…is what I am…or have been this week.  Let’s take a look:

Saturday =  Lazy Football Saturday

  • Crazy Michigan win against Indiana
  • Costume making
  • Homemade breakfast sandwiches and a Starbucks run
  • TCBY yogurt

Sunday = Yoga and FareStart Gala

  • Great Lululemon class in the AM
  • Lunch at Which Wiches of sandwiches for me and the boy

    Buffalo chicken on wheat
    Buffalo chicken on wheat
  • FareStart Gala at the Convention Center (lots of fun and dinner for volunteers provided by Chipotle)

Monday = Thai Night Out with the Boy

  • Shared our usual Pad Kee Mao with chicken and the Tom Kha Soup
    Our usual chicken Pad Kee Mao with two stars!
    Our usual chicken Pad Kee Mao with two stars!

    SPICY tom yum soup at the Fish Cake Factory
    SPICY tom kha soup at the Fish Cake Factory

Tuesday = SEAW Dinner Meeting at Hotel Monaco

  • Topic = Braced Frames
  • DELICIOUS Dinner = salad, cookies, and Maple-Grain Mustard Roasted Pork Loin, Parsnip Puree, Foraged and Cultivated Mushroom Ragout, Salsa Verde (yum yum yum)

Wednesday = Yoga Class

  • I worked late and skipped out on a cooking class I was debating on taking.  I went instead to Urban Yoga Spa for a hot yoga class, a shower after, and an early bedtime.

Thursday = Day to Myself

  • Rarity

Friday = Dinner at Billy and Valerie’s House

  • They made a great dinner for the two of us: Lamb chops, roasted Jerusalem artichokes with garlic aioli, salad, and a chocolate almond tart.  We brought wine and a game, per their request.  Our game selection was Skipbo…which we didn’t play because we were still sitting around the table talking at 11pm.

Much needed weekend ahead but now I need to get ready for our HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!


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