A Weekend With Amy

This past weekend we had another guest staying at Casa de Miller, that being Miss Amy.  After a very full day at work on Friday Bryan and I went for a nice post-work run, cleaned up, and then headed to the airport to pick her up.  After the pick up we headed straight to Ballard for dinner at San Fermo, an adorable Italian restaurant with housemade pastas, good wine and a cozy atmosphere in this converted house.  I loved this place and our roasted fig bruschetta appetizer, sangiovese wine, and slow roasted pork and tagliatelle.  All three of our pastas were delicious and I really enjoyed catching up with Amy over dinner.

Saturday morning we all got going late in the morning.  Amy was going to get brunch with Polly and Bryan and I ended up joining in for brunch.  We went to Bing’s in Madison Park for a filling brunch, Bryan and I collected our race entry bibs and shirts for the next day’s 10k run, and Amy and I changed before heading out to get our nails done.  A few hours spent getting pampered was a nice treat before walking downtown to shop at Zara, Nordstrom, and elsewhere.  We ubered back home quite exhausted and Amy decided she needed a night relaxing so Bryan and I headed to our friend Drew’s backyard gumbo fundraiser party just the two of us.  A lot of friends were at the party which was fun and even better than the gumbo were the southern banana pudding, magic bars, and s’mores cookies that finished the meal.  Bryan and I left the party to get back home to Amy just before 10 pm where we all spent the night on the couch.

Sunday morning Bryan and I were up around 7:30 am to get some pre-race fuel before leaving for our usual running course.  The Shore Run is something my company organizes every year and Bryan and I both signed up to run this year.  We needed a little more mileage so we decided to park in the middle of the course and took 2.5 very slow warm up miles to the race start.  We had enough time to stretch, get some water, meet up with the rest of the team, and cool off before the actual race started.  It started promptly at 9 am and after just about a minute Bryan and I were able to find our running space and fell into a solid 8:10 minute per mile pace.  We kept this pace most all of the way and were feeling pretty good.  The temperature was perfect for the race and we were used to this course.  We kept pretty solid up the one and only hill and from there with only about 1.5 miles left we picked it up a tad more with our last mile well under 8 minutes and we finished at 50:00 exactly.  We were both pretty pleased with our times and felt like we gave it our all but also felt pretty good after.  We walked around the post-race party, getting some snacks and waters, said goodbye to my coworkers and began our cool down walk back to the scooter, stopping for lakeside stretching in Madrona.

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  We reheated pizza for lunch and ate that on the back deck, soaking up the sun in the pleasant weather.  I replanted my tomato plants into pots and we worked on the Ragnar logistics a bit.  Amy returned from her morning adventures and snacked on nachos with us on the back deck.  When Amy’s VRBO was ready we drove her around town to get the keys to the place and then dropped her off.  We stopped at Grocery Outlet for flowers to plant and groceries but neither of us had a plan for dinner so we stopped at Lotus Thai to pick up pad kee maos to take home.  The rest of the night we veg-ed out to TV.

This week we’ve been able to have two meals at home (yeah!), went for our last run before the half marathon, and enjoyed playing volleyball with my coworkers on Tuesday night, winning 4-1 and treating ourselves to a filling dinner of ramen afterwards.

It was good to catch up with Amy and see that she is doing well.  This month is still a relatively busy month for us so it’s good that we still had a bit of lazy time.  And thanks to our landlord for hiring a service to help us with de-weeding and landscaping our yard.  That was the BEST treat on Monday.

No more weeds!


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