Brooke at Four Months

Brooke is ever growing and developing on us and time is flying. This month I feel has been a big one in her developmental growth, becoming ever more aware and observant of her surroundings and physically starting to be able to do more than she was previously. I love to watch her growth and her big sister sings her praises with every new thing as well. Let’s take a look.

  • Grasping and holding onto things is something new. She’s finally starting to use her hands, bring things to her mouth, or reaches for things just out of her reach.
  • She picks up on her name and will follow voices around the room.
  • She still loves to use her legs, trying to scoot her way backwards with her legs, kicking in the bathtub, or putting her weight on her legs and even practicing taking “steps” while we hold on to her in support.
  • She is drooly. Enough said. Went through a phase where it appeared she was doing some teething but currently that looks to be stopping.
  • She still loves bath time. And we finally got her in a pool and she liked it.
  • She is still tons of smiles and is starting to give us a few more giggles in the past few days.
  • She loves to hold onto your finger. It calms and soothes her when she is trying to get to sleep or when taking a bottle.
  • I’ve just started wearing her facing out while making dinner at night at times and just like her big sister she loves it. She’s all about the action in the kitchen.
  • She is a big fan of being on the move and going for walks. She stays awake for longer and longer each time now taking everything in.
  • She has rolled over a few times, trying to reach and grab stuff.
  • She loves to sit with her sister. She also loves watching Reese’s movies so it’s pretty adorable when they are sitting side by side watching something together.
  • I took for granted how many babies Reese had already seen by this age. In contrast, Brooke has seen very few but when she has she is highly curious of this baby that looks like her.
  • Brooke is keen on the pacifiers by this point which is a saving grace in so many ways. She can actually start to bring it to her mouth and hold it there as well which is a plus.
  • Brooke seems to be highly interested in foods we are eating. I don’t remember Reese having that much curiosity with the food around her but Brooke certainly is and Reese likes to give her little tastes of some of the things that she is eating. Sometimes Brooke likes that taste so much that she gets upset when Reese takes her thing back.
  • She’s grown out of her 3M clothes so we are moving on up to the 6M sizing.
  • She’s also grown out of her bassinet. The girl moves so much at night that we have had to break out the pack n’ play and dismantle the bassinet.
  • Her current schedule looks like this:
    • 7 am (or whenever Reese wakes up) wake up
    • 8 am take sister to school, meaning family walk when we can
    • 8:30-9:30 am nap on a walk
    • 9:30-11 am milk, play, diaper change, talk
    • 11-12 pm nap at home
    • 12-2 pm milk, play, diaper change, talk
    • 2-3 pm nap
    • 3-5 pm milk, play, diaper change, talk, bath
    • 5 pm leave to go pick up sister from school, meaning family walk when we can
    • 5-5:30 pm nap on walk
    • 5:30-7 pm admire Reese at home or help cook dinner, time on mat and watching movies
    • 7-7:45 pm bedtime

We got to spend another month birthday with family and got to celebrate once again with a pancake breakfast.


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