The 1 Year Check Up

I’m not sure if people continue to count their child’s age by months after they hit 1 year. I’ve definitely heard people say 16 months, 18 months, etc, but is that common practice?!? She seems to still be changing in personality and skills just as quickly these days.

And attending her 1 year check up appointment made me realize that she is hitting all of her physical, mental and emotional milestones (thank goodness!) and has learned quite a bit:

  • She can say at least 5 words and tries to imitate more (bubble, ball, mama, dada, pop, kitty, ruff (as in a dog), and she understands much more
  • Tries to mimic us in many ways
  • Points to things she wants
  • Shakes her head no when she means “no”
  • Looks at what we are looking at
  • Eats a variety of foods (but not much of anything)
  • Can not only stand on her own but walks on her own
  • Has two teeth and is getting a third as we speak (at least I’ve been told but I can’t see it)
  • Has copious amounts of energy
  • Is currently refusing the bottle so don’t know if she is done with milk or what
  • Likes to take things out and puts things back
  • Likes to shoot baskets
  • Knows that claps and head tilts get her attention from most people
  • Will bring you things when asked
  • Has matured to the big bath tub (now that we have a bath mat and faucet cover in place)
  • Has no stranger danger
  • Is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr clingy, especially anytime I’m in the kitchen (I could win any one armed cooking competition right now)
  • Still enjoys doing the laundry and vacuuming
  • Shutting and opening doors is the best right now
  • Bubbles are her latest favorite “toy”
  • She’s starting to actually pay attention to certain TV programs, Sesame Street being the main one
  • She’s a climber
  • Shoes and jackets are great because it means you will be going outside
  • She loves having her hair brushed and brushing her teeth
  • Knows how to play corn hole!

It’s so interesting to see her continue to learn so much and I think that will just continue to exponentially grow. This weekend was a chill weekend but one we all needed after two weekends away from home and fighting off sicknesses. Bryan and I did get in a great date night out for a friend’s beer tasting dinner with Georgetown Brewing on Friday night. We went to the park with a Reese both days and I got in a free barre class for a grand reopening event. Bryan also got out for a Mezcal tasting and education class with a few guys. I needed this relaxing weekend bad and am looking forward to more as we settle into fall here with the cooler weather and rain forecasted.


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