Father’s Day Weekend For the Dad-to-Be

We had a great weekend, technically the first weekend of the summer in my opinion, and Father’s Day too.  We made the most of it this weekend and had a great time both with friends and just the two of us.

Friday after work we were able to catch up and get together with Billy, Valerie and Ainsley at their place.  They made a great dinner for all of us and we inevitably talked mostly baby stuff.  They were nice enough to let us use a few of their newborn items for the first few months which was really generous of them.

Saturday we were unable to get the landscape crew to the house to help us tame our front and back yards so we took what we could into our own hands to gear up for our first hosted party in a very long time.  This meant we spent time getting our back deck ready for the summer; cleaning the patio tables and chairs, bringing out the fire pit, heat lamp and corn hole boards, and restringing the lights.  Bryan really went to work scrubbing the inevitable algae and other growth Seattle can’t live without, off of everything, and the back deck finished looking much better than it started.  I made a large batch of my mom’s low country boil for the crowd and Bryan brought out the whiskeys for all (there were about 15-20 bottles out for people to try).  We had a great turnout with a lot of our closest friends and it was a beautiful day and night to enjoy outside on the deck.

Sunday was Father’s Day and after church service we headed to our first-date-place, Both Ways Cafe, for a delicious brunch outside in the shade.  We enjoyed their famous biscuits and Bryan opened up his Father’s Day present of two Texas onesies (one for 0-3 months and one for 3-6 months knowing that they will most likely be needed right away).  After brunch we walked down to Lake Washington and around Seward Park and back, with a few breaks here and there to cool off with our feet in the water.  The weather was warm and beautiful and it was so nice to be outside and really just take it easy the whole day long.  I talked to my dad for a good while on the phone on our way back home.

The rest of Sunday was very relaxing as well; both of us feeling at peace that we have our house and deck cleaned and ready for the summer, have bought our car, and are really settling in for the home stretch.  Frozen pizza and salad along with a few movies with the windows open and I finally started my long-awaited cross-stitch project.


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