Not Much to Report

Another week down another week closer to being 30.  Yikes!  Again the week just flew by and I can’t even believe that it is Friday nor do I feel completely ready for it because we still don’t really have plans for the weekend.

Not much to report for the week.  I attended a great talk on steel design for fire with my SEAW dinner meetings back in session.  I went to a slew of work meetings that were so unproductive.  We had two solid meals at home using our sous vide machine again.  I rode my bike on Monday and went south on the way home from work instead of north.  I went to a killer hot pilates class on Wednesday night that I am still sore from.  And we had a very slow and uninteresting FareStart dinner on Thursday but a great time conversing with FareStart friends afterwards.  I received my new drivers license in the mail and finally our Honeymoon photo book and I got our wedding photo book ordered so it better be darn nice because it wasn’t cheap and took me awhile to compile it.

I can't wait to see it.
I can’t wait to see it.

We may or may not be heading out of town tonight or this weekend to go hiking.  For sure we will be gone the next two weekends so at least there is that.


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