Bowling for Pumpkins…I Mean Bowling for Fun

Over 50 days of no rain in this drizzly city is a real bonus for a great summer.  Though there were sprinkles evident early Monday morning on the way to the airport (fitting for Claire’s departure) we have continued to let the sun persist and the warmer temperatures comfort me.

With Claire’s absence I have been trying to recuperate with sleep and nourishment.  I resumed meetings, I resumed busy days at work, and I resumed time spent with the boy.  Tuesday night I made us chicken shawarma again because I was craving it.  My favorite breakfast has come in the form of picking up a pumpernickel bagel with the new fall inspired pumpkin cream cheese from Einstein Brothers Bagels and their Autumn Harvest coffee blend.  Seriously has hit the spot every time and I am trying to get there at least once a week while the pumpkin season is in full swing.

Pumpkin cream cheese delight on a pumpernickel bagel and autumn harvest blend from Einstein Bros. Bagels. I get coupons for them all the time!!!

Thursday night Amy, Bryan and I grilled ribeyes on Amy’s grill, complete with butter sauteed mushrooms, and I contributed a great quinoa, feta, arugula salad for the three of us from California Pizza Kitchen and a bottle of Blue Fin wine.  The wine, mushrooms and steak really worked together.  It was all delicious!!  Afterwards eight of us hightailed it to West Seattle Bowl for $10 unlimited bowling, using a Google Offer we all bought a while back.  We had two teams of four and played four games.  My best score was 133.  Not bad but not great.  I think I got 9 pins on at least 15 frames over the course of the night.  The 10th pin didn’t like me.  It was a great place to bowl and cheap from 9pm-1am (we left at 12:30!!).

Today is my first tennis match for my league.  I have a game scheduled right after work and one scheduled for tomorrow morning before the football game.  Hopefully this turns out to be fun.  I haven’t hit balls in a few weeks now but I did just get brand spanking new ones for the matches.  I still need to get my tennis racquet grip retaped but baby steps (at least I have a new scooter battery!).



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