Mama in Mexico

My first solo trip without Reese is in the books and it was something.  I was very anxious about leaving her and missed her more than I even imagined but I am feeling rested and renewed upon my return.  Bryan…maybe not as much.  But as expected, the daddy daughter time was high quality bonding time for the two of them and I think ultimately the entire trip was good for all three of us.

So, after prepping and planning to get out of the door in time for my 7:40 am flight out of Seattle, I had one issue after another with my direct flight to Cancun.  After four hours of delay, a change of planes, and having to book my own shuttle to Playa Del Carmen, I was finally in Mexico.  The ride to Playa Del Carmen was another 50 minutes plus time to drop off my shuttle-mates first, and I arrived finally at our rented condo in the heart of Playa at 9:15 pm local time, starving, already missing my family, tired, hot, but ready to meet up with the girls (or at least a familiar face) for Amy’s Bachelorette.  I quickly facetimed with Reese and Bryan, said my goodnight to them with teary eyes, then got myself together and met the crew at Zitla for some much-needed food and drinks.  This ended up putting me in a much better mood quickly, sitting on picnic tables with trucked in sand floors, drinking mezcal and a mojito, and noshing on some shrimp tacos, ahi tuna tacos and ceviche and guacamole.  This was my first time meeting everyone (of course excluding Amy); that being Lauren, Amy’s sister in from Houston, Kenna in from Baton Rouge, and Elizabeth and Sophia from New Orleans.  We walked back to the condo and hit the bed quick; all tired from our long days of travel.

Friday morning, I awoke after my first full night of sleep in 6.5 months!  I felt great, I must say, and ready to start the day.  For our first day we had a chef come to the condo to make us all breakfast.  Turkey, spinach and brie omelets with sides of sautéed cherry tomatoes and a little refried bean plus a bunch of fresh fruit.  It was delicious and prepped me for the rest of the day.  We spent some time at the pool soaking up our first Mexican rays and then walked to Bric Resort and Spa for our 90-minute massages.  It was a small spa, but super calming and we were able to get our massages done at the same time.  I went with the deep tissue and it sure was relaxing; my first 90-minute massage ever and at a great cost.  After massages the girls were wanting to shop but I was very eager to get to the beach.  This was the only time that my patience, or lack thereof, made me split with the group for a bit.  It was already 3 pm and I had yet to step foot on the beach or see the ocean.  I made a quick sandwich at the house and then walked the full length of the beach by myself (dreaming that I had Bryan walking by my side).  Finally, at 5 pm, the girls were ready to go the beach as well and we all headed back to a beach club for some time.  I went for a swim in the warm waters but was the only one.  These girls!?! 

About 7 pm the beach clubs were shutting down, so we headed back to the condo for our showers and to get ready for our night out.  This was planned to be a big night out of dinner, drinks and dancing.  We prepped with drinks, were all dressed up, and headed out for a nice dinner at the Grill at the Grand Hyatt.  The food was good, but I would have preferred some local cheap tacos and unsurprisingly the ambiance didn’t fuel a night of drinking and dancing.  A bottle of Veuve and that was end of story.  We all agreed to stop and get ice cream and head back to the condo for a night of sleep before our big excursion day.

Saturday was a full day of our pre-booked catamaran sailing trip.  We were picked up at the condo at 8 am by our private transport van to pick up our catamaran back in Cancun.  Fortunately, the tour we booked was a private catamaran and not one of the many 60-person catamarans we saw heading out at the same time.  Thank goodness!!!!!  It was perfect.  The catamaran was comfortable for the six of us to lay out, we had two crew members guiding us, and drinks (of not the tasty variety) available all day.  We set out by motor 45 minutes to our first snorkel place.  This presented some barracudas, reef, and other small fish but nothing miraculous.  We then set forth to a beach club for lunch.  Our package included the “Premium” beach club.  We were presented with watermelon milk (?!?) drinks that were ultra-delicious and refreshing and the lunch finishing its preparations.  The buffet ended up being alright with a salad bar, pretty good ceviche, some grilled chicken and fish, fresh fruit, and finished with ice cream.  I got some of that amazing watermelon milk punched up with vodka and I have to say it was my favorite drink of the entire trip.  I got one more for the boat as we were leaving lunch.  We proceeded to Isla Mujeres for about an hour of shopping along the main drag where I got a few gifts for Reese.  We headed back to the boat to stop at two more snorkel destinations before heading back to Cancun and then catching our transfer van back to the condo. 

