Reese Lately

What can I say about Reese lately…she’s definitely two. That’s not to say she is terrible, but she has her moments, and then counteracts that with moments of sweetness. Her vocabulary is ever expanding and her physical prowess is ever growing. Her escapades to playgrounds can resume with the opening of playgrounds now and that is fantastic as we move into the rainy fall season. But let us take a look at Reese lately:

  • Nighttime routine is now a struggle…aka there is no routine. She doesn’t want to take a bath or shower, but when you do get her in the bath she doesn’t want to get out. You can count on the fact that it will take a minimum of an hour to get the girl to sleep.
  • She’s sleeping in a big girl bed and sometimes will sleep by herself until about 3 or 4 AM when she comes running into our room for me to join her but other nights it’s more like 11 PM! She always goes back to her bed though so she’s not sleeping in ours (yet).
  • She runs everywhere!
  • She is afraid of big trucks now, sometimes dogs, and apparently ponies.
  • But she is not afraid of heights, tall slides, or anything that could actually hurt her.
  • Her daycare teachers say she is a good eater, which is good because she’s not so much at home…
  • Reese does enjoy when we have the fireplace on inside now and she does good keeping her distance from it.
  • Reese does enjoy watching football most of the time. She knows that it is “football” and will occasionally cheer with us. But sometimes she will also tell us, “no football!”.
  • Reese can now flush the toilets by herself. She can also reach onto the counter tops and has learned the very clever trick of moving her step stool (or ride-on toy) wherever she needs to in order to reach higher. Help us.
  • She’s still definitely enjoying her books lately. She loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear and most of the Dr. Seuss books best at the moment.
  • Just very recently she’s been keen on dancing with Elmo and has requested the Elmo Slide way too many times.
  • She will brush her teeth now at bedtime and will give Mommy and Daddy toothpaste but refuses to put toothpaste on her own brush.
  • There have been some mornings that getting her to “school” is such a chore. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go its just that she doesn’t want to put on clothes, shoes, etc.
  • A new game is “get Reese” then “get Mommy” then “get Daddy” meaning we go around in circles either tickling each other or blowing raspberries on each other’s tummies.
  • She’s now declared “bossy but in a funny way” at school.
  • Bryan has been quoted with, “I wish I could just strap the carpet cleaner to my wrist”. This is going to be added to our Subscribe and Save on Amazon very quickly. That, and the vacuum pretty much has full time residency in our living room. She’s a mess!

She’s got personality that’s for sure. We still love her to death and more times than not she is sweet and not a terror.


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