. I have a few more ideas in mind next week to get some more in the freezer. We have the infant car seat installed in the car and the hospital bag is nearly finished.

This weekend is supposed to be rain free and I am ready for it. I don’t care if it is slightly cooler out, no rain is great in my opinion. We still don’t have much on the calendar between now and the due date. Reese has been asking to go swimming, she knows that her two good friends at school just started swim lessons, so we took her to a rec swim at one of the community centers in town this morning and she had a blast.

We finally got an offer from a friend to join them for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t really thrilled about spending the holiday alone and all of our friends now have family in town or are traveling to see family this year so our opportunities were slim. I’m hoping we make it through Thanksgiving before baby’s arrival, I’d be good with getting to our due date because then we could take Reese to the holiday lighting at Pike Market and get our Christmas tree. Whatever the date is it decides to arrive though we will be ready for it!



The End is Near

I feel it. I feel the impending doom of freedom and rest and sleep but also the how close we are to meeting baby #2. I think Bryan and I have both felt mixed feelings of readiness as of late but we had one more date night last night where I feel like we both felt better prepared and ready for the adventure ahead. We’ve had a pretty good week all around and I still feel good under most circumstances, ticking away items on my To-Do list, and getting in a little social interaction while I can.

Reese and I had a great time at the gymnastics academy on her day off. I am so relieved that I had schedule it awhile ago as it was really busy on this particular day and it was very rainy all day. Reese burned her energy off though and did EVERYTHING they had on offer in the gym. She really enjoyed it and has been talking about going back. Fortunately, we finally got her in a class that will be starting December 5th and I can’t wait for her to have that to go to.

We had an enjoyable weekend despite more rainy fall weather. We couldn’t talk Reese into going to the park on Saturday but that meant that I got to watch the whole of the Michigan vs. Penn State game and then I picked up Sarah and Lottie from the airport and brought back BBQ while we had our friends Phillip and Anne and their two kids over for the yucky Texas vs. Kansas game. Their daughter Rosalie took awhile to warm up to Reese but they finally started playing well together right at the end. Unfortunately, the game did not improve at the end so that left all viewers in disbelief.

On Sunday we decided to check out the inflatable zone at Arena Sports in Magnusson Park. We picked up Lottie on our way to give Sarah a break and let her get some things done around her house. The girls really enjoyed all of the inflatable structures on offer, although at very different paces. Reese was a mile a minute and not the teeniest bit timid while Lottie needed a full hour before she was comfortable going down some of the larger slides. The girls were wiped after nearly two hours of running around and Reese made it home before taking her nap but Lottie passed out in the car. We had another horrible Seahawks game to watch with a bad outcome and finished the night with Frelard Tamales and cocktails (not for me but I got a few tastes and it was delicious).

The week has started like the rest. Reese and I walked to school yesterday and I felt pretty great. We are enjoying watching the construction trucks that are doing work on Madison on our way. I’m at the office today and trying to tie up all of the loose ends before I leave. Bryan and I had the night out that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. We decided to go to one of our old haunts in Belltown; List, for their all night Monday happy hour. The restaurant was only about a quarter full and made for great ambiance, food, and conversation for what could be our last date night out in some time. We had such a good time and a great talk. We also got their excellent gnocchi with truffle cream sauce, grilled octopus salad, bacon wrapped shrimp and the hanger steak with potatoes. Reese wasn’t too happy we went out but didn’t seem to harbor any hard feelings towards us this morning.

I have a few appointments the next few days as I’m trying to fit things in before go time. Tomorrow is my 38 week appointment with the midwives and everything hopefully will be reported as still looking good. Baby is still very active so I’m not too worried about that but I have been feeling different, can’t explain how but I can just tell that my body is getting ready. I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week, especially since we have no plans for the holiday. Let’s see how the rest of the week ends up!