I was most definitely burned by this point late in the day.  It was about 7 pm that we got back to our condo where we all got our showers in and changed for dinner made by the same chefs back in our condo.  Amen for staying in on this night after a long day of swimming and sailing.  The chefs made us a bunch of meat and cheese platters to munch on, as well as a goat cheese avocado spread, while we drank and waited for dinner to be ready.  At this point, we had gotten to know each other a lot better and conversation was interesting.  Dinner was banana wrapped local fish with a tomato, wine and mushroom mixture that was pretty good, along with a corn and rice side and my favorite…fried plantains!  They finished us off with sautéed warm pears with a berry sauce, which would have been outstanding if it came with a scoop of ice cream.  After dessert we played one fun guessing game for Amy, featuring her fiancé Eric in a video answering a bunch of fun questions.  We finished the night in our PJs watching a movie.

Most slept in as much as they could on Sunday morning.  Amy and I were the first ones up and had an opportunity to talk just the two of us while we made breakfast for the group with the leftover eggs, brie, turkey, fruit, cheese, baguette and yogurt.  We had a good breakfast before packing up and checking out of our room at 11 am.  We stowed our bags with the security and proceeded to do some more shopping in town.  I got another gift for Reese and a bracelet for myself.  I redid my makeup just for fun at the local Sephora and tried on some clothes at a local shop before we met back at the condo to meet our airport transfer van at 1:45 pm.  We all rode to the airport together.  Security was no problem, even with my full bag of frozen milk, and we got lunch at the Wolfgang Puck together.  I bought another item to bring on board for my 6+ hour flight and then had to say my goodbyes to the group as my flight was leaving first.  My flight back to Seattle was indeed a lengthy one but I was more relaxed going back than my way out and so eager to see my baby girl and my heroic husband. 

Reflecting on the trip I am very glad I went.  There were times that were hard for me to enjoy myself and times I was wishing I was back at home with my family.  I would scroll through the Nest cam app when I could just to see what baby girl was up to.  She spent the entire weekend trying to walk, crawl and climb all over her daddy.  She seemed to be in a great mood during the day but didn’t let her dad sleep much the first two nights.  Fortunately, Saturday night she decided to not wake up to eat all night and give her daddy a break.  Good girl!  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Amy and getting to know her friends better.  There were times that I felt like the odd man out, being that I hadn’t met any of them before, didn’t know the friends or stories they would reminisce about, and being the only one not from the South, but I did my best to fit in and enjoy each of them. 

The most difficult time for me on the trip would be when I would see the many young babies on the beach or in town with their families and I would wish that Reese was there with me, experiencing the beach and ocean for the first time or swimming in the pool with me.  I didn’t get enough local food and was craving more fish tacos, but I went with the flow and choosing of the group.  There was no outlet in my bedroom, so I did all my pumping in the bathroom and one night I spilled a bag of milk before I could get it in the freezer.  Lugging my bag of frozen milk back home was also super fun!  Oh, and there was also one cockroach, in the bedroom I shared with Amy’s sister, that freaked me out to no end…I think my third cockroach of my life.  I did more day drinking than I have in a VERY long time and really tried to indulge in vacation life, and I did.  I’m so looking forward to three full days at home, maybe some exercise and a balanced diet without alcohol before packing up our bags, this time all three of us, to travel to Michigan for one of my best friend’s weddings!  Despite my trip this past weekend I am very excited to be there for Claire, and of course see my parents and family, albeit very briefly.  Plus, the next three days are supposed to be glorious in Seattle and I can’t wait to get Reese outside to enjoy it….just too bad I have to work!  ☹



And Then There Were Two…

I’m leaving for three nights and four days and sooooooooooo anxious about! I know that Bryan is a great dad but Reese can be a handful and has lately been very preferential to certain people (ahem, Mom) so I just get anxious and sad that I won’t see her face for a few days. But I am also confident that they will be fine and have fun together and I think this trip will be good for everyone; I will get a little freedom and self care as well as hopefully some sleep, Bryan and Reese should get some good bonding time and I am thinking it could maybe, MAYBE, even help Reese’s whole sleep situation if she doesn’t sense me there ready to feed her at every waking moment in the night. Fingers crossed!

