How to Host a Killer Halloween Party

  1. Invite everyone you know and like (important)
  2. Warm up with a run to get coffees and come back to your boyfriend’s homemade chocolate chip pancakes and eggs
  3. Come up with your own stellar Halloween costume (Bryan and I finished our Ms Pacman and Blinky costumes after about 4 hours on Saturday.  Polly was an adorable sailor and Brittany was the best Napoleon Dynamite I have ever seen!)
  4. Put up decorations of all kinds (bats, spider webs, ravens, etc)
  5. Make Halloween decorated brownies
  6. Add to that fresh popcorn (like my Grandma taught me), chips and dip with carrot fingers, and mini caramel apple pops a la Martha Stewart)
  7. Put out bowls of gummy worms and candy corn
  8. Get glow-in-the-dark bracelets for fun
  9. Add a blacklight to the room
  10. Turn out the lights
  11. Put on a scary movie on the big screen for video only (mute that sucker)
  12. Come up with the best 5 1/2 hour playlist of your life (kudos to Polly)
  13. Stir up a potent witches brew (my Pink Panty recipe that I recall from my Water Ski Team days)
  14. Satiate yourself with a good dinner (sneaked away to Laredo’s to try and watch the UT game and get a huge fajita salad)
  15. Get in costume (red lipstick, red heels, and false eyelashes completed the look)
  16. Dance the most of all the guests because dancing in a cardboard box was actually so much fun and don’t go to bed until the last guest has left (3pm)
    Roommates Plus Overnight Guest Preparty
    The Chase
    The Capture
    Chess pieces Luis and Carina
    Mark’s What Does the Fox Say and Philipp’s bitten scoober diver.
    Ewelina did a good Courtney Love and Stephan has a dandy Parisian
    Brittany’s friends in their getup.
    Friends playing quarters.

    Too much fun dancing in cardboard.


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