Birth Month…Maybe

How is it November? How are we already in the month of birth, or will it be December? I’m still thinking December but who knows. Bryan thinks its going to be on the due date, I think he just wants both kids to have birthdays on the 29th as that’s one less date for him to remember. That would still mean post-Thanksgiving so maybe we will be having a solo Thanksgiving this year. We will see.

Last week was a lot of rain. A lot of castle building out of tiles. A lot of movies. We brought down the easel to do some coloring downstairs. We did a little dancing. We got a tattoo (on her belly as requested?). Lottie and Sarah came over in what felt like forever since we had seen them. We picked up a dumpling and noodle feast from Dumpling the Noodle in Wallingford which was another Seattle Restaurant Week special going on. The girls played well throughout the night and capped the night off with a nice little dance show which was especially funny. Bryan drove them to the airport on Saturday as they were heading to D.C. for the week.

After what was such an eventful Halloween weekend, this past weekend was one that was not so eventful. We’ve had pretty wet weather the past few weeks and this weekend was no different. Saturday rained pretty much all day and the only time we got out of the house was to hit up our last Restaurant Week meal at Haymaker in Eastlake. Reese was on pretty good behavior for what ended up being a bit longer of a dinner, in a nicer restaurant, and being stir crazy from a day spent at home. She also got an amazing bowl of “kids pasta” which was homemade fresh pasta with a delicious tomato cream sauce. She finished it mostly by herself. Bryan and I got to share the appetizer course, which was a variety of dishes including tallegio cheese arancini (rice balls) with aioli, hamachi crudo, burrata with roasted pumpkin and crostini and some delicious crispy brussel sprouts with some sort of amazing pesto and nuts on them. Bryan got the hanger steak and I got the seared rockfish. Both entrees were amazing! At this point our waitress also offered to take Reese to see the kitchen and meet the chef and I was proud of her for wanting to go on her own and without us joining her (we could see the kitchen from our table since its an open air kitchen so we were definitely okay with this little reprieve). We finished the night with an almond cake with blackberries and whipped cream and a chocolate torte.

Sunday was another mostly rainy day but there was a break in the showers so we hit the “blue slide” with our friend Mika for a bit. It was the first time that Reese actually got a little timid on the slides with the speed of her pink pants on the still-wet slides. Back at home, Reese took a very long nap while Bryan got to read and I got coffee with Polly. We found an outdoor café that was covered with space heaters and got to catch up for some time which was lovely.

This week has been spent at home for both of us. I’m trying to tie up loose ends with this New York job that I have been working on and Bryan has been working to transition his team to take over the project in his absence. Bryan and I had a lunch date on Monday when we went to the bank in Capitol Hill to get a few items notarized and picked up tacos and burritos from Carmelo’s tacos which turned out to be AMAZING (which sticks true to the reviews they have received). We were able to hit the park together on Monday night and then spent Tuesday at Reese’s friend Georgie’s house which was lovely. It’s been great getting to know the parents of Reese’s friends better because we like them all, they are all very down to earth, caring, and close to us in terms of location which is a huge plus as our friend network continues to move further and further outside of the city. After a few hours at their house I dropped Bryan and Reese off at home and headed to Oddfellows for my “baby sprinkle” dinner that Polly organized for me.

I had seven girls come out for my dinner, late on a Tuesday night, and it was great to see them and catch up with so many of them. I was grateful that they were comfortable eating indoors as the original plan had us eating in the back private patio but the high winds and rain deterred that. We had a large table in the back and had an excellent meal with each other’s company. We closed the place out, leaving sometime after 10 pm and I didn’t get home until 10:30 pm, which felt really nice and was exactly what I was wanting before having this baby. A luxury that I know I will miss in the coming months. I’ve seen about half of the girls recently but the other half I hadn’t seen since July! It’s such a different experience, this time with my second, as when I had my shower for Reese, I was the lone pregnant woman or mother in the group. Now, all but one of the attendees has at least one kid which makes it even better. Five of the seven are guessing it’s a boy but we will just have to see. I feel like I look the same, feel the same, and Reese wants a girl so I’m now convinced it’s a girl. But I was wrong last time! Can’t believe we are less than 20 days away from the due date. I was eager for the baby to come a few weeks back but I think now that its so near I just want to hold on to Reese and this time for a little longer.

