Birthday · List

Next Decade

So I started this list as I was turning 30…that is, over a year ago, with the thought that I had more to add to it.  But alas, I can’t think of any other goals or aspirations at the moment.  And I have already knocked an item off the list with more in the works.  Others have been put off, but I have a whole decade!  Plus I’m sure Bryan has more to add.

  1. Travel to Hawaii (going this year for Thanksgiving…though just one island so maybe this goal should be for all four)
  2. Charter our own sailboat for a week
  3. Hike the Enchantments…with permit
  4. Bike a century ride
  5. Get my Structural Engineering license
  6. Travel to Asia
  7. Take a snowmobile trip in and/or around Michigan
  8. Do a minimum 3 night backpack trip somewhere (we did this for our Idaho eclipse trip this year)
  9. Compete in an adventure race (I guess Ragnar doesn’t count)
  10. Rim to rim crossing of the Grand Canyon
  11. Go on an Alaska cruise
  12. Lake Powell house boat trip
  13. Ski in Japan
  14. Buy a house