Our Nine Month Old!

Nine months, nine months! It’s hard to believe that Reese has been nine months in and nine months out at this point. Her personality reminds me more and more of a toddler. She’s so advanced. But anyways, this month has been full of advancements.

  • She has gone in and out of very clingy phases (I’ve read the most clingy stages are from 9-11 months), this doubled down after her flu booster shot
  • She pulls herself to standing easily and has stood without holding onto things for a few seconds here and there
  • She is a speed demon crawler, especially if mommy or daddy is “chasing” her or she is getting into trouble
  • Her very favorite game is being chased
  • She taunts us by going up the first step of the flight of stairs at least 10x per day
  • Her favorite food is by far hummus but she is more or less wanting to eat anything these days; surprising us by sucking on a lemon for a good 15 minutes on two separate occasions, eating blue cheese and blue cheese dressing and she also really likes Cheerios which her parents finally bought her
  • She has become impossible to get a diaper change or clothing change in; her capabilities to roll have certainly advanced
  • She has learned to clap and loves applause
  • She loves watching her daddy dance even during the middle of a cry she will stop at the first sign of dancing
  • She still loves her bath times
  • She may or may not like hiking, yet to be determined
  • She loves dirt and getting ultra dirty
  • She still seems to be teething but no teeth to show for it
  • She loves the outdoors…she is gravitated to the windows and doors and if a door to the outside is left open for a split second she will be out that door
  • She’s been falling asleep in her crib with me holding her hand…and miraculously sleep training seems to have worked in one day; she slept from 8:30-5:30 the past two days in a row in her own crib
  • She surprisingly still doesn’t mind headbands or bows
  • She loves drinking water out of her sippy cup
  • Laundry and emptying the dishwasher is another favorite activity; removing items is something she really enjoys
  • She has a knack for the remote control to the TV, and the laptop; her knack is to get static noise on the TV and the blue screen of death on the laptop
  • In a social setting with other babies she doesn’t care where her parents are, she is a social girl
  • She’s been kissed by two different boys her age now, not sure about that…


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