Taking most of the day off tomorrow as Reese’s school is closed so we will have some good mother daughter time. Other thank midwife appointments coming up we have literally nothing scheduled on the calendar until the due date. We might sneak in a date night next week but we are currently playing everything by ear.



Halloween 2021

This past weekend was really a great weekend full of fun and friends. We were fortunate that the skies cleared by Friday afternoon and remained beautifully sunny and warm throughout the weekend as we had a lot of outdoor activities to partake in. We spent the last super rainy day on Thursday getting ramen at Morimoto’s ramen spot in the International District for Seattle Restaurant Week. It was super filling and warming and something to do on a very wet day. But Friday afternoon was clear and we got to play with one of Reese’s good friends, Mika, at the park after school before getting Lowrider’s special Halloween cookies on our way home.

Saturday was the big UM vs. MSU game which was an exciting and close game from start to finish but did not end up with the outcome I would have hoped for. Disappointing for sure but not heartbroken. Bryan and I each got a workout in while Reese napped and then headed out in the sunshine to play at Miller Park before walking the block over to her friend Lily’s house for her 3rd birthday party. All of Reese’s best friends were there (excluding Lottie) and she had a ball. There was pizza and cupcakes and hot apple cider and after the kids played in the yard for awhile we spent about 20 minutes on a German lantern walk around their neighborhood. All of the kids had a lighted lantern to carry with them and enjoyed singing, holding hands, and walking around the block. We set back for home and got back around 7 pm. We were all pretty tired but I went over to sit at our neighbor’s house for them while they went out to a concert. I didn’t get back home until 11:30 pm and Reese had already (surprise, surprise) found her way into our bed for the night. Thankfully I slept like a rock on Saturday.

We woke to another beautifully sunny day on Halloween. After breakfast we set out on foot to Reese’s new favorite park, Montlake Playfield, aka the big blue slide. We’ve been walking there just about once every weekend and is a nice long walk for us and Reese totally loves the challenging slides at this park currently. It was a great time spent at the park and we didn’t set back for home until nearly 1. Reese fell asleep in the stroller on the way back, something she did last weekend too, so we wheeled her stroller and all into the living room to finish off her nap. We prepped the rest of our costumes, Prego sauce and a chef (unfortunately I have no pictures of the two of us together) and made some mummy dogs to take over to our Halloween party at Harold’s house. Reese napped hard and I had to start slowly waking her up around 3:30 to get party ready. We got over to Harold’s about an hour later and enjoyed decorating pumpkins with stickers, a hunt for Halloween knick knacks around the yard and more pizza, candy and hot apple cider. We were the last to leave as we were planning on trick or treating with Harold and his crew around the neighborhood. We have always heard about how great Volunteer Park is to trick or treat around but we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into…

The trick or treating started out pretty typical. We set out just prior to 6 pm and hit several houses either solo or maybe one other family in tow. As we made our way south through the neighborhood things got pretty intriguing. Reese had snacked on a few pieces of candy and was dying of thirst. I thought she was going to throw in the towel then because she was so thirsty but after she got herself a can of Bubly water and met up with her friend Mika just as things got busy her energy level soared. The two girls (both Elsa’s) were almost too fast to keep up with. They left Harold in the dust and nearly their parents too. They had no problem getting into the rythym of going house to house and weren’t the least bit intimidated by any of the older kids or spooky decorations. And speaking of decorations, I have never seen anything like it. There was a ton of smoking cauldrons, lights, a few live bands, projector displays, your typical witches hats, bats, spiders, etc. I don’t even remember everything we saw. The only thing that made Reese hesitate was what looked to be a 10 year old boy in a dinosaur concert that she just did not jive with. The girls had a great time and us parents did too as the whole thing was just such a spectacle and there were so many people out enjoying themselves it was just so fun to see. Reese and Mika are pretty alike in a lot of ways too. We also ran into our next door neighbors at one of the houses too. We decided to wrap up the trick or treating around 7:30 and headed home. Reese was able to snag a few more pieces of candy before calling it a night.

