Four Years Strong

This week has moved like molasses for me for whatever reason. It was a rare week of a few fun things planned during the week and I had some to-dos to check off my list. I don’t know if that’s what made the week seem long or something else entirely. But it was a good week, for me at least. And I think Reese had a great time with those social outings and easy drop offs at school all week long. Bryan had more stress related to work and had to go into the office Monday and Tuesday (as well as last Friday) but also enjoyed our evenings and a few workouts. Plus, we had our first date night out in five months in celebration of our four year wedding anniversary!

But let’s “back up” as Reese would say. Our weekend was fantastic and I think that is really what makes my weeks feel so long. Saturday was low key with morning pancakes, Bryan went for a 37 mile bike ride (!) to Edmonds and back, I worked some on my bookcase project for Reese’s books, and then Lottie and Sarah came over for BBQ takeout in our backyard. The girls played great together and we enjoyed their company.

Sunday we set out midday for Lake Sammammish, via the 520 bridge and bike trail. I pulled Reese for the first time on the way there and now I know the extra ummmph you need when pulling that girl. I made it the full 13 miles there though and then we had a nice long break at the beach. The water temp was perfect and it was the first time Reese used her puddle jumpers to actually swim and jump off the swim platform/dock at the beach. She had a blast jumping alongside other kids and really was not afraid of swimming with her puddle jumpers on. Bryan pulled the chariot on the way back and we both arrived home physically tired. We enjoyed pizza at home with a movie and didn’t want the weekend to end.

Like I said, Reese has been pretty easy to drop off at daycare this week. What hasn’t been easy is getting her up in the morning. She slept in until 9 am both weekend days and this week I’ve had to get her up around 8 am to get ready to go to school. We enjoyed Polly and Ryu’s company at our house on Wednesday night. We got some take home ramen kits to have for dinner, along with potstickers and gomae that we made at home, and it was a very tasty dinner eaten on our back deck. Reese enjoyed the noodles, and the attention. We got the bubble machine going while we had berries and cream for dessert and we didn’t get Reese in the bath until after 9 pm.

And our anniversary brought with it the coldest day we’ve had in weeks, and rain! It was a high of 63 and rained most the morning but that didn’t deter us from our date night plans. Sarah was gracious enough to watch Reese for us while we went to our favorite spot, Harvest Vine, for our first time eating out in five months. We were the only table for the longest time, with our early reservation time of 5:30. We shared a delicious bottle of Spanish red, the always delicious trout, a gambas/shrimp dish, braised chicken, goat cheese with fig paste, bread, and garlic tomato green beans. Everything was delicious and we took home a pint of their homemade salted caramel ice cream for dessert later in the evening. We picked up Reese, who had dinner, colored and had her bath with Lottie. She was dressed in her PJs and her and Lottie read a bazillion books on Bryan’s lap before we left for home. The girls gave each other a dozen kisses as we were leaving. Love them!

I’ve spent quite a few hours this week working on my bookcase project for Reese and it is close to being done. I had to drill several pieces of wood together, paint a minimum of two coats of paint on all sides, and wallpapered the inside that took a lot more patience and skill than I would have liked. I still need to drill in the inserts, give the sides another coat of paint, put on the legs and then it will be finished. Along with this project I had to take the Jeep to get serviced one more time, which required me to ride my bike home/there along the Burke-Gilman two days in a row. It was a nice 10-mile ride by myself that I actually quite enjoyed. I love my bike!

We have another glorious weekend coming up and are celebrating little miss Lottie who is turning two tomorrow. Reese is pretty good at saying “happy birthday” and I’m sure she will enjoy the cupcakes and balloons with Lottie. I still can’t believe it is August already.


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