Obviously I haven’t had quite had the time or maybe the motivation or maybe the energy to keep up with the blog lately. Maybe it is because Reese has been waking up at 5 am every single morning. Maybe it is because it is pitch black by 5 pm (or earlier IDK) every night. Maybe it is because it’s been relatively rainy, drizzly and overcast lately which is typical for Seattle this time of year but never appreciated. I don’t truly know but both Bryan and I have been trying our best to keep our energy up and our positivity aglow for Reese, not always the easiest task but one that is better for all of us.

So it’s been a few weeks now since we returned from Michigan and a decent amount has occurred. Work has been busy for both Bryan and I. I have a project deadline of 12/3 (and after that may expect to be quite slow which is better for the holiday shopping and cookie making if you ask me). Bryan has been filling in for his new and outgoing senior managers. And both of us have sat through our own annual reviews. Reese has been busy at her school I expect too, as she is getting better at her counting up to 10 and giving out all sorts of verbal commands at home. We’ve taken Reese to the playground after school and on the weekends as often as we can. Thankfully she doesn’t mind being at the playground in the dark and thankfully our tiny neighborhood playground is surprisingly lit at night. I’ve picked up Lottie on two occasions to take her with us to the playground and the girls were all about that, so much so that the second time was not planned but both the girls were so upset about not going together I had to call Sarah on the spot to get her to okay it for the teachers. Reese has also suggested (okay, demanded) that we walk to school in the morning and I try to as often as we can because it’s good for me and my sanity too, especially before a long day of sitting at home. Unfortunately, I did lose my ID on one of our walks this week, tried retracing my steps but to no luck, so thankful that I am 1. looking much older than 21 these days and 2. not going anywhere that would required an ID (other than driving on a rare, rare occasion).

Our weekends have been generally dry which has allowed for some long walks to parks and two runs along Lake Washington and Seward Park. We’ve gotten together with our neighbors (outside and with masks on) to hit our neighborhood playground and walk to our cookie counter for cookies and did the same thing on our own another weekend because…walks + cookies = good idea. Plus, Reese especially loves the birthday cake cookie with sprinkles from Lowrider Baking Co! Well, she loves cookies in general, lets be honest. We’ve made more of an initiative to eat at the table with Reese and she is generally improving in table manners. I’ve also resorted to meal boxes more often than in the past and having the shopping and planning done for me, have found these to be really handy to have this year. We still get takeout generally 1 or 2 times a week which is a nice reprieve from cooking and a nice treat. It’s also mildly exciting to have more family meal options on offer for takeout now that lockdown 2.0 is in effect.

Speaking of which, we are having Lottie and Sarah over for dinner tomorrow but generally no one is allowed to gather inside in Washington right now. All dining is closed and stores are at very limited capacity. I’m relieved, to be honest, because it is nerve-wracking when you see the numbers of cases climbing exponentially and no one is doing anything about it. Both Bryan and I have pretty much determined to not go or do anything risky for a time.

I’m so looking forward to the long weekend to spending some quality time together as a family, to getting outside when we can (weather looks generally dry for the weekend), to getting some sleep if someone allows it, and to gearing up for the holiday season that is still happening. I’m beyond grateful for my health, my family, my job and so much more this Thanksgiving. There’s certainly things I wouldn’t mind changing and hope that next Thanksgiving will look a bit more normal but it could be so much worse for us than it is and to that I am thankful.



A Month Later

It’s been nearly a month since my last post, all indications that it’s been one busy and crazy month. You’d think it couldn’t get anymore crazy this year but…2020!

Two weeks went by in the blink of an eye and honestly were the most joyful two weeks I’ve personally had all year. Those two weeks being the time we spent in Michigan. I. NEEDED. THIS. TRIP. SO. MUCH. As did Bryan and as did Reese. And I think my parents did as well. We didn’t do all that much noteworthy except spend glorious quality time together making memories. We arrived midday on a Wednesday, spent a weekend Up North in Harbor Springs, spent another weekend celebrating Halloween, and returned to Seattle sadly the following Monday. Here’s a recap:

