What I Really Wanna Do…

Well this is an easy “Wish List” for my time at home and the cottage.  When I think of the cottage I get the most nostalgia of any because I don’t know of one Fourth of July being any different than any other.  I know they have changed, that the kids and the adults have grown up, that our activities have varied, but it honestly seems the same to me when I think about it.  I know what to expect, I know what to look forward to, I know what it is I want to do while I am there.  Cue Spice Girls “Wannabe”

  • Water ski
  • Play euchre and cards off the heazy
  • Have campfires all day long
  • Roast marshmallows for smores
  • Listen to my cousin John play guitar around the fire
  • Play tennis
  • Go fishing with the boys
  • Go for a boat cruise around the lake
  • Have Mom’s shrimp boil
  • Light off fireworks…or at least do sparklers
  • Have talks with the girls
  • Go kayaking with Mamasita
  • Walk around the lake
  • Fall asleep to a movie
  • Eat my dad and Terry’s waffles
  • Soak up sun and read
  • Eat on the picnic table
  • Watch the neighbor’s fireworks
  • Walk around barefoot
  • Play with Maggie and Sophie

And at home/Ann Arbor…

  • See Nisa and Claire
  • Eat at JG and/or Aladdins
  • Brunch out at a fave (Northside or Soup Spoon)
  • Eat on the deck and grill out
  • Bring back Afternoon Delight muffins (however many will fit in my bag)

Now I just need to figure out how to pack my water ski, tennis racket, mom’s shoes, ski jacket, books, etc in one carry on bag.  Hmmm….


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