19 for 2019 – Only Three Months Left YIKES

I’m running out of time for this year as it is literally just flying by! I need to make great progress in a few areas if I want to accomplish some of the items that I had set out for myself this year, others have maybe been even easier than I would have originally thought…

  1. Run a 10k in an 8:30 pace.
    • I have not really been running, and I certainly don’t have any idea what my current time might be but its not fast. I actually think this may be an attainable goal before years end. Try to get me in running shape of some sort before we start any legit triathlon training next year.
  2. Break 140 watts in my 45-minute cycle class.
    • Haven’t been to a cycling class in ages but I’m overall stronger so I am hoping that I might be able to do this anyways. And now that I am not going to be able to go to my Wednesday strength class in Redmond when I move back to the Seattle office, I might take a spin at spinning again.
  3. Read 10 books.
    • Do kids books count? They should. There is no way that I am going to be able to get through eight more books before years end so I will make myself a deal and try to read four…that would still be a major achievement! And I just picked up four from the library.
  4. Learn to play a song on the guitar.
    • Yikes!
  5. Make 6 girls events happen.
    • If I do count PEPS meetups (which I should because it is solely me organizing them) then I have actually met this goal. I have plans for one or two more girls nights to happen so I’m gonna say we are good on this one.
  6. Be able to do 5 pull ups/chin ups (if not at once, at least in the same day).
    • I can easily do these assisted with bands now but without bands I max out at three isolated pull ups. I am still working on strength so maybe this goal is achievable. And I am still proud of the noticeable progress that I have made in this area.
  7. Visit or spend time with Chad.
    • Chad came to visit us and we spent some time together at the cottage. Would still like to visit him in Cinci but not sure when we can do that.
  8. Do 10 hikes.
    • We’ve done five hikes now; one in Arizona, one in Colorado and three in Washington. We got out last weekend to do some fall hiking so maybe we can get in a few more before the end of the year. We’ve explored a few local parks we have never been to before too so I feel like that should count towards the tally.
  9. Go on a vacation just the three of us (at least a total of 5 nights throughout the year).
    • We went to Portland just the three of us, if that counts as vacation, lol.
  10. Visit 5 new restaurants to try.
    • There have been six we have tried: Cantina Lena, Red Cow, Nue, Junebaby, Due Italiana, and Central Smoke. We are doing fine.
  11. Baby proof and de-clutter the house.
    • Done as far as I am concerned, for now.
  12. Go to a concert.
    • We went to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert.
  13. Re-learn our lindy hop dance.
  14. Get in one self-care day/night per month.
    • I’m feeling good on this one.
  15. Get in one date day/night per month.
    • We’ve done pretty good. We had a bit of a hiatus but now that we have the Seattle Rep back and moving into fall I think we will get in some more.
  16. Limit social media and cell phone usage to 30 minutes every night after 5 pm.
    • I’ve done pretty good on this, now I just need to drop TV for a bit to read.
  17. Become more involved with our church beyond attendance
    • We have been volunteering in the toddler room and we have both signed up for life groups this fall.
  18. Get Reese a passport
  19. Eat dinner at the table at least once a week.
    • We’ve done great this one. Now we just need Reese to sit there for more than three minutes.


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