  • Reese settled right in. She took to Sophie right away and continued developing her care of her, feeding her table scraps, and following the dog around as the trip went on.
  • We had several good meals at home, everyone sharing kitchen duties and recipes (i.e. Mom = pozole, fish tacos, Dad = beef stew, cedar planked salmon, Bryan = pancakes and eggs benedict, me = chile crisp shrimp and green beans, pork tenderloin with cider glazed apples)
  • We enjoyed several of my favorite takeouts: Aladdin’s, El Azteco, Jersey Giant, plus tried some new treats including Cask and Co, Polish Kitchen, an amazing brunch in Harbor Springs at The Cappola.
  • We participated in the Halloween parade in my parent’s neighborhood, all of us dressing up as the Flintstones. After the parade we participated in the fun and safe trick or treating and Reese has really gotten into the candy.
  • We did a lot of hide and go seek.
  • Reese never wanted to to to bed there. I have to say that I appreciate having a better bedtime routine now being back (that, and the transition back from Eastern time zone has helped for an earlier bedtime).
  • Reese also never really wanted to sit down and eat while there. She did enjoy her daily toast in the morning with Grammy and Granddad.
  • Reese had a scooter, ride on airplane, lots of puzzles and books, Mr. Potato Head, and wind up car. Then there loads more new toys at the Airbnb so she certainly had things to play with at her disposal.
  • We went on several walks to several different parks to try new swings and slides.
  • We bought Mackinac Island fudge, kettle corn, and more in Mackinac City. We also drove across the bridge so that Bryan could see it.
  • We enjoyed many indoor fires during the Michigan cold snap.
  • Bryan and I went on several runs, through glorious weather, rain, and even snow. The color of the leaves were magnificent during runs.
  • We colored and read several books together.
  • We had a family dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandparents. I got to do the cooking for the first time in my life and my grandma and I got to blow out our birthday candles together.
  • Reese really got to know her Grammy, Granddad and More Grammy. It was so wonderful to see and exactly what I wanted the outcome of the trip to be.
  • The other outcome I wanted was to spend quality time with my parents, as adults, and we did exactly that.

I enjoyed the trip immensely and wish I was back. I can’t say it’s been a great transition back to Seattle. We left Michigan as the weather was getting good and arrived back to Seattle as the rain set in. Work has been intense but at least I have been re-motivated to get things done. Reese has spent a few long days at daycare unfortunately and the days are short and dark by the time we are picking up. And then there is the election, and the aftermath of the election, which I honestly can’t say I am surprised by any of it but I also just wanted the election season to be over. And the increase in Covid cases has me really getting anxious about the winter season and what is all going to go down. I think we went at the right time because these next few weeks I think are going to present an even greater risk with traveling.

But thank goodness for this past weekend, even though it was cold it was dry and we were able to go for a nice long walk with Lottie in tow, one of our favorite runs at Seward Park, took Reese to the playground a few times, had some delicious sushi, watched some horrible football games, and had a dumpling filled dinner at Sarah’s new apartment last night. Now to the week ahead…normalcy (or whatever that means these days.



Bday 2020 and Rare Treats

The celebration of my birthday this year was just as good, if not better, than any other. It was a beautiful fall day with sunshine, turning leaves and crisp mild fall air. Reese woke me up far too early to get the day started well before I would have wanted to. My work day was rather short as I escaped the house to get a rare treat; a facial. I returned home to help tidy up the house, prep a few sides for the night’s dinner, and then set off on foot to pick up Reese. We had our weekly family FaceTime and then Reese and I enjoyed one of the playgrounds on our way home.

Polly and Ryu were joining us for dinner, indoors, at the same table, no masks. Win and rare treat! And Bryan was manning the dinner, double win and rare treat! On the Mediterranean feast menu:

  • lamb and beef kofta kabobs with white sauce
  • spanakopita (aka spinach pie) rice
  • grilled baby potatoes
  • Greek salad
  • olives
  • pita

Rounded out with a great bottle of wine and Bryan’s famous chocolate peanut butter cake. It was all super delicious and I honestly think Polly and Ryu enjoyed the night as much as I did since they haven’t eaten (or really been) outside of their home in forever as well. Reese definitely enjoyed Polly’s company and cuddled and ate with her quite a bit. Reese helped me blow out candles and enjoyed some of the cake before she was so wiped (from waking me up early) she asked to go to bed. Fortunately, bedtime wasn’t a two-hour saga and I was able to rejoin the adults for some great conversation in front of our fire. Didn’t get to bed until about midnight and that was with Reese in her room after she woke up twice after our company left. That girl!

