Bday 2020 and Rare Treats

The celebration of my birthday this year was just as good, if not better, than any other. It was a beautiful fall day with sunshine, turning leaves and crisp mild fall air. Reese woke me up far too early to get the day started well before I would have wanted to. My work day was rather short as I escaped the house to get a rare treat; a facial. I returned home to help tidy up the house, prep a few sides for the night’s dinner, and then set off on foot to pick up Reese. We had our weekly family FaceTime and then Reese and I enjoyed one of the playgrounds on our way home.

Polly and Ryu were joining us for dinner, indoors, at the same table, no masks. Win and rare treat! And Bryan was manning the dinner, double win and rare treat! On the Mediterranean feast menu:

  • lamb and beef kofta kabobs with white sauce
  • spanakopita (aka spinach pie) rice
  • grilled baby potatoes
  • Greek salad
  • olives
  • pita

Rounded out with a great bottle of wine and Bryan’s famous chocolate peanut butter cake. It was all super delicious and I honestly think Polly and Ryu enjoyed the night as much as I did since they haven’t eaten (or really been) outside of their home in forever as well. Reese definitely enjoyed Polly’s company and cuddled and ate with her quite a bit. Reese helped me blow out candles and enjoyed some of the cake before she was so wiped (from waking me up early) she asked to go to bed. Fortunately, bedtime wasn’t a two-hour saga and I was able to rejoin the adults for some great conversation in front of our fire. Didn’t get to bed until about midnight and that was with Reese in her room after she woke up twice after our company left. That girl!

I’m glad that my birthday was rather quiet but enjoyed with my best friends, husband and daughter and spent having a little R&R. I received tons of flowers that have now filled our house and have to look forward to for the next week before we leave. Here’s to another year around the sun!


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