Back at another week, another midwife appointment, and some more rain. I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and they ran some tests and an ultrasound and baby’s heartbeat is good and strong, my fluid is good, and baby’s head is down. They want me to come in every week this time for a non-stress test, now that I am ancient at 35 years old, and I kind of don’t want to. At the end of last week I read through my blog posts from this point on through labor with Reese and it brought back some memories but also made me realize I’m feeling pretty much exactly the same as last time, including how prepared I am for baby’s arrival at this point. We’ve had some health concerns in the family that has kept our attention so far this week and a busy week of work so it’s already felt like several long days!



A Cold, A Pumpkin, and a Football Game = FALL!

What a fall weekend! After our wonderful staycation at the Hotel Monaco, complete with an afternoon off for Bryan and I as we got a huge drool-worthy dim sum lunch at Jade Garden and watched the latest Bond movie in plush lounge chairs in the movie theater, we checked out of the hotel and headed back home on Saturday.

Our stop at home was brief though as we had a friend’s pumpkin carving party to attend Saturday afternoon. After Reese’s nap, we set north to Luis and Carina’s house where we spent the next several hours eating way too many pumpkin cookies, carving one of our pumpkins, catching up with friends, enjoying some hot apple cider, and Reese ran around with Eliana the whole time. We headed home with stomach aches from all the sugar and made a late dinner at home while watching the Kraken home opener.

After such an eventful few days, Sunday was not eventful in the least. Reese was battling a cold that didn’t necessarily upset her but between that and the rainy and gusty weather, we spent the day inside, playing with toys, watching some football and a lot of movies. We talked to all the grandparents and we had some spicy noodle soup to cure the rainy day blues. Reese seemed to be feeling more like herself on Monday and had a great day at school, really enjoying the decked out playground equipment that is now a haunted house.

We picked her up a little after 4 pm and took her straight over to our neighbor’s house so she could play and have dinner with Eloise and her family while Bryan and I went to our one and only Seahawks game of the season, the Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. It was still a rainy and cool evening but we were able to hop on the light rail and got to our seats just shortly after the 5:15 pm kickoff and were certainly high enough to be completely sheltered from the rain. Without Russell playing or our starting running back, our team is hurting, and although we led most of the game we ended with another loss. It was a bummer that we didn’t get the win but was still fun to go to a game. I did alright hiking up all the stairs to our seats as well although with the crowd’s excitement in the second half, baby started going bonkers. We picked up some Pagliacci pizzas slices on our way home and were so thankful to already have our baby girl asleep in her bed when we got home.

The rest of this week is calling for rain and I am not here for it. But I am A-OK with the predicted sunny skies this weekend as we will have an outdoor birthday party to attend on Saturday and of course Halloween, party and trick or treating to hit up on Sunday. I’m starting to feel done with the pregnancy at this point. Sitting is no longer all that comfortable period and this baby is one on the move making it quite uncomfortable for much of the day. Heartburn is starting to come back a little bit and some fatigue. I’m still able to walk and am physically able to do things but I’ll be ready when this baby is ready. I still can’t believe with Reese I would have had 7 weeks to go. I’d be okay with just the three weeks this time around!



35 Years Wonderful!

I never did provide a recap of my birthday this year, and it was a good one indeed. Reese slept in, which meant I slept in, and we had a mad dash to get to school and drove because of some light rain (and being late). Bryan and Reese also sang “Happy Birthday” to me in the morning before leaving. I got my free Starbucks cappuccino and settled in to a short day of work from home. I wanted to spend some time with Reese before Bryan and I went out for the evening so I left on foot around 3 PM to pick her up from school and head to Garfield Park in the afternoon sunshine. We had a good time at the park just the two of us, playing Queen of the Mountain on top of the slide. After quite some time at the park we headed back home so that I could quickly change for our date night out!