Since Chad left we have all been on the mend. All three of us have been recovering from sinus problems but all of us are now feeling much better. To get ready for my trip I have taken just a bit of time out of work (I’ve been slow the past two weeks) to get my hair cut, my nails done and other pre-trip necessities taken care of. Reese and I volunteered at FareStart for Community Dinner together which was a lot of fun and then we were back the next night to dine in while Bryan volunteered. I’ve missed the restaurant the past few weeks so it was good to be back, even twice in one week.

New do

We walked to the International District in the glorious weather on Saturday and got a fun and filling lunch at Mongolian Hot Pot just the three of us to fill our bellies and then Sunday was a full day of church, our first run with the Bob two times around Seward Park (still amazing weather) and then going over to our friend Deana’s annual Pi Day Party. She holds a sweet and savory pie competition and I made a friend’s (and expert pie makers) recipe of a chicken, leek and tarragon pie for the party with homemade crust but I just can’t win this pie competition! It was still so great to be social and all of the pies were delicious!

Reese has been sleeping better the past several nights, waking 2-3 times instead of 4-6 times in the middle of the night. She has also been super cute! Her repertoire of noises has expanded and she just keeps getting cuter. She has been in a great mood as well. Watching her on the Nest cam while I am at work and she is working hard at learning to walk…she spends about 90% of her time during the day practicing standing with the assistance of the couch, the ottoman, a person, you name it. I’ll miss her sweet smiling face so much the next few days I don’t know how I am going to manage but it will help to have some fish tacos, margaritas, ocean swimming and girls to distract me for a while.



Uncle Chad

This past weekend, while we were still recovering from a week of being sick, on top of already being lame parents, we hosted Uncle Chad for a few nights. It went by quick and seems like I was just picking him up late Thursday night and he has already left. Chad’s friends Paul and Selman were visiting friend Jordan as well so the crew was in true form this weekend. In addition, we had great Seattle March weather that lent itself to fun inside and out.

With having to miss so much work last week I couldn’t take any time off on Friday like I would have liked but thankfully Jordan could and the two guys went snow shoeing up at Snoqualmie Pass. It sounds like they got a killer work out in although they weren’t able to make it to Annette Lake like planned and didn’t really get the great views either. Chad made it back in time to get a nice steak dinner with the three of us at Daniel’s Broiler, overlooking Lake Union. It was gorgeous out and we had a great meal and thanks to mystery shopping cost $20 instead of $340. It was nice to be able to treat Chad a bit. We dropped him off to party the night away with the gang and we went back and crashed.

Saturday morning I went to go wedding dress shopping with Polly up in North Seattle and dropped Chad off to play some basketball with the group in the meantime. Poor Bryan had to work the morning and we met back at home in the early afternoon. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather to meet the crew at Pike’s Market that afternoon by walking there. Unfortunately, their gym time took longer than expected so the market didn’t happen but we were able to catch up with them all at Cactus in South Lake Union. We arrived just in time for the end of happy hour and all ordered drinks and a bunch of food. Reese was in her party element and quite enjoying her time. Just before her bedtime we said goodbye to the gang as they headed to Centurylink for the FC Cincinnati vs. FC Seattle Sounders soccer game and we bused home to put girly squirrly to bed.

Sunday morning came and we figured the group would be slow to rise from their nighttime events again. We were right. We decided to head to church for the first time in a few weeks for their Vision Day. Still no word from the boys after so we headed home for lunch and watched the Michigan vs. Maryland basketball game at home. We didn’t actually meet up with them until about 6 pm. We caught up with Chad for a while before putting Reese to bed and then all of the guys came over. They stayed until about 8:30 pm when they left to take Chad to the light rail and get dinner. It was good to see Chad in my city, even for such a brief visit. He got to see Reese in action and I even landed her on him in front of his friends at one point…she didn’t seem to mind him too much.

Night bus

This week is my only full week for a month! It will be good to have a little bit of normalcy before taking off for my next trips.



Half a Year…

It’s now been half of a year since we had our beautiful baby girl and in this half of year I feel like I have learned more and grown more than I ever have before in my life. I don’t think anything makes you grow up and mature faster than having a child. I’ve heard that before but now I fully understand it. There have been so many blessings in the past six months, as well as there have been some struggles, as is expected with such a life-changing event. I do feel like right around six months is when myself as a parent can fully embrace being just that, a parent.

