HelloFresh · Week Recap

Oh Sunny Weekend

The title says it all.  You give me a super sunny weekend in the middle of winter and my mood is bursting with joy.  Add to the sunny skies the birds chirping, the rose buds blossoming, and all signs pointing to spring and I will forget for a time that it is still chilly with highs in the mid 40s and that we still have months to go until summer.  But sometimes its A-OK to be fooled or even foolish.

Bryan deserted me Friday night and Saturday to go skiing with Mark at White Pass just past Mt. Rainier.  I say “deserted” but I’m only joking because I have basically been begging him to go as I don’t want to hold him back from going out and enjoying something I know he loves.  So Friday night I had a date with myself to see I, Tonya, enjoyed a Subway sandwich and then got home in time to catch as much as I wanted of the Opening Ceremony.  All in all, a pretty good night.

Saturday was S.T.U.D.Y. day with Bryan away.  With only breaks for brunch at home, talking to my mom, and a 4-mile easy run in the sun, and making of some healthyish chocolate peanut butter oat bars to snack on this week, I was in the house studying away on structural steel from 10 am until when Bryan got home around 5:30 pm.  But it was a good and productive day that I’m glad I had and I sat in the sun next to the window the whole day.  Once Bryan was home we caught up with one another’s day before making an easy but super delicious dinner thanks to Hellofresh of moo shu pork tacos with some delicious hoisin aioli while watching  the first night of the Olympic events and my personal favorite; ice skating/dancing.  I was happy to have my husband back home to fight over space on the couch.

These little tacos were super good…and not little.

Sunday was typical and atypical.  We went to church (typical) but there was a guest speaker (atypical).  Nevertheless, the talk hit home and was a good one for both of us to hear (typical).  We drove off in the sunlight (atypical) and headed south to Ikea in Renton (atypical…we haven’t been to Ikea since we first moved into the house 3.5 years ago) with a stop first to get more Subway for lunch (atypical…I don’t normally have a craving for Subway).  We spent the next two hours browsing and shopping Ikea and managed to get everything we came for without breaking the bank.  Our grocery cart was:

  • Two new nightstands for our bedroom that match the style and color of our bed frame.
  • An actually beautiful dresser (also in the same style as our bedroom furniture but in white) for use in the “nursery” as a dresser and changing table per inspiration from a blog I saw to multipurpose.
  • A shelving unit to use in the “nursery” closet for books, toys, etc that was also per inspiration from the same blog.
  • Drawer insert organizers for the wee little baby clothes in the dresser.
  • Cloth bins in adorable polka dots to use for storing away the toys, etc in the shelving unit.
  • Two rod racks with hooks to hang certain elements in the kitchen to give us more counter space along with a cute little hanging basket to hang on the rod.

I think we came out winning for sure.  We headed back north, stopping to see an open house right down the street from Seward Park that was well-priced, in a neighborhood we like, and pretty cutely remodeled but we just aren’t sure about putting down an offer right now.  We headed home to unload the Jeep in the middle of our living room where it still rests.  Bryan went for a run in the remaining sunlight and I walked up the hill to get items for dinner.  We made one of our favorite calliloo stews together, did a few household chores, watched more Olympics and of course relaxed to more TV before wrapping up the weekend before another work week.

Sun is in store for the week ahead and I’m so happy about that!