We had dinner reservations at our favorite Spanish restaurant down the street, Harvest Vine. The food was as delicious as ever. We stuck to all the main dishes with particular favorites of the cuddlefish with squid ink fideo and aioli, the Iberico pork with potatoes and cider sauce, and the seared sea bass with crispy serrano ham, peppers and garlc aioli. They brought us out flan on the house for my birthday and the whole vibe of the meal was great as always. We also finally got to discuss baby names to narrow the list down a bit. After dinner we had a jazz concert to make for the Earshot Jazz Festival. The vocalist was Eugenie Jones, whom we have seen a few times and really enjoy her voice, songs and personality. The concert was held at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center which is near us but we had never been to before. It was a great concert and the first time seeing live music in such a long time.

I finished my birthday off with getting my hair highlighted on Friday and then celebrating with Bryan’s homemade chocolate peanut butter cream cheese frosting birthday cake at our friends house on Saturday. Reese helped me blow out the birthday candles and we enjoyed the cake for a few days at home after.

Our party girl at the Oktoberfest Party on Saturday

Back to the daily grind this week and already so ready for the week to come to an end. I had my 34 week midwives appointment on Wednesday, the house is now clean, and we are actually spending the next two nights in a hotel downtown for a mini (and free thanks to mystery shopping) staycation. Bryan and I are planning on taking the afternoon off tomorrow to have a little day date downtown with a dim sum lunch followed up with seeing the new Bond movie. I can’t wait!



Reese Lately

It’s been some time since I have done a post on Reese’s latest and greatest. She’s an abundant talker right now and continues to mature in front of our eyes on the daily. Here is what she’s all about lately:

  • She loves making “cupcakes” and “towers” with her Picasso tiles. This is one of her absolute favorite things to do right now. Currently, I am getting most of said cupcakes and I get sung to with “Happy Birthday” at the presentation of each and every cupcake.
  • She is currently using her Little Tykes slide to help her get items off of the kitchen counter. It’s far easier for her to move around the kitchen then the learning tower. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to do this without us present in the kitchen. I may or may not have taught her this skill so that she could become a little more independent when she needs a bowl or snack or whatever with another baby on the way.
  • She likes to be carried up to bed “like a baby”. This means she lies back and gets rocked to “Rock a Bye Baby” as we carry her up the stairs to her bed.
  • She’d prefer to sleep in Mama and Daddy’s bed though. She did this the last two nights that Bryan was gone to Charleston and fortunately hasn’t needed to do it since but she still comes into our room in the middle of the night every night.
  • She has been liking to play with her doctor kit and taking care of her babies and it is pretty darn cute at it. She likes the new baby’s room furniture in general so that has become a whole new playroom of sorts.
  • She rode her first horse (well, the smallest pony on the farm) last weekend after absolutely refusing last year. She was nervous but conquered her fear and did great.
  • She also rode her first rollercoaster and loved every minute of it. This girl is a thrill seeker.
  • She can definitely do the fireman’s pole on her own now and if she can reach the monkey bars by herself she can also do the monkey bars by herself. We have also become comfortable with what we now refer to as “The Big Blue Slide” with the obstacle of ropes to get to the top of the slide.
  • She can count to 20, I’ve heard her do it a few times, she just won’t ever do it upon request.
  • This girl is all about popsicles right now. She asks for an Otter Pop nearly every night, sometimes two.
  • Reese has been quick to say, “Oh thank you Mom” when I tell her hair looks nice or I like her shirt or if I give her something in particular. It is super cute.
  • Currently, if there is a spill or she does something that makes me huff, without skipping a beat or changing her facial expressions, she asks me, “Are you happy Mom?”. This cracks me up. She doesn’t ask if I’m mad, sad, or disappointed, she asks me if I am happy. Of which I respond, “Well, no, but I love you.”
  • She’s certainly passed the 36″ mark. I already knew this had to be true but now we have visuals of it from the height chart from the pumpkin patch this past weekend.

