Home Stretch #1

Bryan and I have finally made it to the home stretch…to the half marathon that is, we’ll be celebrating another home stretch when we close out the month of July.  But it still feels exciting to be nearing the completion of a goal that Bryan and I set out for ourselves back in…December?!?  And that is even amidst all of the other things we’ve had on the calendar and on our to-do lists.

While we finished our last few short runs in the morning early this week we had the evenings booked and a very strong desire to go to bed early, which didn’t really happen.  We had another week of dance class and even though we were both dragging our feet to get there on Monday, a filling wholesome dinner of spaghetti at home and a scooter ride there rebooted us enough to get through class.  And enjoyed it!

We finally got to check in with our friends Billy and Valerie on Tuesday night at our house for dinner.  We had many things to accomplish during this night.

  1. It is quite possible that the next time we see them they will have a baby Tung in tow.
  2. We needed to repay them for hosting Firly for the weekend we were in Chicago and touring her around Seattle (and probably still owe them more).
  3. We needed to work with Valerie on what music we were thinking about for her to play for the ceremony at our wedding.  Per usual wedding tasks, I reached a stage of confusion,  indecisiveness and silence, followed by resolution and happiness.
  4. And finally, we just really needed to talk and laugh with them.  It was so good to have them over.  I even attempted to make a peach semifreddo dessert for the first time.


Wednesday we had our last night of counseling, trying to cram two sessions into one after we skipped out on the previous week to go the Mariners game (a good choice I stand behind).  This session was a good one incorporating talks on finances, spiritual journey and needs, and a little on each of our own personality makeups and how differences can work or hurt.  I think Bryan and I have both gotten something out of the counseling that has made it worth it and actually enjoyed them for the most part.  The couple who counseled us apparently really enjoyed us and said we are probably the easiest couple they have worked with yet!

Wednesday I also had my annual Tauber Alumni, Student and Staff networking dinner.  This time I did not organize the event, which was a good thing, and it was a more casual affair.  The majority of the group went on a half-day tour of the Amazon fulfillment center which everyone was raving about but there was just no way I could leave work for an entire afternoon to go so I just met up with everyone at 5 pm.  It was good to see a few familiar faces, the staff who I always enjoy speaking with and the current students to hear what they are currently working on at Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft.  I actually had a really fun time with the whole group!

And Thursday night at FareStart we had another sold out night but for good reason.  Ballard Annex Oyster House brought a very refreshing summery dinner to the table of an oyster trio (or salad for non-oyster fans…we are rarities in Seattle), salmon with a panzanella salad and basil sauce, and of course, panna cotta with a strawberry basil salad.  It was a spectacular night with the FareStart board members working as the servers and a group of our 10 friends all came in to dine for the night which meant so much to us.  Knowing that they were coming in, per Bryan’s invitation, we brought them two bottles of wine to thank them.

Board members as servers and a delicious looking dinner ahead of us!
Board members as servers and a delicious looking dinner ahead of us!

And today officially starts the anticipation and events of our 1/2 marathon.  We are well under 24 hours away from the start time.  We are visiting the Health and Wellness Expo at Centurylink tonight to pick up our race packets, gear, and as many samples as we can manage from the 100+ vendors.  We then are going to try to get an early-ish carb dinner in so that we can attempt to get to bed at an early hour.  We will be setting at least three alarms to make sure we wake up by 5 am tomorrow morning.  I’m praying that it is not going to rain like it says its going to.

I’m ready!



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