Last Weekends of Coupledom

This past weekend was a busy one but one that also accomplished a lot.  Bryan and I got to enjoy some relaxation as well as some fun events out still as just a couple, not with a baby in tow, and we also got a lot organized around the house.  We both were exhausted last week; catching up on sleep or just needing more, I’m not sure which, and had a hard time getting much done during the week.  So this weekend helped rest and recuperate us for the remaining weeks ahead.

Our fun moments spent in coupledom included:

  • Going to the new ping pong bar, Spin, in downtown as a mystery shopper.  With $200 to spend we had way too much to eat, played ping pong for an hour, and Bryan enjoyed the beverages.  It is a cool facility, a bit of a novelty, but one I think will make it in Seattle…especially during the long stretches of winter.  They also had a DJ and we had a good time dancing while we played.

    Friday night ping pong action
  • Joining in on Luis’ birthday festivities Saturday night.  Bryan attended for the both of us; meeting the crew for a Mexican dinner and then later for some drinks downtown.  Chelsea was not feeling the bars on this particular night.
  • Going to the Mariners vs. White Sox game on Sunday afternoon with babyless Billy and Valerie.  The game was at 1 pm and was a hot one but fortunately there was at least a breeze!  Bryan and I picked up Halal Guys platters to take in for lunch and needed it after a morning spent wrangling up the toddlers in the Toddlers Room at church.  That was an adventure but also fun to spend with the kids.
  • After the game, we used our tickets to get free access up to the top of the Smith Tower.  We enjoyed the stunning 360 degree views outside before sitting in their Prohibition Era-styled bar for a snack.  
  • Post weekend we even spent Monday night at our friend Anita’s latest house-sitting gig on Lake Washington with views of Rainier.  We enjoyed seeing a few of her friends, whom we had met before, and enjoyed appetizers and drinks on the deck.  We left pretty late, picked up sandwiches to eat at home, and got to bed pretty late.

    Bryan and Rainier

Our productive moments spent in coupledom included:

  • Bryan attended his Conscious Fathering class Saturday morning for three hours and learned a ton.
  • I washed all of the clothes and bedding for baby.
  • Picked our first “harvest” from our gardening pots.

    First harvest.
  • I organized all the little items for baby in the room and made labels with my coworker’s label maker for us and visitors to find stuff easier.
  • I nearly finished my first cross stitch project (it was nearly done already but I haven’t had much time recently to work on it).
  • I figured out where to hang all three cross stitch frames.
  • Bryan fixed the window blinds in baby’s room.
  • I located (but have yet to hang the white shelves I got)…decor is yet to come but some is ordered.
  • I made the mobile for above the crib.
  • Bryan broke down all the boxes for recycling.
  • We assembled the high chair and rock n play, still need to assemble to pack n play for baby to sleep on.
  • We have installed the car seat once before but will probably officially install it this weekend for go time.
  • Bryan cleaned out the drain in our bathroom.
  • I hung the “Baby Miller” ribbons.

    Baby Miller
  • We each got in one work out over the weekend and one this week for self care.
  • We have written our birth plan and we have contacted a pediatrician for little one.
  • I ordered our glider/rocker to arrive on Friday.
  • Bryan installed our new license plates.

There is still some work to do around the house but I am at least feeling organized with what we currently have and certainly find the rest manageable for before baby comes…in like 22 days.


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