That’s her in the smallest nutshell as of late. She brings me joy still each and every day and I just love all of the cuddles that I still get. Holding on to those preciously these next six plus weeks.



Another Week Getting Closer

This week was another week without Bryan at home 😦 and another week of making preparations to bring home baby #2. I spent the majority of the week at home, going into the office only one day, and was fortunately able to tick a few things off of my To-Do list despite a busy week with work. The days were busy and the nights were spent with Reese at the park or trying to find fun things to do. We were fortunate with nice fall weather and only a few partial days of rain that allowed us to get out and around town.

The major difference with this week of Bryan gone and the last is that he was also gone the entire weekend. Instead of pancakes and walks the three of us and watching the Seahawks with my partner we had to make due without him, which is certainly less fun. Saturday was truly a busy day with glorious fall weather so Reese and I set out for the long walk to Montlake to enjoy the big blue slide she is such a fan of these days. After quite some time at the park we headed home for lunch and nap before setting out again on another adventure.

It was opening day of three new light rail stations, each that I was involved with in one way or another, starting ten years earlier when I first moved to Seattle. Polly’s company was also in charge of setting up the Opening Day party in the University District so Reese and I bussed to the University District to meet up with our friend Deana to try to hit up a few of the $3 food specials and say “Hi” to Polly. Reese is all about the bus so she did not need to be talked into this. We met up at Xi’an first as I’ve been wanting to try their spicy beef hand pulled noodles and we got that and their spicy broccoli salad. The entire thing, for $6 was incredibly filling and a large portion, which was a good thing because by this point many restaurants had either sold out of their items or the line was incredibly long. We also were able to snag a table to eat outside. It was good to be able to catch up with Deana one on one and we then walked towards the main part of the festival where we got some delicious ice cream from Sweet Alchemy and listened to some of the live music at the outdoor stage. We finally found Polly, who was still busy with working the event, but Reese was so excited to say “Hi” to her. We decided to all ride the train back, Reese and I getting off at the Capitol Hill station and then catching the bus the rest of the way home. It was a fun and eventful but exhausting day out and about.

Sunday was way, way more low key and spent primarily around our house. Reese was into all of her toys and literally played with each and every one of them while I played with her and also caught a good majority of the Seahawks game with a great win over the 49ers. It was also a misty dreary morning so we weren’t keen on leaving for some time anyways. We did finally set out by car for Jefferson Park in the late afternoon to hit up a new park for awhile before getting chicken sandwiches and fries fast food on our way back home, what has become a tradition of sorts while Bryan is away for work.

The week has been mostly the usual. Reese is learning about spiders at school and seems to be getting more and more comfortable with her new friends and teachers. We went to a park everyday but Tuesday as we had plans to drop off food for Luis and Carina’s Meal Train. Carina is also flying solo rather often these days with Luis having to travel 1-3 days a week so she asked if we wanted to stay for dinner, which I gladly accepted. Reese got to play with Eliana and we picked up tamales from Frelard Tamales to go with the salad, rice, and beans I made. To say that Carina has a hectic life right now is no exaggeration, she does not have an easy baby on her hands. I got to hold baby Lucas for about an hour which was not necessarily an easy task. It was definitely a glimpse into what may lay ahead for me. The good news is that Reese is becoming a bit more independent on certain tasks (i.e. getting dressed, getting snacks out of the kitchen, brushing her teeth, going potty, etc.) and still seems to have a timid curiosity with babies (much like that with dogs) which is probably a good thing.

