So on Sunday night I was a good citizen.  I volunteered five hours of my time for an organization that I have grown very fond of.  I sat at the center stage of the FareStart auction and gala recording winning bidders numbers and dollar amounts.  I witnessed them bring in over $1 Million in a single night.  And then I went back to the volunteer room to realize that my bag had been stolen.

I was UPSET!  Who would do that to an innocent volunteer.  Who would want to take my bag.  I was first worried about the amount of cash that I had in my wallet, my ID, and my credit and debit cards.  I reported it to the Convention Center’s security and rode my scooter back to Bryan’s, finally getting quite emotionally upset.  It wasn’t until after my tearful ride that I was able to think of just how much I had lost with that bag and what a hassle it would be to get it all replaced.

Everything missing:

  • ID
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bag from my parents
  • Wallet from my aunt
  • Multiple Gift Cards
  • Adidas Pants
  • Library Book
  • Lots of cash
  • Some makeup
  • A pair of earrings
  • Camera and SD card
  • Insurance Card
  • UM ID cards (sentimental)

That adds up to a lot.  I’m not happy, I’m quite angry, I want to get it all back, I’m working with my Renters Insurance to hopefully be compensated for most.  I’m trying to let it go and move on.


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