A Month Later

It’s been nearly a month since my last post, all indications that it’s been one busy and crazy month. You’d think it couldn’t get anymore crazy this year but…2020!

Two weeks went by in the blink of an eye and honestly were the most joyful two weeks I’ve personally had all year. Those two weeks being the time we spent in Michigan. I. NEEDED. THIS. TRIP. SO. MUCH. As did Bryan and as did Reese. And I think my parents did as well. We didn’t do all that much noteworthy except spend glorious quality time together making memories. We arrived midday on a Wednesday, spent a weekend Up North in Harbor Springs, spent another weekend celebrating Halloween, and returned to Seattle sadly the following Monday. Here’s a recap:

  • Reese settled right in. She took to Sophie right away and continued developing her care of her, feeding her table scraps, and following the dog around as the trip went on.
  • We had several good meals at home, everyone sharing kitchen duties and recipes (i.e. Mom = pozole, fish tacos, Dad = beef stew, cedar planked salmon, Bryan = pancakes and eggs benedict, me = chile crisp shrimp and green beans, pork tenderloin with cider glazed apples)
  • We enjoyed several of my favorite takeouts: Aladdin’s, El Azteco, Jersey Giant, plus tried some new treats including Cask and Co, Polish Kitchen, an amazing brunch in Harbor Springs at The Cappola.
  • We participated in the Halloween parade in my parent’s neighborhood, all of us dressing up as the Flintstones. After the parade we participated in the fun and safe trick or treating and Reese has really gotten into the candy.
  • We did a lot of hide and go seek.
  • Reese never wanted to to to bed there. I have to say that I appreciate having a better bedtime routine now being back (that, and the transition back from Eastern time zone has helped for an earlier bedtime).
  • Reese also never really wanted to sit down and eat while there. She did enjoy her daily toast in the morning with Grammy and Granddad.
  • Reese had a scooter, ride on airplane, lots of puzzles and books, Mr. Potato Head, and wind up car. Then there loads more new toys at the Airbnb so she certainly had things to play with at her disposal.
  • We went on several walks to several different parks to try new swings and slides.
  • We bought Mackinac Island fudge, kettle corn, and more in Mackinac City. We also drove across the bridge so that Bryan could see it.
  • We enjoyed many indoor fires during the Michigan cold snap.
  • Bryan and I went on several runs, through glorious weather, rain, and even snow. The color of the leaves were magnificent during runs.
  • We colored and read several books together.
  • We had a family dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandparents. I got to do the cooking for the first time in my life and my grandma and I got to blow out our birthday candles together.
  • Reese really got to know her Grammy, Granddad and More Grammy. It was so wonderful to see and exactly what I wanted the outcome of the trip to be.
  • The other outcome I wanted was to spend quality time with my parents, as adults, and we did exactly that.

I enjoyed the trip immensely and wish I was back. I can’t say it’s been a great transition back to Seattle. We left Michigan as the weather was getting good and arrived back to Seattle as the rain set in. Work has been intense but at least I have been re-motivated to get things done. Reese has spent a few long days at daycare unfortunately and the days are short and dark by the time we are picking up. And then there is the election, and the aftermath of the election, which I honestly can’t say I am surprised by any of it but I also just wanted the election season to be over. And the increase in Covid cases has me really getting anxious about the winter season and what is all going to go down. I think we went at the right time because these next few weeks I think are going to present an even greater risk with traveling.

But thank goodness for this past weekend, even though it was cold it was dry and we were able to go for a nice long walk with Lottie in tow, one of our favorite runs at Seward Park, took Reese to the playground a few times, had some delicious sushi, watched some horrible football games, and had a dumpling filled dinner at Sarah’s new apartment last night. Now to the week ahead…normalcy (or whatever that means these days.


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