Three’s Company

Three’s Company secretly used to be my favorite show on Nick at Nite as a kid and now we are living the dream!!!  We’ve had a really good first week with Marsya despite the dreary Seattle fall weather and business all around.  There’s really been very little change in Bryan and my household schedules or habits; we still wake up and get out of the house in a rush, still change into pjs whenever the need arises (as soon as possible) and still share a bowl of ice cream before going to bed.  It’s nice to be so comfortable with our house guest and I think (hopefully) she feels the same way as us.

But this past week wasn’t all about pjs and ice cream…

  • Bryan and I cooked two of our Blue Apron dinners.  We didn’t manage to get photos of them as I had planned to show up Mom and Dad in the cooking of their identical meals but I can vouch for their deliciousness.
    Blue Apron Chicken Thigh with Autumn Vegetables
    Blue Apron Chicken Thigh with Autumn Vegetables

    Southern Style Burgers with Chow Chow
    Southern Style Burgers with Chow Chow
  • We both had to bring our computer home a few days this week to catch up on work.
  • I nearly pin-pricked the heck out of my thumb trying to put together our homemade Halloween costumes.
  • We FINALLY got our Save the Date cards in the mail (after I stopped at five different stores on my way home from work to get stamps…declining every star spangled banner stamp they offered me) AND finished the wedding website.

    On their way out!
    On their way out!
  • We also narrowed down our two registries to Crate and Barrel and Amazon.
  • I got my hair cut and highlighted.
  • We watched the GOP debate.
  • I had my monthly SEAW meeting on an interesting topic about designing to that legendary New Yorker article’s magnitude 9 earthquake that the Cascadia region is expecting in the next half century while Bryan spent the same night mentoring college students at SPU interested in engineering.
  • Bryan and I volunteered a sold out night at FareStart, featuring Restaurant Marche from Bainbridge Island, for a French fall dinner.

    Definitely the most interesting part of the meal was my first savory flan (delicata squash)
    Definitely the most interesting part of the meal was my first savory flan (delicata squash)
  • My work had a company Halloween lunch potluck on Friday and all the women in the office secretly conspired to dress up as Rosie the Riveter together.  Really great times!

    Waiting for more pictures but here's a goodie!
    Waiting for more pictures but here’s a goodie!
  • Bryan and I finished our costumes while watching our two college teams play at the same time; one game not so good and one game almost not so good.
  • We finished up the costumes just in time to head over to Sara’s birthday/Halloween party on Saturday night.  The costumes at the party were all really pretty amazing and Bryan and I were the last to leave…via Car2Go nonetheless.

    Elmer Fudd and Rascally Rabbit!
    Elmer Fudd and Rascally Rabbit!
  • Sunday morning church topic on relations with neighbors and Bryan and I finally have an idea on how we can possibly get more involved with our church.  Tried Bounty Kitchen, in Upper Queen Anne, for the first time with to-go orders for us and Marsya, taking a whopping 40 minutes to get our food!!
  • We took Marsya with us to Billy and Valerie’s symphony concert on Sunday at the Seattle Town Hall featuring Brahms and Shostakovich.  We really enjoyed although we were keeping a close on the Seahawks score the whole time.
  • Sealed the deal with the Seahawks over the Cowboys, just barely.
  • Enjoyed a lazy rainy Sunday night in with Billy and Valerie who need to live a whole lot closer than 20 minutes away!


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