June Already?!?

This past weekend was a wind down for Bryan and I which was much needed but still didn’t seem like enough.  It started with a late night at FareStart for us, talking with our friends and getting home around 11 pm again.  It was a great dinner by Ethan Stowell and one Bryan and I both got to food run for with Andrew and Angela.

Friday was a typical day at work for both of us but glorious weather had us quickly lounging on the outdoor sofas after work, catching up with Jeff before taking a short walk to Neighbor Lady for food.  Oh Neighbor Lady, how I love you so!  Their special of the week was a seared scallop dish on a bed of chorizo, spinach and garbanzo beans in a rich and bright romesco sauce that was out of this world and a steal for only $15.  $15 for a plate of scallops!  To round out my meal was two games of Ms. Pacman.

My delicious dinner, courtesy of Neighbor Lady

This hearty dinner and bowl of ice cream set me up for a 12 mile run Saturday morning with Andrew.  This was an organized group run for our Ragnar team but all of our Ragnar teammates were out of town for the weekend, so alas, the three that have been running regularly all met up at Gasworks Park for two laps around Lake Union totaling 12.1 miles.  It was great weather for running and our heart rates were kept low going at a pretty easy pace but worry set it for me when I realized to set my “goal” time for the half marathon would mean running one full mile more in the same amount of time, yikes!  Not sure that’s going to happen.  I’m okay with just beating my previous two times, which I have already forgotten what those were, but even that feels like a stretch right now. I’m really just trying to get in under two hours again.

But anyways, we finished 12 miles before noon, headed home and made a big breakfast scramble for protein and nourishment.  I then took a nap and felt OUT OF IT exhausted, we cleaned up, and then we set out for Copal in Pioneer Square to meet back up with Andrew and Angela.  They were treating us to a dinner they won at an auction for us helping them out with the house and dog sitting.  We each got two drinks (margaritas and Mexican-styled Manhattans were fantastic) and shared a ton of food; watermelon salad, chicaronnes, tacos done three ways, brisket and pineapple, trout cooked in tortillas, guacamole, grilled onions, fried cheese and green salad.  We were stuffed and washed it all down with two shots of tequila.  It was a great dinner with some friends we haven’t gotten to see much in the past several months.

So Sunday we were destined to be useless.  We made it to church and almost completely did a U-turn when we realized that it was the table conversations.  Thankfully we stayed and I enjoyed the relatable stories from two couples married for over 50 years.  After church we headed back home to make lunch before lounging around and napping the rest of the afternoon.  After being extremely lazy we decided to go for a fun walk through the Arboretum and even brought the Frisbee to toss around a bit.  We somehow managed to get our steps in before heading home for dinner of chicken enchiladas before settling in for another week.

This week Bryan has knocked off quite a bit of accomplishment already; haircut, Jeep fixed, windshield replaced, took care of the dishes, watered the tree, and is now the owner of a carry-around jump starter and a multimeter.  I went for a hot run after work on Monday before getting my last of three facials which was wonderful.  I had a volleyball game with my company on Tuesday night in Greenwood in great weather.  After the game Billy and Valerie invited us over to their house for an impromptu dinner, knowing that I was in the area, and we enjoyed catching up with them before heading home after 10 pm.  Wednesday night I took Bryan with me to enjoy his first monthly Community Dinner at FareStart.  Back to FareStart tonight for a sold-out night with a fancy restaurant and then tomorrow we have our monthly staff meeting and then Amy is in town for the weekend.

I just found this funny that I am on the ad for the barre class that I used to go to. That’s me in the pink.


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