I’m glad that my birthday was rather quiet but enjoyed with my best friends, husband and daughter and spent having a little R&R. I received tons of flowers that have now filled our house and have to look forward to for the next week before we leave. Here’s to another year around the sun!



Reese Lately

What can I say about Reese lately…she’s definitely two. That’s not to say she is terrible, but she has her moments, and then counteracts that with moments of sweetness. Her vocabulary is ever expanding and her physical prowess is ever growing. Her escapades to playgrounds can resume with the opening of playgrounds now and that is fantastic as we move into the rainy fall season. But let us take a look at Reese lately:

  • Nighttime routine is now a struggle…aka there is no routine. She doesn’t want to take a bath or shower, but when you do get her in the bath she doesn’t want to get out. You can count on the fact that it will take a minimum of an hour to get the girl to sleep.
  • She’s sleeping in a big girl bed and sometimes will sleep by herself until about 3 or 4 AM when she comes running into our room for me to join her but other nights it’s more like 11 PM! She always goes back to her bed though so she’s not sleeping in ours (yet).
  • She runs everywhere!
  • She is afraid of big trucks now, sometimes dogs, and apparently ponies.
  • But she is not afraid of heights, tall slides, or anything that could actually hurt her.
  • Her daycare teachers say she is a good eater, which is good because she’s not so much at home…
  • Reese does enjoy when we have the fireplace on inside now and she does good keeping her distance from it.
  • Reese does enjoy watching football most of the time. She knows that it is “football” and will occasionally cheer with us. But sometimes she will also tell us, “no football!”.
  • Reese can now flush the toilets by herself. She can also reach onto the counter tops and has learned the very clever trick of moving her step stool (or ride-on toy) wherever she needs to in order to reach higher. Help us.
  • She’s still definitely enjoying her books lately. She loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear and most of the Dr. Seuss books best at the moment.
  • Just very recently she’s been keen on dancing with Elmo and has requested the Elmo Slide way too many times.
  • She will brush her teeth now at bedtime and will give Mommy and Daddy toothpaste but refuses to put toothpaste on her own brush.
  • There have been some mornings that getting her to “school” is such a chore. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go its just that she doesn’t want to put on clothes, shoes, etc.
  • A new game is “get Reese” then “get Mommy” then “get Daddy” meaning we go around in circles either tickling each other or blowing raspberries on each other’s tummies.
  • She’s now declared “bossy but in a funny way” at school.
  • Bryan has been quoted with, “I wish I could just strap the carpet cleaner to my wrist”. This is going to be added to our Subscribe and Save on Amazon very quickly. That, and the vacuum pretty much has full time residency in our living room. She’s a mess!

She’s got personality that’s for sure. We still love her to death and more times than not she is sweet and not a terror.



Enter Fall

This past weekend we celebrated fall, watched some football, and tried to recoop and recover like we need to do every weekend since Covid (or since Reese turned 2, I’m not sure which is the leading factor). Last week we had nicer weather that allowed us to get out, walk, run and bike in beautiful fall weather. Despite the ability to exercise and be active outside, Bryan and I were feeling fatigued from work, politics, Covid, etc and needed a night out so the three of us ate on the patio at Eastlake Bar and Grill Friday night. The number of times we have eaten out somewhere still falls on one hand so this was a rare treat and a successful night with literally the quickest food delivery we have ever had there (a big plus with Reese in tow) and beautiful views of the lake and the Olympics.

Fall weather = rain jacket

Dry weather persisted through Saturday when we ventured east to Remlinger Farms with Sarah and Lottie to partake in fall carnival rides, harvest eats, and good times. We were expecting to see more farm animals but that was limited to goats, a peacock, some pheasants, and the ponies doing their pony rides. Each girl had a ticket to ride a pony but Reese utterly refused, holding onto me for dear life while her bestie had the best of times and rode a second time thanks to Reese’s unused ticket. Reese was fine with that. Reese had a ball with the carousel, the giant slide (although she’d much prefer to go down the slide by herself), the spinning cups and pumpkin rides, the old timey car ride and playing through some tunnels with Lottie. We all enjoyed some fresh hot pumpkin mini donuts, kettle corn and a giant caramel apple.

