Fall Fun

What a great weekend we three had. It was filled with friends, football, a hike, some animals, and great fall weather. It really was an all-around great weekend that I wish continued for a few more days.

We started off the weekend with a dinner at our house to discuss how our nanny share is going with all three parties involved. We had some pulled pork and a mac n’ cheese bar (plus wine) to help our conversation. It was a good discussion on how to make the share even better for the girls and parents in the months to come and was good to check in on one another on how everything has been going up until now.

We had two football games to watch on Saturday; Michigan at 9 am and Texas at 12:30 pm so we weren’t done with those two wins (!!) until about 4 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, Bryan had his first men’s group of the fall season and Reese slept more than 3 hours at her nap (which she has been doing the past few days). But by 4 pm we needed to get out of the house and the highs in the upper 60s and sunny skies were calling for us to do so. We met up with Billy, Val, Phillip and Anne and all of the kiddos at Carpinito Brothers Farm in Kent, WA at their pumpkin patch. None of us bought pumpkins but we did enjoy the fall fun yard. Reese was in absolute awe of the mama pig and her piglets. She was also interested in Willy the goat, the chickens and the cows. She played in the sensory corn bin, went down the hay slides a few times, found her way through the hay maze and really enjoyed just wandering around outside. We enjoyed catching up with our friends a bit but then had to head home to get her to bed. We picked up Chipotle on the way home for ourselves before calling it an early night…

Because we had plans to go hiking on Sunday! Bryan was up and at it early Sunday morning, making a powerhouse brunch for us to fuel us for the hike. We got all of us dressed and our bags packed and ready to go and were out the door around 8:30 am. We decided on Mt. Pilchuck, as the only other time I have done this popular hike was in the fog years ago where I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. We got to the trailhead, after a very bumpy forest road jog, just after 10 am and Bryan donned Reese and we started up. The hike is supposedly 5.5 miles and 2,300 feet of gain but Bryan’s watch clocked in at 7 miles of hiking so I am not sure what to believe. This trail does take some time thanks to it being so rocky and slow going. We made it to the lookout tower at the top just before 1 pm, after one short break about midway up, and Reese enjoyed socializing with everyone else resting in the tower. Great 360 degree views on such a clear day!

After some snacks, water and a breather we started to make our way down the rocky path. Reese fell asleep for a good portion of the bumpy trek and we made it back to the car around 3 and got back to Seattle at exactly 5 pm. Next up was our date night with happy hour at List followed by our first play at the Seattle Rep for the 19/20 season. Our sitter arrived around 5:45 pm and we made it to List to get four delicious dishes (sea bass, octopus, mozzarella salad and truffle gnocchi) and wash all of that down with their $20 bottle of wine. This stop sure brought us back to our mid 20s when it used to be one of our favorite spots. Ambiance might not jive 100% with our likes now but we remembered why we liked it so much. We made it to the play just in time, absolutely loved the Yiddish musical of Indecent, and picked up Menchies on the way home to round out one stellar weekend!

Can’t wait for the next weekend already!


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