Working on It

Whittling away on the current Wedding To-Do list…

  1. Suit fitting for Bryan  DONE
  2. Finalize invites and confirm addresses and ordered DONE AND DONE
  3. Book honeymoon trip  STILL WORKING
  4. Book Eastlake B&G for the shower  THIS WEEKEND
  5. Book rental car from Chicago to Grand Rapids
  6. Make appointment to pick out shoes and jewelry  DONE
  7. Make alteration appointment for my dress…RUH ROH waited too long for the one I was recommended but got another recommendation  DONE
  8. Pick out bridesmaid jewelry  DONE
  9. Pick out our song requests for band  THIS WEEKEND
  10. Picked out outfit for Joshua with Lori’s help  DONE

But in the meantime also getting some fun in.  I met Firly for dinner at 8 oz Burger Bar before our next series of dance classes started on Monday night.  8 oz offers gluten-free buns and some of the best burgers I’ve had.  Firly and I split the fiery Pike burger which was mouthwateringly juicy and delicious, fries, a shake and fried brussel sprouts.  Dance class was epicly fun and a good refresher for Bryan and I.

Delicioso!!  Habenero jam.

Tuesday was our lone dinner at home and we made our jerk chicken and pineapple kabobs, roasted spiced sweet potatoes, kale mango salad, roasted beet salad, and grilled portobellos.  It was a delicious dinner at home and Polly was even able to enjoy it with us!  Training:  6 Mile Run

Wednesday I took a comfort food cooking class with Val at ChefShop after work.  We learned to make a kale Caesar salad, butternut squash mac and cheese, meatloaf, and flourless chocolate brownies for a unique spin on classic comfort foods.  Everything was so good and I know this recipe collection will be one that I can and will make again.  Also loved spending time with Valerie one-on-one and also glad to restock my pantry of rice bran oil.  Training:  60 Minutes Cross-Training on my Bike

Wednesday ride to cooking class.
Wednesday ride to cooking class.

Thursday night was one of the best FareStart dinners we’ve had, and we’ve had a lot!  Cedars Cafe brought their A-game in the form of a grilled romaine salad, fresh spring pea soup, grilled steak with beets and crispy asparagus, and an olive oil cake.  Delish!  Training:  5 Mile Run

Friday was a rest day from training but also the statewide Bike to Work Day so I rode my bike straight to and from work to participate and stop at a few fueling stations.  The only two fueling stations I hit was my own companies and the coffee shop two stores down for coffee, matcha tea (don’t like), fruit and donuts!  We had an impromptu staff meeting from our president that was informing.  Heading home to meet Bryan to kick off the weekend!

This weekend we will not only be hosting Firly but we will be also host to Firly’s friend from Indonesia who is now working for Chevron in Houston.  Should be an interesting and busy weekend at our house.


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