Here Comes the (Rainy) Weekend

Okay, so Friday was hot and beautiful.  It was glorious.  I spent Friday after work basically lounging and relaxing in the sun on the waterfront with a subtle breeze off of the water.  Friday night we essentially chaperoned nine of the Jolkona cohort to Comedy Underground in Pioneer Square for a stand-up night that was so hilarious.  For $10 only through Groupon we got a great 90 minute barrel of laughs and a slew of free appetizers.  Junk food at its extreme but Bryan and I didn’t care because we were so hungry.  Great night out with Firly for much needed laughs.

Messing around with my camera on the dock. Really awful and hate taking selfies.
Messing around with my camera on the dock. Really awful and hate taking selfies.
I guy playing the ukulele while I'm taking in this view is heaven on a Friday after work!
I guy playing the ukulele while I’m taking in this view is heaven on a Friday after work!

Saturday morning and the always-slightly-dreadful long-run to take place.  Bryan and I fueled up for the run with gluten-free dairy-free banana pancakes and turkey bacon (lol, not something we will do again but we did it once!) to share with Firly.  Then the rain came so Bryan and I waited that out before it was clear and we could go for our run around 2 pm.  I stuck with around 9 miles again and again was feeling pretty darn good.  The rest of the day was for fun but we were honestly both so wiped from the run the day was spent at our house.  For about two hours you would have just seen both of us with our feet elevated, lying horizontal, and reading a book.  Firly came back from the Pacific Science Center and wanted to make us dinner.  Yes, please!  And it was excellent!  She made a very traditional dish of fried eggs and tofu with a salad of carrots and beansprouts all topped off with a deliciously spicy and creamy peanut sauce.  I inhaled this!  Bryan inhaled the Indonesian instant noodles with a poached egg and more hot sauce.  It was great having someone else cook dinner for us and led to more laziness later on.  Bryan and I settled into the excellent movie, Begin Again, and basically vegged out for the rest of the night.

Firly's dinner for us!
Firly’s dinner for us!

Sunday morning we got a very late start so instead of going to church or to brunch Bryan and I drove downtown to meet Billy to get tacos at Camion before they headed into the Mariners vs. the Angels game and I headed by bus to Valerie’s baby shower with large present in hand.  This was my first baby shower ever and although it was well done and I love Val, I can wait awhile before I have to go to anymore.  The snacks were delicious and I did win one present for guessing forest animals gestation periods the most correctly!   Bryan and Billy came at the end of the shower and Bryan and I headed back home to catch up with Firly, who had been at the EMP all day, and then made the calliloo stew for the three of us.

Not a boring weekend but certainly felt less eventful than the last few with the dreary weather.  Certainly needed to catch up on my sleep though and was able to do that!



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