Chillin in Chelan

It’s been awhile since I posted, I guess last week got a little busy prior to leaving to go out of town for a long weekend. We had two great weekends in a row and so much to reminisce about…

The first great weekend involved a “party” to celebrate Lottie, complete with cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, a dance playlist, amazing Chinese food for takeout, and balloons. Everyone had a good time, until Lottie became deathly afraid of the candle at least.

This weekend also included a visit up to Edmonds to see Philipp, Sara and Emelia. We walked from their house down to downtown Edmonds, found a picnic spot on the beach and all got some fish tacos from the Edmonds Fish Market to enjoy. We took a quick one hour bike ride down to Lake Washington Boulevard to Seward Park and back, which was a nice little workout without cars now that Lake Washington Boulevard is closed to traffic and Reese got a nap in! And to round out the weekend we invited our neighbors over to the backyard for a drink to get to know one another and we like them a lot!

Then there was the short week of work, that was busy for both of us, yadda yadda yadda….but I did finish Reese’s bookcase.

So then our next great weekend was a long weekend with us taking Friday off of work to head out to Chelan Thursday afternoon. We got the car all packed up and ready to go and picked up Reese (the latest we ever have) at 5:30 PM to hit the road right away. We didn’t run into any traffic on the way to Chelan and we broke up the trip by getting dinner at the Twin Pines Drive In in Cle Elum which is usually extremely busy but we got there 15 minutes before close and were able to order burgers, chicken bites, fries and a nutella shake without any wait and ate that at one of their many picnic tables outside. We arrived at the Chelan house just after 9 pm and settled in for the weekend with a glass of wine after the girls went to bed.

Friday morning we were up around 8 am and Reese woke much more alive and spirited and ready to greet everyone than she did the night previously, after a 90 minute sleep in the car. And fortunately for her, Emerson has almost equal amounts of energy and a desire to run back and forth through the house, blowing bubbles, fetching balls, and jumping. These girls kept each other going and going and going. We enjoyed the slow morning, the heat and sun on the back deck, took a walk around town and along the river, getting our feet wet in the lake, and enjoying a breakfast burrito before Reese went down for her nap. Post nap we all set out for a winery visit where we enjoyed two bottles of white wine overlooking the lake from a yard high above the lake. The views were gorgeous and fortunately the girls kept each other entertained on their own bench. Friday night’s dinner was undertaken by Timothy and Heather and they made up a delicious spread of dill salmon, grilled caesar salad, asparagus and an fancy herbed cheese and baguette, all enjoyed with a glass of wine of course. We stayed up way too late catching up and I paid for this the next morning.

But fortunately for me, I got to sleep in on Saturday morning and Bryan was up with Reese. I didn’t wake up until about 9 am to my surprise after a rough night of sleep with Reese. We enjoyed another slow morning but then the three of us got ready to head to the beach and set out by foot mid morning. With some hassle (thanks to the city’s ridiculous policies on enjoying the beach during Covid) we got a spot at the lake and spent a couple hours swimming, floating and playing in the sand before heading home for Reese’s nap. Reese’s nap ended up being only the 30 minutes in the stroller and once home wasn’t keen on continuing that nap. Sigh. The other crew wasn’t at the house so we enjoyed some peace and quiet before they returned. They got back a little after 4 pm and we immediately opened up a bottle of rose and chips, salsa and guac we made. Bryan and I were on dinner duty and our spread included carne asada with an avocado and feta salad with homemade vinaigrette and a Mexican street corn saute. It came out pretty good with no leftovers. The girls crashed on this night and we enjoyed some peach cobbler with ice cream before hitting the sack a bit earlier ourselves.

Sunday was our last day (the other crew were staying a tad longer). Bryan and I each went for an extremely hot run along a trail that runs by the dam and river. It was a good run if it hadn’t been so hot. I was dying and walked a good portion of it. Once back we were ready to hit the water again so the three of us set out for the lake. We ran into the dumb city rules about park usage again but managed to bypass that after some more hassle and got a good spot at the lake. Reese wasn’t at all hesitant this time to get in the water and play and after another few hours we packed her back up in the stroller where she promptly fell asleep. Bryan and I got the most amazing fish tacos ever from a low key place and enjoyed these in the shade at an empty baseball park while Reese continued to snooze in her stroller. We got back to the house for showers and to finish packing and shortly there after said our goodbyes and thank yous.

Our drive back was longer due to some traffic but without any stops (and with Reese napping for about two hours in the car) we got back a little after 6 pm to temps in the mid 90s in Seattle! Reese immediately started crying when she saw our house and was asking to go “back to the house”. It took her about 15 minutes to actually get inside our house because she was so adamant about going back. It was definitely a great weekend for all of us and I’m so glad that Reese enjoyed it as much as she did and that she was as easy going as she was.

Goof ball on the way back

Now back to the grind…


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