Firly Makes Three

This week we were introduced to our new homestay guest who will be staying with us for the next three weeks.  Firly is truly a marvel.  She is extremely smart, independent, well spoken, and has a very interesting background.  Of course, like the fall program, Jolkona has been working to keep her busy so our time with her has been modest but still fun.JolkonaLogo_png

The first introduction we had with Firly was dinner on Monday night, after a day’s work, and a brief greeting with her in the morning.  We also had Erwin over for dinner as well because his host doesn’t cook for him.  So the four of us had a lengthy chat over homemade chicken panang curry and mango with coconut.  It was social and fun but still a lesson to learn more about each other’s cultures.

Tuesday night I invited Firly over to Polly’s with me but she was too busy with homework…already!!  So I dined at Polly’s with Ryuhei and Carina while Bryan caught up over dinner and drinks with Philipp in Ballard.  I had a good night with friends and a first time seeing Polly in quite some time.

Wednesday night was a rush to get home to get dinner on the table for the three of us before our first night of marital counseling.  And by rush I mean bike my 10 miles home as quick as can be.  In 82 degree weather I was drenched by the time I was home but it was still such a pleasant bike ride.  Dinner of Middle Eastern, because Firly claims to love it as well.  Chermoula lamb kabobs, hummus, roasted carrots, and cauliflower and quinoa with raisins and tahini sauce.  Then off to scoot to counseling.  Counseling was actually great.  They like us and we like them so we can actually move past pleasantries.

Lamb kabob recipe keeper
Lamb kabob recipe keeper.  Link through the image.
Our counseling workbook.
Our counseling workbook.

Strength Areas (got these in the bag):

  1. Partner Style and Habits
  2. Leisure Activities (duh)
  3. Family and Friends
  4. Relationship Roles
  5. Children and Parenting

Growth Areas (maybe not bad but what we will focus on for the next three sessions):

  1. Communication
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Financial Management
  4. Spiritual Beliefs

Thursday night was a rarity for us…dining in the FareStart restaurant even with our volunteer friends. Fun.  We brought a bottle of our wine club’s Malbec and enjoyed one of our favorite’s, Hitchcock Restaurant, with their three-course meal of sablefish gravlax salad, sous-vide pork loin with plum preserves and lentils, and a very interesting and delicious spruce tip ice cream and rhubarb profiterole for dessert.  Always so different when you get to dine-in versus volunteering and nice for us to do it once in awhile.

I should also spend a moment to share Bryan’s successful home project this week:  laying out flooring pads for our work out room.  The old ones we had were too flimsy and would move around.  These bad boys Bryan cut to fit the width of the room and they aren’t going anywhere now!  Looks great!

And I finished a book in two days time; We Were Liars.  Haven’t done that in ages…thank you four hour flight!


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