Everyone had a great time, Reese though, didn’t want to leave and literally lost it piling into the car for the ride home (that, and she was extremely tired by this point being after 1 pm). Our tickets came with U-pick pumpkins which we had to literally run to the field and throw in the car because of tired and cranky Reese. Both girls snoozed on the drive home and that was apparently all of the nap we were going to get out of Reese, surprise surprise. We spent the rest of the night watching football and recovering from a fulfilling morning.

Reese did not sleep well Saturday night and thus I did not either. Sunday morning’s plans to get takeout dim sum and watch the Seahawks game outside in our backyard with friends got cancelled thanks to some misty and drizzly weather. We decided to still pick up some dim sum for brunch for the three of us and had that while watching the Seahawks pull out their fourth win of the season and of course entertaining Reese. Little miss did not want to nap again so after trying for some time, we packed her into the stroller and set out for a long walk, which was much needed for all of us. Reese slept for at least 90 minutes in the stroller and Bryan and I got to stretch our legs, get some fresh air, and catch up with one another…

And both of us are in the vicious Covid cycle. The ups and downs through all of this is trying and tiring. Add to it the political nightmare going on right now and I feel like we are both trying to cope as best we can. Which, for the most part, I feel like we are doing alright, but there are hours, days, sometimes a week that literally just take its toll on us. We felt this way on Sunday, fortunately, the walk and conversation did us both good. Not good enough that I had the energy to make dinner though so we took advantage of the 50% off deal at Dominos and picked up a pizza to round out the weekend.

Still smiling…

I’m feeling better this week. We’ve had a few days of sun and that always helps, although it is not going to be here for long. And I have a countdown of days until we leave for Michigan, which is what is truly keeping me sane. In other news, Seattle Parks are finally reopened as of today (since the beginning of March) so we will now be able to take Reese swinging, and will be doing so this afternoon. I’m busy reading our next book club book for our next meeting on Monday, Well Behaved Indian Woman. And I’m back to cooking with some seared scallops and corn puree with a winter squash and goat cheese salad last night and Polish cabbage rolls that will be ready post-playground tonight.

The fact that it has been seven months of this lifestyle is still so crazy to me. And the fact that I should expect another seven months is doubly crazy. It’s October and fall and I’m going to embrace it. Saturday helped me embrace the fall, hopefully I can hold onto that feeling.



Weekend Over Already

Did we have a weekend? I’m not sure we did because it seems as though both Bryan and I did not recover fully. And I think we can probably all guess who to blame that on…

Weekend started relaxing enough. I had a hair appointment so I got out of the house which is a rare moment for me. Bryan got in a ride on our new bike trainer (it’s great!). The three of us walked to a great little neighborhood park that is no longer taped off and Reese literally ran from slide to slide. She didn’t want to leave but it was getting late and we had to get dinner. It was a truly great Friday night.

…however, I believe that Reese was fighting something off this weekend, her bestie has been sick with a fever, and she just didn’t seem fully there, seemed to be running a little warm, and was ultra clingy. It’s not Covid though because Bryan and I tested again this week and we are still negative. We had our usual Saturday breakfast and then Bryan and I took turns going for runs in the afternoon since we had planned on taking Reese with us but she took her nap at 10:30 in the morning on my lap. Fortunately, I had my book and the fire on so it was actually very peaceful. Which I needed because when the girl was awake it was not so peaceful. She was moody and sensitive all of Saturday. She never got dressed and never indicated wanting to leave the house, so she didn’t. Bryan got to watch his football game and we had a low key Saturday night. Relieved to have put Reese to bed not even 30 minutes go by and our power goes out so we can’t watch TV or read a book and then the girl wakes up, inconsolable. This happens multiple times Saturday night and I am soooo tired come Sunday morning.

Bryan was wonderful and made me breakfast Sunday morning and made our coffee. Reese was still something else Sunday morning, still in diaper, still extremely clingy and sensitive. We tried to see if she wanted to go for a family bike ride but that was a no. She told me she wanted to take a nap but that turned out also to be a no. I needed to get out of the house and it was so nice out so I escaped and went as far on my bike as I could to return home in an hour…which ended up being about 15.5 miles of glorious solo riding along the still closed Lake Washington Boulevard, past Seward Park and back home. Once home the girl was ready for a nap so I put her down and Bryan did his own solo ride around Mercer Island and back. Reese was still asleep and we watched the nail biter of a game against the Cowboys, ultimately moving the Seahawks to 3-0.

