The Miracle of Pregnancy

After nine months of pregnancy I cannot say that I would be a happy person being pregnant all the time but pregnancy has really taught me a lot about the miracle of birth and the female body.  When reading about the physical and emotional changes that are happening within the body, it is almost surreal.  The changes that take place are so logical and yet so crazy that they are hard to believe.  I’m literally in awe of how my body has changed in the last 9 months.  And I have to say I love my body for it.


There was a time in which I worried that I had caused major irrecoverable trauma to my body.  I feared, like I think many women do, that I would not be able to have children of my own for one reason or another.  The toll I took on my body somehow has not jeopardized my future motherhood and my future physical health.  I am so appreciative of that.  I have also rolled with the punches through the physical changes of pregnancy in awe instead of in fear.  I’m grateful that my pregnancy has been as smooth sailing as it has been and I can’t deny that it helps that my belly has consistently been relatively small for each stage, but that’s not for not eating enough.  That hasn’t been an issue at any point during my pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to having my body back, yes, of course, but I am even looking forward to earning my body back post pregnancy.  For each change that has occurred during pregnancy I am excited to see the recovery progress post-pregnancy.  I’m looking forward to being active again.  I’m looking forward to going hiking, running and skiing with Bryan again.  I’ve seen a lot of women go overboard post-pregnancy but I don’t want that to be me.  Slow progress is best progress and when you do it right it is so rewarding to see the effects of hard work.

Pregnancy is a wild ride for everyone involved.  It is certainly not something that I think anyone can really truly grasp until experiencing it first hand.  I certainly entered pregnancy completely unknowing about really everything about pregnancy and now at least feel competent.  Now that we are so close and are essentially in “GO” time the feelings of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and eagerness cycle on a regular basis, sometimes by the minute.  I feel ready but can’t say I’m ready.  All I know is that when it does happen I think both Bryan and I will be as prepared and relaxed as we can be.


And finally, the predictions…


Delivered on August 18th

Length of 20″

Weight of 7.9 lbs

Gender Girl



Delivered on August 20th

Length of 20.75″

Weight of 7.3 lbs

Gender Boy


We will see whose predictions get the closest.


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