One of the biggest struggles I have had has been with me back at work. It’s something I want and something that I think I need but when troubles arise due to me back at work I am the first one to blame and the guilt instantly sets in. With the trouble and turmoil we had securing a good nanny there were countless mornings debating my back up plan and countless hurried walks home from work that I was questioning my decision to go back to work; no matter how good my day was at work. I’m wondering if that guilt of being a working mom will ever leave me. I’m thinking probably not.

There is the pure exhaustion at times. Reese hasn’t been a good sleeper for months now and at times I feel like a functioning human being but there are other times that I don’t feel competent to hold a conversation, think straight, or honestly have fun. There are many mornings when baby girl is wide awake at 6 am, after waking several times in the night, ready to go for the day and I just want to lay there just a little bit longer. In the end, it’s rare she lets me stay in bed that much longer and after some time I’m ready to greet the day with her, as tired as I may be.

There is the stress on your marital relationship. This is hard when the tension that builds is usually purely due to differing views on parental necessities or responsibilities resulting from the love for your child, nothing really related to hate or anger. That is frustrating! The immediate needs of your child unfortunately conflict with the wishful needs of your spouse at times and these relationships are very tough to balance.

Then there is the loss of freedom. It’s been six months since I have had a happy hour with a friend, gone out solo with a friend, and I have had only one girls night without Reese. There have been very few times I have taken time out for self-care. There has only been one time in the past six months that I stayed late on a weekday and that was to get my hair done and after it was taking longer than it should (as it always does) I started to question my decision to do something for myself vs spending those two hours with my daughter, and right then and there I could have broken down in the stylist chair crying. What I would do to have one day to go do something after work and not need to or feel the need to rush home to baby girl and stay a little longer sans guilt.

There are many more things that have taken a definite backseat in my life and most I am okay with. All I am okay with, actually, because I love my daughter more than anything. At six months now I am getting a glimpse of what I think I daydreamed about while pregnant. I certainly loved and cherished the naps, milk drunk faces, and sweet newborn moments but it is the sharing of experiences with my daughter that I am most looking forward to. Her personality is certainly coming out and taking her to the pool I think was the first time we fully got to share an experience with her and were delighted to see her reaction. I’m thinking it is only going to get better, both her fun loving nature and the stresses I listed above. I’m looking forward to the next six months of parenthood.



Fun Trip, Hard Return

The first of four trips this winter has come and gone and for the most part, it was a roaring success. Reese had another great flight, did great in the car between the Denver airport and Eagle, CO, where Mark and Kim live, and enjoyed all of the activities we did. It was a relaxing weekend of some fun kid-friendly things, some good meals, and some great conversation. It’s just so funny how all of us have changed now that we have kids in tow.

We arrived in style as the rental car company upgraded our vehicle to the ginormous Chevy Tahoe with a ski rack. Baby girl had plenty of room in the back seat and we hit the 2.5 hour drive with bags under our eyes from waking up at 4 am our time. We stopped for a delicious fish taco/burrito lunch at Chimayo in Silverthorne and to get diapers at the store before getting to Eagle around 3 pm. We caught up with Mark and Kim and Kim made us a delicious dinner of lasagna before going to bed.

Friday was pretty much up in the air for what to do. We took it easy in the morning because Addie wasn’t feeling that well and we all were looking for some R&R anyways. Around noon we decided to take the girls to the nearby sledding hill and got a few “runs” in. Reese was practically falling asleep during the intense sledding session. To warm up we then decided to swing by their house real quick to grab our swimsuits and snacks and headed to the hot springs in Glenwood Springs. This was Reese’s first time actually swim and let me just say that she LOVED it. She had a smile the entire time. I think she was a little jealous of Addie’s floaties and kept wanting to eat them but she had her own little floatie as well as Bryan and I. She tried to start kicking towards the end of it but I think baby girl is going to be a water baby for sure. We spent some time near the fire-heated patio warming up and Reese was equally amazed by the fire. We kept saying BEST. DAY. EVER. in Reese’s mind. Before heading home we got an early dinner at the local brew pub.

