Month 6/7

So, it’s actually been two months since I posted about baby and pregnancy status.  We are now 30 weeks, as of today, growing quickly and still feeling good.  This week we checked in with our doctor for the monthly appointment and ran our gestational diabetes lab tests (involving drinking a disgustingly sugary drink I didn’t care for early in the morning) and began our childbirth classes last night with our first time stepping foot in Northwest Hospital, where we will be delivering.  A summary of the past month (or two) and outcomes of this week’s activities include:

  • Baby’s heartbeat is still sounding strong
  • Blood pressure still low
  • My energy has been up and steady but I can hit the sack at night pretty quick
  • Have still been exercising but notice the difficulty with the stomach getting in the way on some activities
  • Plenty of, what are now, stronger punches, kicks and jabs from baby
  • Appetite holding steady from last month
  • I’ve had two occasions of bad headaches, similar to what I used to experience as migraines back when I was teenager
  • Belly is noticeably rounding and now beginning to be difficult to conceal, most clothes I wear on a daily basis still fit though
  • Still having some lower back pain during long periods of sitting, this was less on vacation with all the walking but back now.  2.5 hours in a chair during child birth class after a long day at work certainly didn’t feel the best
  • I like and trust our childbirth instructor, Barbara, and her many years of experience.  Also feeling good about picking the Hypnobirthing class and what this could potentially provide during labor
  • We both also like the people in our class, though surprisingly, most seem to be from Seattle, which wasn’t what I was expecting and I was hoping for some more who understand the need and importance of non-family babysitters and support

I cannot believe how the time is just flying by.  It is amazing to me that we are now under 10 weeks.  That seems like nothing compared to 40.  I’m still greatly relieved that I am still as mobile as I am and feeling as good as I have been.  Though I do find myself no longer interested in walking up Seattle hills or doing much of anything after work at night.  I have been more interested in researching baby gear and items for our registry and otherwise.  I have purchased diapers and other high-quality items on the box subscription packages I sign up with (Boxed.com and Thrive.com) and get excited each time they arrive.  I think these childbirth classes are going to be really good and interesting, if for nothing more than the first one really emphasized the connection between baby (in or out of the womb) and the love of the parents.  It was touching.  I can’t believe that we need to already start thinking about our birth plan.  The last few months are upon us…


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