Ugh Week

Why are some of the shortest weeks the worst weeks? Honestly, the week flew by but I’m not sure that was a good thing. Or maybe it was because it wasn’t an easy week…

  • Reese and I woke up late on Tuesday morning getting a late start and rushing to get ready. I was at least relieved that I had laid out her clothes for the week and had already prepped all of her food and bottles for the day.
  • We’ve still been at Sarah’s place for the nanny share this week, which is good because our landlord has had roofers at the house that have been SO loud, but also adds more preparation and coordination to our days.
  • Three days in a row I walked Reese to Sarah’s apartment. On each day, half way up the hill I realized I didn’t have her Wubbanubba pacifier and had to retrace my steps. On the third day, after retrieving said Wubba from the house, I proceeded back up the hill before realizing I left her milk bottles on the counter and got to do the hill a third time!
  • Thursday morning I was planning on driving her in the Jeep to Sarah’s so that I could also have the Jeep when leaving FareStart but I couldn’t find the Jeep key for the life of me. Thirty minutes of searching for it and I still came up short. Since it was almost 9 AM by this point and I was already sweaty and Reese was a crank I used an Uber to get to Sarah’s. Somehow I still got to work by 9:30 AM. Side note: Bryan found the key as soon as he got home that evening.
  • Reese slept horribly Wednesday night, I think she may be teething, but she literally woke up every hour I think, maybe more frequently if my foggy memory serves me right. Then she woke up cranky, as did I, go figure. We started her sleep training last night. Pray for us and her! So far so good but it is still stressful for me.
  • Did I mention we have roofers at our house. They have been there four days in a row and bang and bang, and board up the windows and don’t finish until just before baby girl has to go to bed. At least they finish by then.
  • And Reese and I went to moms and babies happy hour with our PEPS group which was a whole lot of fun but Reese was apparently on speed or something. She was doing laps and circles around the place and wore herself out completely, both her and I were exhausted upon leaving.
  • I haven’t been able to get in an iota of exercise in other than walking baby girl so that doesn’t help with stress minimization. This weekend will hopefully allow for some.

But I’m being optimistic and thinking its just a fluky week. The very beginning of sleep training looks to be promising and even though it is so hard for me emotionally, I did sleep well during the periods that Reese was asleep. The weather has been spectacular so that’s all good news too. And I did get to volunteer again at FareStart and I think this was really the first time I volunteered where not being with Reese didn’t pull on my heart strings. There has been progress for sure.

And it’s the weekend almost and that makes everything better!


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