One Month Shy of Two

And then we will officially stop counting her age in months, I guess. I can’t believe she will be two in a month, and yet I can. She seems so grown. She speaks in full sentences from time to time. She is extremely agile, strong, and impressive in her physical capabilities. And now she is going to “school”. It’s all a little much a little too soon if you ask me. But we continue to love her to death, more every day.

  • Singing the “ABCs” is her new thing. She definitely can hum along to it and knows when to sing a few letters, “A, B, C, and P” mostly and then finishes off with “me”. It’s a work in progress but both her and Lottie are obsessed with the song currently.
  • Her favorite number is still 2 and I am trying to get her to at least count to 3 but it’s still basically just 2. But she gets the number 2 in its meaning.
  • She can follow directions pretty well when she wants to. I’m always impressed when she actually does exactly what I say to her.
  • She’s really into pizza, pasta, Thai food still, chocolate of course, cookies, blueberries (!), cheese, popcorn, cereal, yogurt cereal, spoonfuls of peanut butter and chocolate milk. But apparently whatever is served at daycare she will eat so there is definitely something about peer pressure and environment in getting this one to eat.
  • She knows, turn for turn, how to walk to Lottie’s house and can walk there without help.
  • She is walking up and down the stairs, one stair at a time and upright these days.
  • She really likes getting into the Jeep for some reason lately. According to her, it’s “new car”.
  • She loves doing the splits, handstands, cartwheels and climbing over everything. Also jumping!! We need to get this girl into gymnastics. She can do full splits without struggle and has never seen me do them, she just does them and then says, “splits mama”.
  • Everything is “My, do”. She must do everything by herself unless she asks for help or you better expect her to do whatever you did for her all over again.
  • She’s finally letting me do her hair before we leave in the morning (most days). Hallelujah!
  • We lay with her in bed still as she goes down every night. She requests hair brushing, back scratching, and stroking her wrists (she’s had a bit of eczema for some months now, it’s getting better but her wrists have always been the itchiest spots).
  • She’s helping me more and more with cooking. I was actually pretty impressed with how she cracked three eggs by herself the other day and she also knows the ins and outs of making coffee in the morning.
  • She’s scared, yet still fascinated, by big trucks lately. For some reason their noise now causes her to run over and ask to be picked up. Same for the vacuum…
  • She’s getting much better at saying “I love you”. She’s also pretty cute saying “Dr. Pol”.


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