The Old and New

New activities, hobbies, and habits are starting to replace some of the old, while a few of the old are still holding on strong, for now at least.

The Old

  • Both of us are still volunteering at FareStart.  This is still very doable for me right now.  My feet or back don’t really get to hurting until the end of the night but that used to happen some anyways.  I do find myself hitting the “volunteer bread” and honey butter more frequently throughout the night before dinner.
  • I’m still enjoying walking, but I have, admittedly, taken the bus up the hill a few times and walked from there.  Bryan still drops me off in the morning at the same spot as always.
  • Work is still the same.  There are more days that I am less motivated at work and more days that I am more tired at work but the way I work and they way people at work treat me is still pretty much the same, which is a good thing.
  • I still need to move my body.  I might have slowed down but I’m not stopping.  My body gets very anxious to move when it hasn’t been given the time or opportunity to move.
  • We’ve started watching Seinfeld on Hulu from Episode 1.  We tend to do this with popular reliably-entertaining shows (like Always Sunny, Arrested Development, etc.).  We also watched Schindler’s List, which was a must do after spending time on our vacation in Krakow and Auschwitz.

The New

  • I haven’t been packing lunch since being back from vacation.  I’m using a new service in Seattle (based out of NYC) called MealPal which allows me to select from about 50 different lunch options to pick up at various restaurants around the city, which I pre-select and are ready for me when I get there and only costs $6 per meal.  So far it has worked out pretty well and gets me to stretch my legs (and back!) right around the time I start to ache.
  • I miss the scooter!  I really do.  This time of year I really want to ride it and enjoy the nice weather, the breeze and the ease of using it to get around town and ease of parking.
  • I’ve finally cracked and ordered some maternity clothes.  My parents also sent me some for Mother’s Day so now I am really going to start wearing them more often.  As friends at FareStart said, “last week they still couldn’t tell I was that pregnant and this week I look pregnant).  I feel pregnant too.
  • The new CR-V.  We did it…we bought a brand new car.  After a ton of research, test driving, more research, and debating about it, we decided to get the all-around highly-rated Honda CR-V.  We got most all of the bells and whistles too, within reason.  The second tier model already had ALL of the safety features and infotainment features that we wanted; we have a backup camera, braking assist, blind spot sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, as well as Apple Car Play, plenty of USB outlets, and with the release of Apple iOS 12 this fall we should also be able to use Google Maps with the Apple Car Play.  But we ended up splurging just a little to get the next model with the leather seats and power lift trunk.  The leather seats we each thought would be easier to clean with little ones and would maybe retain its value over the years.  Plus it looks pretty classy.  The drive is very nice, the lumbar support and heated seats are already great on my achy back of late, and the gas mileage is really great.  We will be happy with this vehicle for many years or at least a few years.  We still might get some mats, cross bars, and a protective cover for the backseat.  This purchase is about 25x the cost of any single item I have ever purchased in my life (I think my laptop in college and newest scooter each cost about the same…~$1300).
  • I really feel like my clock is ticking.  Maybe it was talking to several pregnant women at Anne and Phillip’s baby shower this past weekend, all of whom are due in July and ready to pop, but I just feel like I am short on time for everything remaining.  The past few months have gone by considerably fast.  I feel like these next weeks might not go as fast, what with the belly really increasing in size day by day and with more aches and pains and discomfort that I’m expecting in the weeks ahead, but we will see.


2 thoughts on “The Old and New

  1. Chelsea, your description brings back memories of when we were ready for your mom to be born 56 years ago. We are so excited not only for you but for us. Continue to take care of yourself and get lots of rest. Chad s coming to the cottage next weekend. Hopes to play some cards. I asked him who would be my partner. He said Gabe (who is also coming) but says he stinks. I will really miss you! Don’t forget how much we love you. Say hi to Bryan. Love from grandma and grandpa.

    1. 56 years ago…Mom’s old!! Just kidding. Ahh, I really miss you guys too and so wish that I could join for the cards playing and all the other cottage fun. We went for a walk along the lake here this past weekend and I just will never lose my nostalgia whenever I hear speedboats, jet skis and kids playing in the lake. I was really jealous of everyone out on the water. I’m taking good care of myself, as best as I can, and also very excited.

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