Friend Dates and Fiance’s Departure

I am becoming a fortune teller.  I foresaw getting slammed with work around this time and BAM, it has happened.  I’m not complaining though because it much beats being slow and that was what the past month or two has been leading up to the release of a few project starts.  Even though this week has felt short (I’m thinking because Bryan’s actually was with his leaving Thursday afternoon to fly to Colorado for Philipp’s bachelor party) it hasn’t been short, or event-free.

I’ve mainly spent the week seeing friends I haven’t seen in awhile, which is GREAT!  I’ve been in a great mood because of that too even despite still being a bit under the weather.  I managed to have sushi and drinks with Marika on Tuesday at Sushi Samurai in Queen Anne and then enjoyed the Mariners vs. Indians game at Safeco with Polly, Ryuhei and Bryan on Wednesday (thanks to my company’s tickets).  Mariners won, 5-0.  I also finally got to try something from Ethan Stowell’s centerfield empire “The Pen” with some super delicious fried fish tacos to have during the game.  Additionally, Bryan got dinner with Rachel, Max and new baby Quinn at Tutta Bella before their flight to Alaska on Tuesday.

Our Lindy Hop class on Monday was SO much fun.  We learned a new move that was a blast and we sweated away in the 82 degree heat.  We also sweated our way through our last heavy week of half-marathon training with a 6 mile run on Tuesday and a 5 mile run on Thursday and Bryan was an overachiever and even did a 7 mile run on Wednesday.   We have only 19 miles left of training before the Half is finally here!

Since Bryan’s departure I spent Thursday night volunteering my little booty away at FareStart.  Lecosho brought quite the dinner with a salad adorned with cornichons and soft-boiled egg, a hearty braised short ribs on carrot farrotto with spinach (which was enjoyed in the cooler temps we are now experiencing) and a dessert of summery huckleberry panna cotta.

Fantastic salad on the left and short ribs, gremolata, and farro on the right.
Fantastic salad on the left and short ribs, gremolata, and farro on the right.

And today has more or less been difficult to get any work done as we had our monthly staff meeting, several other meetings, and my head full of what shopping I NEED to get done tonight in preparation for my alteration appointment for my dress tomorrow.

I will miss Bryan so but I do have quite a bit to do that I want to get done this weekend when I have a chance.  Ugh, but I still have to run 12 miles tomorrow…by myself.  Help!


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