Spring Forward

We are just pushing through these transition periods, enjoying each stage, and particularly enjoying the blossoming trees and longer days thanks to spring forward. We’ve enjoyed several walks in the morning and afternoon to go get Reese or drop her off. We’ve enjoyed spending some time at the playground with friends on a few occasions. And we’ve enjoyed being maskless for the first time in what feels like forever. March 11th was the last day of the Washington mask mandate and since then Reese hasn’t had to wear a mask at school (or us or the teachers) and we’ve slowly started going maskless in stores (albeit it’s habit now so sometimes I even forget that I can be maskless). Unfortunately, Reese’s new school is still wavering on whether or not to remove the mask requirement so she will probably have to go back to wearing a mask at least in the short term.

Since being back from Arizona we have tried to get back to our routine, see some people we haven’t in awhile, and will soon get ready for our next trip to Michigan. Unfortunately, as soon as we got back from Arizona our washing machine went kaput. Not great after getting back from a trip and having full suitcases of dirty clothes but at least our landlord jumped right on ordering us a new one. The issue is that the earliest delivery was not until the 21st so we still have a few days to go before we are back on the laundry train. In the meantime, we were fortunately able to use Sarah’s appliances last weekend when we went over for takeout dinner of Kin Dee Thai and a play date. We got a majority of the clothes cleaned from Arizona and have just been making due since then.

Reese has enjoyed school and her friends and we are at the bittersweet end to her time at Mother’s Place. Reese and I went to visit her new school, Interlaken Preschool, yesterday morning for the first time. We met three of the teachers and her new fellow classmates (including another female Reese!) and she set right out to exploring what toys were available inside and out of the classroom. This will be an adjustment, making new friends and having new teachers, a new environment, and a new way of doing things. I’m hoping this will be a good move for her and we are still deadset on continuing our friendship with her current classmates, especially since in a year’s time they should be back in school together again when they start kindergarten. She will have one friend that will be coming with her, Lilly. This new school spends a lot of time outdoors, the door is always open to the outside so they are really free to go outside whenever they please, which Reese might find especially great.

We’ve all been battling a cold this week and it hasn’t been fun for any of us. Reese was lethargic for about two nights and irritable and both Bryan and I have had sore throats, aches and pains, and just general fatigue. It’s not Covid, I tested myself, but just a cold that sucks as I feel like we haven’t felt truly 100% in a few months now. I’m hoping once through the weekend we all start feeling a lot better. But before the cold hit I did run my first run in a year and had a time of less than 9 minutes a mile which honestly took me nearly two years to do after having Reese so I was over the moon about that, and both Bryan and I have been trying to get some home workouts in when we can, and when our body will allow it.

In other news, March Madness has started and although we have watched little to no basketball so far this year, it’s still so fun to fill out a bracket and follow along with the madness. Already so many great games have been played! We’ve enjoyed a few donuts from Raised Donuts and pastries from Nuflours thanks to Intentionalist Seattle celebrating national women’s month. We also celebrated St. Patty’s Day with a sous vide corned beef brisket and classic sides of carrots, cabbage and red potatoes, which was fun and delicious, paired with Bryan’s beer. And really I just feel like celebrating spring every single day because I. CANNOT. WAIT. FOR. SUMMER!!!


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