Not as Imagined

Well, so far 2021 has not been quite what we had imagined. It hasn’t been slinging roses and good vibes our way, yet, but there is still time and still honestly I’m holding onto the fact that we learned the most unfortunate news on the last day of the year, that being 2020. Still, I believe that this year is going to be drastically different than the previous year and that all of the lessons learned and struggles made will reveal itself in good things to come this year.

Not all has been bad; we did have an enjoyable NYE celebration at Lottie’s house with the girls playing until EST midnight, toasting to the new year and dancing to the music. Reese was a hot and sweaty worn out kid by the end of the night. Reese thoroughly enjoyed being a homebody for the rest of her break and enjoyed playing with all of her new toys every day.

We spent a day sledding at Snoqualmie Pass with Reese’s new sled and not surprisingly she requested every time to go the very top of the hill and wanted to sled down the hill by herself each time. She then helped us build Frostys and many snowballs before lounging back for a sled ride while eating one of said snowballs.

We picked up a seafood feast from Seattle Fish Guys that came with four outstanding easy to make seafood dinners, some poke, four types of desserts, drinks and sides. It was all incredibly delicious and something we will certainly be ordering again. It was a treat for Bryan and I and so fun being able to try items both from the fish market and also from local bakeries and cafes. We spent a (thankfully rare) dry night walking around Zoo Lanterns and taking in all of the sights. We were grateful the rain held up and enjoyed a deep dish pizza dinner outside with our friends before our zoo admission. All of that was a big hit with Reese.

And due to the current circumstances we are lucky to have Bryan home for another week before he leaves for South Carolina this Sunday. It’s been nice having him here this week, to be working by my side and to be home to play with Reese who isn’t the most enthused to be back at school (not to mention that she finally had her flu shot this Thursday, which she handled like a champ without one single tear!). We continue to just spend our time at home, having fires, watching movies, playing with all the new toys, reading books, working out in our home gym, and getting lots of cuddles from a very cuddly Reese as of late.

Bryan will be gone this first time for only a week which will be a good starting point for us. This will be good to ease into this new temporary normal. I’m also happy to see that it’s not entirely dark by 5 pm everyday, it’s the little things honestly. My “resolutions” have started out slow because, well…life. But they have started and as expected some are easier or more fun than others to do. It’s a working progress and 2021 still has a long way to go and a lot of progress to make. And since I am where I am, I just finished my second margarita of the night. G’night.


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