Playground take 2

After the game, I finally got Reese dressed and shoes on. She actually seemed excited to go on a walk. Bryan went to the driving range with the guys and I took Reese on a walk in the glorious fall sunshine and we found another playground to play on. And boy did she! We spent at least an hour at the park, doing multiple slides, swinging, learning the various ladders. I couldn’t get her to leave. I finally had to carry her away from the playground to continue the short walk to Humble Pie to order a pizza and beer and where Bryan met us shortly thereafter. Humble Pie is outdoor picnic table seating only and has their own chickens which Reese enjoys watching. We dined al fresco before returning home and putting a tired Reese to bed. Fortunately she slept better on this night.

This girl loves her pink boots.

Back to Monday and Bryan and I are literally counting down the work days until we have a break. We didn’t get together with Sarah and Lottie this weekend so we are picking up Lottie tonight with Reese and having burgers at our house with them. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week so we are much looking forward to that. Despite the rainy weather last week, Bryan and I were able to still get in some exercise thanks to the aforementioned bike trainer we purchased. Bryan has a good setup for it in the garage, complete with a desk for iPad and a box fan. I’m still not eager for the winter months but think we are setting ourselves up the best we can to get through them. Hopefully this week flies by and we get outside plenty to soak up these early fall rays.



We Can Breathe Again

The smoke has cleared and we are clear to resume outdoor activities…and so we have. It actually started getting much better on Friday night. After finishing wishing my wonderful mom a happy birthday, we checked our phones again to see the lovely news that we were in the “moderate” zone. And so we went outside and played in the backyard for a bit. Reese looked almost shocked when I asked her if she wanted to go outside.

Saturday wasn’t the most beautiful day, presenting cooler temps and gray skies with rain right as Bryan began grilling, but we could go outside and that was enough for us. We had our weekly pancakes and then Bryan and I took turns going out for a run. Reese got her turn in when we all left the house for a walk to get cookies at our cookie window, which we shared in their outdoor seating patio. Reese is pretty firm on her selection: the birthday cake sugar cookie that comes with sprinkles and white chocolate chips. It wouldn’t be my first choice but it is actually an amazing cookie! We returned home just as Lottie and Sarah were coming over. We spent the night grilling and cooking and drinking wine. The girls played like they usually do and all seemed much more right with the world.

Sunday morning again started overcast and was that way through the morning. We set out for Lake Washington Boulevard for another family bike ride along the still-closed-to-car-traffic stretch of Lake Washington. This was Reese’s nap so we decided to do another lap on the closed and flat road to extend our trip. About half way through the ride the skies had opened and presented a beautifully sunny day to us.

Playing with our new friend Eliana

We arrived home to just under a 20-mile bike ride and Reese was ready to play. Once showered, I made some nachos for our first Hot Mamas get together with Carina, Eliana, and Marion who came over to enjoy the toys and drinks in the back yard. Bryan got ready to go hang out with Luis, catching up over beers of their own. After about three hours of playing with 18-month-old (but the same size) Eliana, Reese was apparently so tuckered out she fell asleep on me at no later than 6:30 pm watching the Seahawks game. She hasn’t done this in ages and it was so sweet. I don’t think her nap was the best and even after transferring her to her bed she proceeded to sleep until after 7 am this morning. That meant that Bryan and I had the rarity of several hours at night with a sleeping Reese. We finished the Seahawks game with a frozen pizza and wishing today wasn’t a Monday.

But it is Monday and I’m already ready for another weekend. I’m so happy that the smoke is gone and we can go back to outdoor activities. However, I feel like I didn’t get to say goodbye to summer properly with the last warm days being taken away by the smoke. I’m still working on being grateful for the fall and hopeful for fun fall activities.



Doubling Down on the Lock Down

While Bryan and I were already fully prepared to hibernate once more, after having a pretty socially full (all outside but still) weekend during Chad’s visit, I don’t think what we had in mind was a week and weekend so full of smoke that we literally couldn’t leave the house. No, pretty sure that is not what we had in mind. But that doesn’t matter because that is exactly what was in store for us this past weekend. Friday through Sunday I left the house two times, for very brief stints. Although Reese begged to go outside several times, we convinced her to play indoors, even bringing in her slide for the weekend. But we managed to entertain her and ourselves, at least somewhat.