And to close out the week Reese and I are heading out to a new park tonight and then getting dinner from Duke’s. Being my birthday month, I got a flood of emails at the beginning of this week with free deals (meals, softserve, etc.) so I figured I might as well use one while we are on our own so dinner tonight is on the house! Bryan gets back late tonight and we are both so ready. While he was away I did get a good deal done around the house. I got a good haul of adorable newborn clothes from a neighbor and washed and put those away. I finally got some sheet sets for the new daybed in the nursery and washed and put those away. I washed Reese’s car seat and our diaper bag to get that ready for the hospital and general use here soon. I got cold weather gear out, cleaned out and organized the freezer and cleaned out the car.

Lottie and Harold were to our surprise at the park tonight

Very much looking forward to the fall weekend ahead with Bryan home and then birthday plans just the two of us next week!



Falling into Fall

Whether I am ready for it or not I guess that fall is presenting itself and I am going to have to accept that. After literally months of no rain, the rainy season is upon us. We had some wet weather this past weekend but it wasn’t as bad as the forecast indicated and we made it to the park both days and actually had glorious weather on Saturday. Reese and I took a long walk to Montlake Park to do the big, big, big slide, which she is now so capable of and terrifies me way less, and Bryan met us at the park before hitting up the Eastlake patio, still in a sleeveless shirt and quite comfortable. The views of the lake and the boats heading home at dusk were really gorgeous and we had a few flurries of wind that showered us with gold colored leaves while at the park which even Reese marveled at. Fall is not so bad! Reese has been learning about fall/autumn this week at school too so here we go. Appropriately she brought a football and pom poms to school today for Show and Share because that’s what we think of fall (she also wore her Seahawks cheerleading outfit).

We enjoyed having Bryan home this weekend so much. He made us breakfast both days and helped to watch Lottie on Saturday morning while we had the two girls until the afternoon. They were more like sisters than friends on this occasion, both a little irritable, so I was grateful to have him there. We hit up Lowrider for cookies on Sunday after our park haunt and before the horrible Seahawks loss to Minnesota. And I miraculously was able to score the dresser that I needed from IKEA at the end of last week and Bryan put that together for me on Sunday morning and it’s now in the nursery and with all of our newborn clothes and knick knacks ready to go!

I’ve cooked the past few nights, for the first time in what seems like literally months. And I’m continuing that trend with the help of the always delicious Seattle Fish Guys Fish 4 Dayz menu this week (halibut, salmon, bacon wrapped scallops and black cod on the menu this week!). I have to get in as much as I can while Bryan is here as he is leaving us again tomorrow morning for another week in Charleston, which means another week of Reese and I getting takeout or doing heat and eat meals every night (and a week of dining out for Bryan so it’s a good reprieve for all of us with home cooked meals).

I feel like my head is actually starting to understand the fact that we will be having a very new baby here soon and what that means in terms of…everything. I actually spent a morning going over old documents: to dos before labor, birth plan, my leave of absence calendar, etc. and it was a vivid walk down memory lane and a wake up call that we still have a few more things to do to get ready to welcome baby home. We will get there. I’ve scored a few things off of Buy Nothing were some of the missing items we needed and there are a few things left to get.

Farewell my friend. This was literally just about a week before it was taken as I was impressed it hadn’t been towed while we were in Michigan.

In other news and events this week, I enjoyed two free coffees from Starbucks for their 50th anniversary on Wednesday, first after dropping off Reese and in the afternoon I made a pick-me-up stop at the Roastery for a fancy brew. I’m trying to retrain my hair to be curly, which is a very temperamental and slow going experiment of sorts but one I figured I should try now when being mostly at home with both work and in welcoming a new baby. This means putting away the blow dryer (except for diffusing which I don’t have appropriate time for) and assessing the condition of my hair. I’m trying a new deep conditioner and testing my patience on my hair. And also testing my patience is realizing that my scooter was stolen last Thursday. Although my scooter was already 8 years old, I’m sad to not have it with me anymore, especially for the convenience of getting to and from the office. I’ll be purchasing another for sure because they just make sense in the city and are fun to ride but it was an ordeal reporting the bike stolen to the police and now being on the search for another one. So long Raider Red! Bryan thinks our next scooter should be burnt orange (while Reese told me she thinks it should be blue).