Mommy Care

Now that I am a mom my priorities have obviously shifted. Some of this can be good for my health and some not so much. Bryan has definitely experienced similar impacts as a dad. Now that we kind of have a flow of things in place and nicer weather ahead of us, I’m trying to prioritize what’s best for me and my family.

My beauty regime has definitely been simplified, not that it has ever been that time consuming. Especially with sleep deprivation, I’m trying to do the best for my skin and subsequently my health in as short amount of time as I can. I’m definitely trying to take care of the condition of my face. I bought a Clarisonic Mia facial cleanser months ago and love how clean it gets my face. I’ve been much better about washing my face before bed most nights. I am strict about using toner after every face wash. I have been trying out different facial serums and oils to see which I like best and can’t ever make up my mind on them. Hopefully these bags under my eyes will go away at some point! Another big change I am making this summer is employing the use of sunless tanner. I don’t want to damage my skin further but I love the glow of sun-kissed summer skin. I found a product that I bought and love so far and is so easy to apply without error. It’s called Fake Bake and I’ve been putting it on once a week and LOVE it and don’t feel the need to lay out in the sun. Anddddd, to successfully use the tanner I need to exfoliate first and I bought this awesome and cheap exfoliating mitt like the ones they use in Turkish baths that really does refresh my skin!

Mani-pedis and my hair are things I will still put a little time and money into when I can. I recently got highlights and told the girl to let me see them! I wanted to lighten up my hair for summer and was not afraid of making a statement and really like the look so far. I was also able to get in a mani-pedi session on the fly when we employed our nanny just for a few hours on Memorial Day (she offered since we were still paying her for the day). It felt good to get a little pampering session in.

A wardrobe I like is important. Not all of my clothes are fitting as they had previously, and that is okay. I am really trying to do more weights instead of cardio so I’m sure my body composition will change with that as well as the fact that Reese is still nursing. But I want to like my clothes and feel good in them. My latest Stitch Fix box was A++ and I bought it all (sorry not sorry Bryan). I’m trying to find more shoes that are cute but hurt my feet less. I bought some fresh summer clothes mainly for home life and date nights (not work). Baby girl looks cute everyday and so should I.

Motivation is key for anyone in a physical exercise rut I think. First it was hard to find time to exercise, then I have been under the weather for a few weeks, and sometimes I just feel plain lazy. That’s okay, but I would love something to set as a goal and work towards. As much as I want to focus more on strength training, it’s so much easier to set a cardio goal and meet that. Plus, I would love to have a set goal with Bryan. He has been looking at half marathons/marathons to do and although I don’t really want to train for a full marathon I might be talked into training for a half marathon; meaning I no doubt would be willing to train for a half marathon, so long as speed is not a big deal. I think something like that plus my goal of five chin ups/pull ups in a day would be a good combo goal by years end…at least my 10 k goal. I’m letting Bryan lead the development of this goal though. One thing is for sure, if we don’t take care of our physical health Reese is going to run us ragged as she gets older and we both want to keep up with her!

Me/We time is ultimately important for sanity purposes and ultimately pushed aside for baby girl. However, me/we are trying to prioritize more time for me/us and we will take what we can get. We actually had a fun date night planned on Friday night! I’ve been stealing away to play soccer once a week. And even at this past week’s dinner at FareStart, I enjoyed eating a dinner with baby girl sleeping next to me, a rare occurrence these days but one I enjoyed eating a meal in “silence”. It was also a darn good meal. And we have another night out this coming Friday, getting to get dressed up just for a few hours.

I don’t know if it is the better sleep or some exercise or what but I’m definitely feeling more like my old self lately. Hoorah!


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