Saturday was the planned day to go skiing while the girls were watched by Kim’s mom who drove all the way from Denver to watch them. I was pretty nervous for my first time back on skis in two years time and it definitely showed during my morning runs…and pretty much the entire day to be honest. Reese did great with Kim’s mom and we ended up taking our time getting home, even though we stopped skiing around 2:30 pm mainly because we were cold. We shopped around Vail for a bit and then grabbed some happy hour at a local bar, since we had forgone lunch, before heading back home. I was definitely excited to be reunited with Reese though and the rest of the night we warmed up by the fire, had some leftovers for dinner and then made a fire outside to roast marshmallows.

Sunday was our last full day with Mark and Kim and was again undecided on what to do. Everyone was feeling a little under the weather, either sick or from skiing the day before. We decided to go for a low key hike in the snow around 10 am and packed up the girls for the short drive to the nearby trail. The trail was only about 800 feet of elevation gain but a good little hike nonetheless and probably all the group could do considering the condition of the group. We ended up being out for about 1.5 – 2 hours and got back home to eat sandwiches and watch Michigan to lose to State (boo). We took some very quick family photos outside with Reese and I’m eager to get these back from Kim! It was Sunday night that Reese started to cough and we were not looking forward to what lay ahead. We had another great dinner at home and then Reese basically needed to be held all night long for sleep.

We woke Monday morning with a sick baby and Bryan not feeling well but had to pack up all of our many things into the Tahoe and said our goodbyes around 9 am to drive to Denver. We had to return the car and then got lunch in the airport and completely missed the initial boarding for our return flight so we had to ask fellow passengers to move to allow us to sit together. Reese slept the whole drive there and the first hour of the flight but then she woke up obviously not feeling well and let us know the last 1.5 hours of the flight. It has been our only bad flight with her yet but was certainly one I may never forget. I was so thankful to land in Seattle.

This sums up our flight back….Reese unhappy and my nervous laughter.

Since being back it has been a challenge getting everyone healthy and getting the house back into a put together condition. Bryan hasn’t felt well and stayed home the past two days and Reese was certainly not feeling well Tuesday. She slept and nursed on me all day Tuesday and come Tuesday night we were worried about how lethargic she was so we decided to go to Urgent Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Turns out she has an ear infection on top of her cold and the initial dosage of amoxicillin seemed to make her feel better seemingly over night. I stayed home with my family on Wednesday as well while still trying to get a few hours in for work as I had some things I really needed to get out by the end of the day. Reese continued to get better all Wednesday and slept well that night. We all managed to get out of the house on Thursday and back to our regular schedules, although still all feeling under the weather (even I woke up with a sore throat this morning). Thankfully work hasn’t been as crazy as the past few weeks and I have been able to relax just for a bit. I hope Bryan starts feeling better soon too.

Chad is coming to visit for the weekend, along with a few of his friends, so it will be good to see him and hopefully we won’t be feeling too bad for the duration of his visit. And we did still manage to celebrate her half birthday with 6-month pancakes, enjoyed while we were all sick.

No smile here.



Exhausted and Enduring

The past week and a half has flown by, and has left us both exhausted as a result of it. Once I had my last snow day spent at home with Reese, it was back at work and there was a million things to catch up on in order to get everything done. Top that off with Reese not sleeping very well and, well, come the weekend, I was so exhausted I could barely function. We opted for a night at home on Friday and Saturday night, in lieu of going out with friends, and we took a very relaxed dinner out to a new Middle Eastern restaurant (with Reese in tow) along with a Redbox of Bohemian Rhapsody for a low key Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day though in my opinion and I came home to a bunch of flowers and chocolates from Bryan.

Our social life definitely took a nose dive the past ten days but we did commit to a puree party at Anne and Phillip’s house on Sunday morning that was actually a lot of fun and an easy social setting, being that there were five other babies aged 5-6 months there. Reese definitely loves a party environment and thrives in all cuteness at them. We also managed to finally get a dinner with Mark and Kim, from Bryan’s old group at work, at Pizzeria Pulcinella, last night. This was their first time meeting Reese, my first time at the restaurant, and our first time getting to see each other for a long time. They are a great couple and treated us to dinner this time as we have treated them at our place or FareStart a time or two. Reese took pretty well to Kim.

Reese at dinner

And my deadline was pushed to today and was still tough to get all wrapped up by today. Now I have only like four projects on my plate at work and another big one for Key Arena that is just starting and has another very short and critical time frame again, ummph. Bryan has been just as busy, or more so, at his work and has had to stay late a few days. Looking forward to things calming down a bit…although probably not any time soon and now our trips are starting. At least we haven’t had to worry about our nanny situation and that continues to be working great and we really love the new nanny! What a relief that has been and a huge alleviation of stress.

