Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Bryan was here for what seemed like a short but special week. We missed him, we really did. Reese missed him, she really did. She was a different person while he was home. She was an angel for me while he was away but she was missing some of her zest, spunk, laughs and carefree nature. I missed having someone to talk to and watch movies with at night, eat dinner with, drink wine with, and help put Reese to bed. Bryan was happy to be home too and almost immediately collapsed on the couch Saturday night after a long day of traveling. He was pretty much fast asleep at 6 pm.

We enjoyed our full Sunday together; with banana pancakes, going for a run to the park, playing at the playground, walking back home, watching football while Reese napped, and catching up on our shows after Reese went to bed. Glorious!

The work week went by quickly. While Monday is a holiday for some (maybe most at this point) it is not for either Bryan or I. Thankfully, Sarah had the day off and was able to watch Reese in the morning for us. The girls played really well together and made banana muffins, played doctor/patient and went to the park together. The rest of the week was more of the usual but fortunately we have lucked out with some sunnier, milder weather lately.

We had Sarah and Lottie over for the inauguration, popping some champagne and having a dumpling feast in hopes of building a better future for these girls. The past years have added so much stress to our lives. I’d have a hard time believing that there are many people that would disagree, regardless of what party line you vote down. These have been difficult years; years filled with tension, separation, disagreement, backlash, anxiety, fears, hatred, and so many other things that I DO NOT want my daughter to grow up with. I’m really hopeful that the country can start unifying again and literally started tearing up when President Biden began his inauguration speech with such words. I don’t care if a person votes red (Trump isn’t red anyways) or blue so long as they have the country and it’s peoples best interests at heart and that I believe has been temporarily lost. Lost, but not gone forever, I do not believe it has.

We had all of Saturday together, except for an outdoor baby shower that I had to attend, before we had to say goodbye to Dadda one more time; this time for two weeks…eek. I was not looking forward to his last day at home but we tried to take advantage of having him here and his company. We went for a nice walk in the sunshine to Madison Park playground in the afternoon before walking back home to get burgers delivered to the homestead. Not looking forward to the two weeks without him!

Two weeks go quick!


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