  • There was a lot of obstacles courses, now with the use of frisbees, more pillows, the slide and the full circuit of the downstairs.
  • There was a lot of sliding, and not just Reese partook, we both had to “go down” the slide too.
  • Thank goodness for opening weekend of football (and the US Open) for keeping us entertained for a portion of the weekend.
  • There was visit from Lottie and Sarah for dinner at our house on Saturday night. We had a home-cooked Indian meal and the girls enjoyed each other, mostly.
  • We had our weekly pancake breakfast which we hadn’t had for some time.
  • I got in one indoor workout, moving all of the weights I needed to the bedroom as the air quality in the workout room isn’t the best.
  • We ventured out once on Sunday evening to go get Menchie’s for the first time in soooo long. And it was delicious!
  • We are switching up Reese’s sleep situation from crib to her own bed. We’ll see how this goes.
  • And we attempted potty training to see how it would go on Sunday morning. After a few leaks on the floor but a lot more time on the potty we decided we are going to wait a fair bit longer before we try again.
Fun times back to when I apparently risked our lungs and our life walking to get softserve while Bryan was out golfing with the boys

I’m definitely feeling a bit claustrophobic in this house now. First, we can’t go anywhere inside, and now we can’t go anywhere outside, so… We keep watching the air quality forecast with hopes that the smoke will blow out but we keep getting let down and now it doesn’t look like it will be that way until the end of the week. Work has still been busy for the both of us so at least I guess we got a good distraction. And I have a very close matchup in my first week of fantasy draft to pull out tonight…



Uncle Chad

What a weekend we had with Uncle Chad paying us a visit.  The long weekend, celebrating the end *sniff* of summer, was a truly a much-needed reprieve from the regular around here.  And it was anything but regular for us.  We saw friends, we went out to eat (outside only) with Reese, we stayed up until 2 am one night, and it was a crazy rush of a weekend. Chad left just in the nick of time because as he was leaving the wild fires kicked in with horrendous smoke that is now keeping us indoors and Reese has officially begun the terrible twos as of…last night.

Reese and Uncle Chad

But reminiscing about the good times, the weekend started off nice and slow before it really geared up. I picked up Chad from the airport Friday just before noon and we caught up with each other back at the house for a few hours before the three of us took a walk to stretch our legs and get Reese from daycare. We had a drink in the backyard before heading to Ivar’s for dinner with his friend Jordan on their lakeside deck. We returned home to catch some ZZZ’s before our long anticipated hike the next day.

First time out to eat in months!

After falling asleep at 9 pm (all of us), we woke up around 6 am to pack the car and set north for the North Cascades. I made breakfast burritos to fuel us in the car and Reese kept herself pretty well entertained for the 2.5 hour drive to the trailhead. Our tentative plan was to drop our car off at Welcome Pass and return to Jordan’s car at the Excelsior Pass trailhead to do our own loop hike with the advantage of having two cars. However, the road up to Welcome Pass was potholey and so we made the decision to keep to Excelsior Pass with its trailhead right off of Mt. Baker Highway. We met up with Jordan and Vick and set out on the trail right around 11 am.

It was nice and cloudy as we began our summit in the trees which made for cooler temps for the hard work going up the mountain. We progressed at a good pace with Bryan leading the way with Reese on his back, Reese taking a nap for a portion of it and walking herself for a small portion of it, and exited above the trees to breathtaking views about 3.5 miles up. We continued a little more than a half mile with views of Mt. Baker and the beauty of the North Cascades that were now in the sun with fog down in the valley. At Excelsior Pass we continued up a short way further to reach Excelsior Peak which we had more or less to ourselves for lunch of PB&Js and a few pictures (of which I have yet to get). We started our descent, this time me carrying Reese down the mountain. It took us about the same time going down as going up, 2.5 hours each way, and on the way down Reese did quite a bit more walking herself. We got back to the car around 5 pm and started our way back to Seattle. Chad went home with the guys, knowing that we would have to get back and get Reese to bed considering the time. The three of us got back to Seattle shortly after 7 pm, picking up Thai to fill us back up and Reese passed out from the day’s activity.