I’ve tried to get in some exercise here and there and went to a great Body Pump class Monday afternoon and have done a Fitness Blender video here and there but that’s about the extent of my self care. It’s pretty fun to work out in front of or with Reese and she definitely makes you work because if you aren’t working hard enough it is not as much fun for her! Reese enjoys cooking dinner with me so that has been fun a night or two each week and it has also been fun playing with the Instant Pot, and I have to say I have liked the results of everything it has produced. We went for a long walk in one of our favorite places on Saturday but were not expecting never-ending cold drizzle for the duration of our walk and it honestly was quite miserable. On the bright side, we got to warm up with a cup of soup at Vios to warm up mid-walk (Reese dug this pit stop) and turned on the fire at home post-walk, which Reese absolutely loves! Bryan made us steaks and continues to improve upon and master this specialty of his!

Our first of four trips is tomorrow morning. We are going out to Colorado to visit Mark and Kim and ski a day without the kids. We haven’t packed at all and I’m currently a little overwhelmed thinking about everything we need to bring for cold weather, Reese, a photo shoot and to go skiing. It should be a good time and I am looking forward to a few days in the mountains without work. I just hope that Reese doesn’t get thrown for too many loops and sets a good beginning for our whirlwind of travels this winter and spring.



Our 5-Month Old

The rate at which Reese is growing is mind-boggling! In just the past week it seems she has learned to sit unassisted and when you try to place her on her tummy she would much rather be on her hands and knees rocking. It’s something else to see the quick progression of movement and development with her. I find myself so captivated sometimes that I forget about how difficult she is to get to nap or sleep through the night. But we are working on it! This week we experimented with Reese napping in her crib swaddled (when we were at home) and tried a no-cry sleep solution for nighttime sleeping, trying not go straight into sleep training. We’ve had some success and will continue to stick to our guns moving forward.

Our little big difficult sleeper.

As soon as Bryan got home and we said goodbye to my mom, we made Reese’s 5-month pancakes to a delicious success. We had a good Mexican dinner at Cactus in South Lake Union and spent Sunday at church, going for a walk as the snow started falling, and watching a lame Super Bowl. But it was all under a layer of stress as our “excellent” nanny essentially quit without much notice so Monday was a snow day for Reese and I, where we stayed at home inside together to play.

5-Month Pancakes

Tuesday and Wednesday we had two different temp nannies that watched both Reese and our friend Lottie at Sarah’s place while Sarah was home working to make sure the girls were in good hands. Finally on Thursday we brought in a potential full-time nanny, Katie, who has tons of baby knowledge and experience working in a great daycare. She has been great with the girls so far and we are really hoping to continue moving forward with her as a full-time nanny for the girls.

Thursday was like normal, with Reese and I dining at FareStart while Bryan worked. It was a delicious four-course menu from Snoqualmie Casino and Reese was in good spirits. Friday was an anormal day though with the expected snow storm brewing. Many people just decided to stay home. I went into work only to leave at 12:30 when the snow really started to come down. And thankfully I did as the roads were already getting bad and so was traffic. Fortunately, Reese and I made it home safe and Bryan had just gotten home as well. We spent the afternoon marveling at the snow fall and treating the day as a snow day. Bryan did venture out on foot to get beer, milk and chips so we were all set for the weekend.

Saturday morning we started with our usual pancakes before bundling up and taking a long walk through the Arboretum. There were very few cars on the road but a good number of people who were doing like us and taking a walk through the beautiful Arboretum, or skiing or sledding through it. There are skiers and sledders everywhere! We enjoyed another night at home.

Sunday’s service was cancelled and we spent another morning being lazy. Really, the whole day. By nighttime we both needed to get out of the house so we ventured out to Cactus in Madison Park for another great dinner and margaritas. The snow started coming down again and was really very beautiful. Then I knew I was probably going to be stuck at home again. Which I am, today. I sure hope it doesn’t prevent me from going in all week because I am supposed to have a deadline on Friday that is now a shot in the dark on whether or not we are going to make it.

Regardless, Seattle really is beautiful under a blanket of snow and so long as you don’t NEED to go anywhere, it is also a lot of fun. It definitely doesn’t look like Seattle out there but I will take it!