I think I am just waiting…waiting for my dad to come.  I’ve been trying to get out and do stuff, especially considering the exceptional weather that we are STILL having but yet I just want it to be Friday.

This weekend I lost a tennis match, I watched our team clobber UMass at Buckley’s, I went for walks around Queen Anne, I went to Lululemon for yoga, I went to church and stayed for their “Urban BBQ” (only in Seattle would they have salmon burgers), I sunned on my balcony, and I went to get a drink (tried and very much liked the Maritime Dark Amber Ale) and listen to some great jazz led by a tenor sax at the Triple Door (2nd Sunday in a row, I’m becoming a regular).

I started the week off right with another pumpernickel bagel with pumpkin schmear from Einstein Bros. Bagels with their Autumn Harvest coffee (addict?  Yes!).  I played my makeup tennis match from Friday on Tuesday right after work and this time I won!!  Pretty single-handedly too (6-1, 6-3).  I had a girl’s night with Amy afterwards, involving me painting my nails, eating more white BBQ sauce chicken, and doing lots of talking.  This week I also made apple butter after I received a whole bag from one of our work clients.  Made in the crockpot and came out dark and delicious.  And watched a few movies and started a new book…interesting life I know.

Yum, cinnamony apple butter.


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