Solo Parenting/Living

Single parent over here for the week and so far so good. I find that I am generally one that doesn’t mind having some space or time to myself but things have changed, let me tell you. Firstly, it’s different with a kid in the picture. Not having someone else to entertain them once in awhile or help out with diapers, baths, clean up, etc is part of it. Now, with Covid, Bryan is often times my only person, and I miss him. You’d think 10 months of being by each others side at all times, with no space or privacy, no place to retreat to, would make a person go crazy but its not the case at all. I’m grateful that I was able to check in with a few friends during Bryan’s absence but he will probably be glad to know that there is no replacement for him, especially right now.

So yes, I was a bit lonely. Not sad lonely, just quiet lonely. Because of this, we scheduled a long walk around Queen Anne with Polly (whom I hadn’t seen for months) on Sunday after dropping Bryan off at the airport. Then on Monday, I asked Sarah if I could pick up Lottie with Reese so the girls could keep me (and them) company at our house. It was extremely wet and rainy both Monday and Tuesday so having Lottie entertain us inside was a necessity. Reese and I went over to Sarah’s for a chili dinner on Tuesday night, again picking up Lottie with Reese. And Sarah asked if I could watch Lottie for some time on Thursday after school because of a meeting she had scheduled and I was happy to help out and the girls and I went to the playground, had dinner and they took a bath together.

Aside from Sarah and Lottie’s company, Reese and I were flying solo. We had a few escapades on the playgrounds after school on Wednesday and Friday after the rain stopped. We cuddled a lot on the couch and read several books. We shared dinners and cookies and picked up a takeout dinner tonight which we enjoyed on a park bench.

Once my mom duties and work duties were done for the day I more or less spent my time cleaning, reading and playing Sudoku (my latest stress relief apparently). I started my next Fitnessblender program, in conjunction with mom, and so far it’s been kicking my booty. I’ve never done their Personal Fitness Test before to gage before and after metrics but this time around I did. On Wednesday I took the test and here is were my starting point is:

1 Mile Run Time: __8:18___________

Full Push Ups: __26______________

Number of Squats: ___40_____________ Weight Used (if any): __20 each hand____________

Static Plank Time: ___91 seconds_________________

Sit and Reach Measurement: ___38 inches_____________

It was kind of fun to push myself and challenge myself with this test. We will see where I stand in about five weeks time.

Looking forward to Bryan’s return tomorrow afternoon. I know Reese will be thrilled as well. She misses him! Honestly, our week was rather uneventful and somewhat boring. Yup, pretty much.


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