Another Weekend Another Wind-Down

Another weekend served for us a reprieve from work life and in general…To Dos.  Bryan and I again enjoyed a weekend of R&R and one that was beautifully sunny and warm.

I started the weekend with a girls night out with Polly.  We met up at Pennyroyal for dinner and drinks.  We indulged in some cocktails and their tallegio burger and fries and scotch olives that were all amazing.  After some time catching up we decided on seeing the new Bridget Jones Diary movie and walked over to the theater for a few hours of laughs.  Polly dropped me off at home where I caught up with Bryan.

Saturday morning we were up early for some reason and with plans to test out our new vacuum sealer and sous vide machine that night we needed to get it going and we needed something to test it out on.  Bryan and I headed to the store for some pork and other items and once home we filled the cooler full of water, boiled some water on the stove, and got the sous vide machine set to 136 degrees.  Bryan made the rub and I vacuum sealed the pork and the pork went into the water bath by noon.  I was already out to Hipcooks for our Assistant Thank You Party.  For a few hours I was drinking bellinis and getting to know some of the other like-minded kitchen assistants while the instructors made us brunch.  And boy did we brunch, a very rich ham and asparagus frittata, beet and goat cheese muffins with goat cheese butter, bitter greens salad with hazelnuts, and a rolled walnut cake with berries and cream.  I was stuffed and certainly glad that I went because I was also sent home with a ton of freebies.

Back at home Michigan was on and was kicking some Penn State butt.  Bryan was working on our new patio furniture and shortly thereafter Billy came over with baby Ainsley whom I got to play with.  We caught up with Billy for quite a while before he left and Bryan ran some errands while I did a few things around the house.  Once Bryan got back we finished off the pork.  We seared it briefly and used the juices in the bag to make an apple topping.  It was a delicious dinner and the pork came out spectacularly.  I’m intrigued to use the sous vide again soon.

PORKKKKKKKKKKK sous vide style
PORKKKKKKKKKKK sous vide style

Sunday morning we scootered to church for a great service, walked around Queen Anne for a bit in the sunshine and then got lunch at Five Hooks Fish Grill when they opened.  We each had fried cod tacos, bacon wrapped scallops, and bowls of clam chowder.  It was a great lunch and hurried back home on scooter to watch the Seahawks whip on the rival 49ers.  After both talking to our parents we set out for a walk with the sunshine still out, Bryan pushed me on the swings in the Arboretum and we waited for the sun to set over the trees before heading back home.  Once home I made callilloo stew and we watched the animated movie The Little Prince that actually got Bryan a little teary-eyed.  We also had some homemade chocolate pudding before bed and before the work week ahead.

One more calm weekend before some business in the form of trips.


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