Countdown – 4 Weeks

The countdown is on now that we are merely a few weeks away from meeting Baby Miller.  And the time does not seem to slow down for anything.  This week was especially busy but quite enjoyable.  For days we continued to have nothing but sunny skies but fortunately our upper 80 degree days came to an end Tuesday night and we are back down into mid 70s.  It’s a nice reprieve for a while.

So Monday night was our one night off and I wanted to get a few things organized.  With the heat, I really only managed breaking down all of the boxes from the baby shower and getting most of the gifts up to baby’s room.  Next steps are:

  • Putting everything in its appropriate places
  • Washing all the bedding and clothes for little one
  • Installing the car seat in the next few weeks
  • Packing hospital bag
  • Writing thank you notes

We enjoyed a lazy and late dinner on the deck and didn’t really get to bed all that early.

Tuesday night we had our Novelty Hill wine release party with a few friends.  Even though I can’t do the wine tastings the food is always very delicious and was especially so this time with summer picnic foods getting a Moroccan spin on them.  Plus the summer party always promises live music and fresh air.  Bryan got to double fist my glass and his so he was quite lucky.  We noticed that there were a few very young babies that were attending the party so it is good to know that for the next party in November we will be able to bring baby along with us.  On our way home we got a stroller to snap our infant carrier into for half off that we can use for traveling and the first 6 months most likely.

Wednesday night was our second to last child birth class and we enjoyed our dinner of poke bowls next to the fountain at the hospital again (we’ve enjoyed eating our dinners here before class each week).  We thankfully got filled in on breastfeeding this week and it was nice to have a different topic.  One class left.

Thursday was a busy FareStart night with two great chefs in Seattle partnering together.  We had a nice meal even though I got stuck bartending the private dining room for a bridal shower that wasn’t the most fun.  We also had our check-in appointment at the doctors office before FareStart and things are still going smoothly.  My blood pressure is still low, baby’s heart rate and size is still where it should be, and they did a quick ultrasound to check the baby’s position and it is head down and looking right.

The weekend is supposed to heat back up and stay that way all next week.  We have some fun planned for this weekend so hopefully we can stay cool.


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