Birthday Freebie Crawl

Now that my birthday month is over my birthday freebies have come to an end.  But, boy do I love when my birthday comes around and I get a ton of free stuff.  For some reason it ALWAYS excites me and I don’t think I will ever grow out of that!  Here’s my freebie crawl:


  1. Free $5 fill-up-your-cup at Menchies frozen yogurt
  2. Free appetizer from PF Changs so I tried their new lobster tacos for lunch on day
  3. Free dinner from Duke’s Chowder House, I had a very nice plate of their fish and chips while I watched the Seahawks game vs. Carolina on Sunday when Bryan was gone
  4. Free entree (when you buy an entree) at Benihana’s.  Went with Bryan for a fun night out!
  5. Free lipstick duo from Sephora
  6. Free entree from one of my fave’s Veggie Grill!!
  7. Free snack size Buffalo Wild Wings for another lunch
  8. Free small sandwich from Which Wich
  9. Free froyo from TCBY after work one day
  10. Free $20 to spend at the Restaurant Group where I decided to go to Cutter’s on the waterfront for a delicious crab cake dinner
  11. Free froyo from my fave Yeti Yogurt
  12. Free drink of choice at Starbucks…bring on the venti cinnamon dolce please
  13. Free pastry and drink at Panera bread
  14. Free egg sandwich from Einstein Bro. Bagels (with purchase of coffee)
  15. Free barre class at Barre3 on the morning of my big day

I did pretty good this year!


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