Thankfully Reese slept until 9 am on Sunday and after a restful sleep we were ready for another day of activity. We also had the morning to chill at home. After Reese protested a nap, lo and behold she fell asleep in the car on the way to our group floating excursion on Lake Washington. We semi planned leaving early expecting this to happen and with everyone running a bit behind schedule it worked out that Reese got about an hour nap in before waking up as everyone started arriving. We had our relaxation station raft blown up in no time and two tubes and two inflatable kayaks and hit the water. Reese was chill baby for about the first hour and then was ready to jump in and swim before we left Chad and crew on the raft and went ashore to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in forever, at a respectable distance. We met baby Jack with David and Tina and Reese fed the two dogs a few snacks. As the group was wrapping up festivities, Reese found a bunch of interest in throwing the frisbee and wanting to play football with the guys.

Thankful for these ZZZs after a busy day

Chad and his friends came back to our house post float for dinner and spicy margaritas. We had the basketball game on the big screen outside until it was over and then transitioned to watching music videos on it. We played one sorry round of Euchre and I still don’t know why we didn’t make it best two out of three. I was called in to assist with an awaken Reese around 1 am and the rest of the gang kept going strong until 2:30 am.

Everyone was a bit slow going come Monday morning. We didn’t have concrete plans and enjoyed laying low for a while. Lottie came over to play with Reese around 10:30 and after their lunch we set out for a walk to grab our own lunch and stretch our legs through the Arboretum. The girls took their naps in the stroller and once home were ready to go. The boys went to play pitch n putt at Green Lake and the girls and I chilled outside on the deck. Once everyone was back we hit Eastlake Bar and Grill for the first time in forever and had a solid dinner before heading home to put a very temperamental Reese to bed and then take Chad to the airport.

It was such a great weekend but one that certainly left me spent. I’m happy for the short week and happy to take a still very tantrumy Reese to school today. Hopefully the week goes quick, that Reese shakes the ‘tude, and that the wild fires get some help.



She’s Two!!

I can’t believe she’s two and yet I can. She’s grown so fast so quickly in the past few months and everyday she impresses me with new words she has learned and new skills she has developed. She’s still our sweet and happy daughter but she has authority, confidence, and sass to go along with that. We’ve had a great second year, despite everything that has been thrown our way, and I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring. Here is a little update with Reese:

  • New words and phrases that impress me include: octopus, obstacle course, playdoh, popsicle, blackberries, dinosaurs, coffee, too much, back to the house, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, other, no spills, toenails, slippery.
  • She’s been described as “loud” and “fast” by her teachers at school. That’s pretty on point.
  • She’s had her toenails painted for the first time (as of a few days ago) and loves them.
  • She’s just starting to learn to count and getting a bit better at the ABCs. She’s also finally starting to learn her colors.
  • She’s been really into trains and play doh lately. She’s also starting to sort and place things methodically, also doing puzzles. Books are also a big thing right now so thank goodness for her bookcase.
  • Her focus for movies is still minimal but she does enjoy about 30 minutes of Sesame Street before bedtime sitting with us on the couch most every night.
  • She’s getting better at eating at meal times and we’ve done away with her tray at the table.
  • She’s still not into brushing her teeth but did stellar at our super short dentist appointment.
  • She weighs about 23 lbs at this point and with her her first official weigh-in in months at today’s doctor’s appointment she is in the 3rd percentile. She’s 33 inches tall which puts her in the 30th (or 40th I can’t remember) percentile. I find it funny that infant car seats are 30 lbs or 30 inches because I cannot honestly imagine her being 30 lbs before 30 inches.
  • She loves turning her little night light on and off at bedtime. I don’t think she’s a big fan of the dark.
  • She’s very commanding right now with “mama sit here” and “dadda sit there”. She’s also finally saying “yes” to things. She’s been doing “uh huh” for some time now.
  • I think she is well liked at school. When we arrive all of the kids say “Reeeeese” with enthusiasm and Reese loves saying “Bye Bye” to everyone when she leaves for the day.
  • We’ve just recently transitioned from night time baths to night time showers.
  • She stuffs her socks into her shoes when she takes them off and I just find that so cute.
  • When I let her have a treat I tell her “two” but sometimes that “two” turns into “too much” and she thinks that’s funny.
  • She still doesn’t like cows milk but she will down her peanut butter chocolate milks when her dad makes them for her.

And here are some scenes from her 2nd birthday party this past weekend.