Papa Bear

Another visit…another great visit.  Padre came and stayed with me this weekend and we had a great time.  I love how varied the activities are with each new person that comes.  And the more I get out and enjoy what Seattle has to offer.  Dad was here from Friday night through early Tuesday morning and boy did we fill up our schedules with fun!

Friday night after meeting Dad at the airport and getting his rental car we drove to mi casa for the grand tour and a long chat into the early morning (EST).  Saturday morning we awoke and headed straight to Pike Market for some serious breakfast from Tom Douglas’ Seatown restaurant (note: Bryan and I had been here once before for a weekend brunch).  I opted for the super stellar Dungeness crab, avocado, Beecher’s jack cheese, and egg sandwich on a Tom Douglas-owned Dahlia English muffin and a side of fruit.  Perfection on my palette.  My dining companion choose the classic eggs benedict with hashbrowns.  Plus, I love that they have heat lamps for al fresco dining and people watching and stellar coffee.

Cuppa joe at the Seatown Restaurant.
Crab egg sandwich from Seatown.
Dad and a plate of happy benedict.

After brunch we headed to the EMP museum for some exploration and history into all genres of music.  The exhibits on display were Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, ACDC, Rolling Stones, and The Lure of Horror Movies.  Both of us preferred the exhibit on Jimi Hendrix.  I liked his and Nirvana’s for the fact that they are local music artists that I myself can see have impacted the music scene in the Seattle area.  After killing a couple of hours we went back to my place to soak up some sun and talk on my balcony.  We headed out for kickoff of the UM vs. Notre Dame game at Buckley’s with the rest of the UM alumni crew.  We got a seat at the bar luckily.  We had a snack of sweet potato fries and beverages that were discounted after we won top prize for the UM trivia (a $25 coupon to Buckleys).  After a very horrifying display by Denard we headed to a new jazz bar called Vito’s on First Hill.  It was like an old school Italian mob joint, complete with red booths and an elaborate bar.  We shared some really good small plates of gamberini in garlic oil, a cannelloni, and sautéed mushrooms in Madeira wine as well as a couple glasses of their Sangiovese.  The jazz trio were great and the bar was a-hoppin.

The Sound Church at the EMP.
My scream at the EMP.
Dad’s scream at the EMP.

On Sunday Dad and I went to the 9:30 service at my local church.  The sermon was as usual great and I really like going to church with my dad.  We then rode down to the stadiums for a pre-game lunch of tacos at the Camion taco truck.  As usual, the tacos were wicked, fast and cheap.  I had snagged the Mariners vs. Rangers tickets for the 1pm game from my company and Dad and I enjoyed a great afternoon of baseball in the fall atmosphere.  The Mariners almost pulled a come-back victory but instead lost 3-2.  Good for Dad and we did get to see four lovely home runs hit out of the park.  Sunday night we met Bryan at List for their glorious happy hour in Belltown.  We all opted for their $8 seabass served atop the creamy faro and sautéed kale and glasses of house wine.  We had great conversation flowing and I knew Bryan and Dad would get along just fine.

Monday we both thought was the most fun of the whole trip.  We set out straight away for the Seattle to Bainbridge ferry from the Ferry Terminal.  We drove on our car and took in the city as we departed on the 30 minute ferry.  Once we arrived at Bainbridge and toured the island for a bit we got brunch at a cute and colorful little place called the Streamliner Diner just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Bainbridge ferry terminal.  We both chose the strawberry and banana waffles, Dad sticking with the classic diner style and me venturing out to try their gloriously nutty and hearty whole wheat n’ flax waffle.  I really enjoyed my waffle and I think Dad enjoyed his as well as eggs, bacon and a biscuit he saved for an afternoon snack.  We strolled around Winslow Street window shopping and browsing the cute stores.  After some time we went to the Bainbridge High School to hit some tennis balls.  After some time playing tennis we headed back to the ferry to come back to the mainland.

Our waffle plates at the Streamliner Diner on Bainbridge.
Dad and I in our tennis gear returning from Bainbridge on the ferry.

Monday night, after not being able to score reasonable tickets to the MNF game against the Packers we decided to head north to Thrasher’s Corner Pub and Broiler in Bothell, WA for their Monday night all-you-can crab dinner with Bryan, Amy and David.  We snagged the last table in a raucous room full on Seahawks fans.  We were served either salad or clam chowder and then a plate of steaming hot Dungeness crab, garlic toast and butter.  It was a glorious mess and the waitresses would come without request to tong-you-up another large Dungeness crab.  I was stuffed and happy and in the closing seconds of the game the bar was also stunned and happy.  It was insane!!  All Seattle can talk about right now is the last minute touchdown “catch” to beat the Packers.

Into my belly!!

Again, such a great weekend and even memorable just recollecting everything that we did.  Thanks Dad for a great visit!!  Come back soon.


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