Solo Weekend

I was on my own this weekend and got a lot finished but so glad that Bryan is back from the bachelor party weekend in Denver.  Although, his flight got delayed, he got home late, and I did not get enough sleep for work today.  Bryan’s weekend was eventful with white-water rafting, breweries, brew pubs, steak dinners, a short hike, a walk through Boulder, roof-top bars.  Here’s a rundown of my super exciting weekend (slight exaggeration):

  1. Shopped for my shoes and undergarments for my dress
  2. Had my dress alteration appointment that went amazing
  3. Bought a potential rehearsal dinner dress
  4. Also bought a few swimsuits just because
  5. Ran 12.15 miles for my last long run of my half marathon training
  6. Volunteered for a Thai cooking class at Hipcooks
  7. Collected the Wusthoff knife that I won from Hipcooks
  8. Went to Lululemon for a yoga class that ended up being pilates unfortunately
  9. Volunteered at the Pacific Tower for a donor event for FareStart
  10. Vacuumed the house…so exciting
  11. Made my cream cheese and berry stuffed french toast that I haven’t made in ages
  12. Hacked away at some of the front overgrown bushes
  13. Cleaned the master bathroom
  14. Stretched my legs on a nice walk Sunday night
  15. Made some fantastic peanut butter, protein powder and chocolate chip energy balls
  16. Got my top ear-piercing replaced with a small diamond stud

I know, I could write a book about my weekend because it was so interesting.


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