Fall, Football and Fun

This weekend Bryan and I had a great time celebrating fall in all of its glory.  We got out of town for a portion of the weekend, were able to watch some football, and still had a day of relaxing and tidying up the house at home.

Friday night I got home not sure if we were going to be going anywhere to hike like we had talked about.  After Bryan spent one minute looking at the map of the North Cascades we had a hike in mind and two minutes later we found an inn to spend the night at near the trailhead.  So we quickly packed an overnight bag and hiking bags, some trail food in our cooler, and were pulling out of the driveway not more than 30 minutes later.  We headed north and our first stop was in Bothell for dinner and some UW vs. Stanford football before continuing northeast.  Bryan drove the first two hours and I actually drove the last two hours.  We pulled into The Virginian Resort in Winthrop right before midnight where our key was waiting for us for our perfectly good riverside room.  Bryan and I had a good night sleep and woke to sunshine around 8 am.

Great dinner in a converted school.
Great dinner in a converted school.

Saturday morning began with the inn’s continental breakfast to fuel us for our hike and then we geared up and headed back a little ways for Mazama and Harts Pass.  Up a winding high road we went for 10 miles, reaching our destination on the tallest maintained road in Washington.  We made pb&j sandwiches in the trunk and then set out.  It was a brisk 40 degrees out but would warm up in the sun.  The trail started off very, very flat, and then actually descended.  We hiked five miles along the ridge taking in the fall colors and the peaks surrounding us before reaching a ridgeline that served as a good break spot.  We had one of our sandwiches and other trail food and caught our breathes.  We continued on from there still making great time and hiked another 2.5 miles walking near Jim’s Peak.

Pre hike. Ready to go.
Pre hike. Ready to go.


At this point we were 7.5 miles in and debated going up Jim’s Peak but decided against it (thank goodness).  We turned around to see that we had just missed some snow/mist at our previous break spot but we were still in full on sun.  We started our way back on the out and back and once we were back up to the ridgeline we broke for another snack and rest in once again sunshine with five miles left to go.  We could have taken naps up there but after a lengthy break we continued on.  First down and then slightly up again we finished the 15 miles.  Not once were we rained on, we only got a few stray snowflakes, and most of the hike was in the sun.  We saw some beautiful golden larches and really packed in a lot of steps for the day.  By the time we were back in the Jeep our feet were hurting pretty good and it was nice to sit for the long drive back to Seattle.

Good distance covered.
Good distance covered.

Bryan drove us down the dangerous road and I took over driving for the first two hours again before letting Bryan take it from there.  I’m glad I got some more driving under my belt and actually felt pretty comfortable with it this time.  We decided on picking up some Thai food in Everett before they closed to eat and enjoy at home while watching the replays of our two football games (since neither of us knew the outcomes of the games yet).  We made our way to Everett, picked up our food, inhaled our fresh rolls in the car, finished the last 30 minutes to Seattle and then cozied into food and the games for the night.  Unfortunately, Bryan saw the score of his game and quickly fastforwarded through most of it.  Once showered I settled into the Michigan game, nail biting it all the way until the end, when I quickly fell asleep.  Thank goodness for a win.  We need to work on our kicking game…its sadly reminiscent of the few years I was in school and we had to go for it on every 4th down.

Sunday morning was like waking both of us from death.  We were OUT.  So out for most of the 1st half of the Seahawks game we were hardly functioning.  Fortunately some coffee helped and at halftime Bryan made banana pancakes and eggs and we slowly started coming back to life.  The Seahawks looked good again and I am liking what I am seeing.  After the game Bryan went to run a few errands and I got to tackling the mess which was our house.  And I made good progress, not stopping for one second during three hours of solid cleaning.  I feel much better now though I still haven’t finished a few items I had hoped to, like thank you cards and a goodwill run.  Sunday night we made some spaghetti and salad and finally watched the movie Snatch.  It was a great relaxing night to the weekend.

Great movie!
Great movie!

The next two weekends we will be out of town so looking forward to that but glad to get some stuff done around the house and finally getting a hike in the books this fall!


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