June’s Best and Worst

  • Grilling out
  • $1 off at Yogurtland…all month long (been there 3x already) and have been loving on their Nutter Butter flavor especially
  • Sunnier weather than May (not hard to do)
  • Determined to catch a fish with my new rod and reel
  • Purple nail polish – Amy even got me one as a gift (though it’s really pink not purple)
  • Festival season starts (already had Northwest Folklife but we have the Fremont Fair, Kirkland Uncorked, International Beer Fest, and Ballard Seafood Fest all coming up soon)
  • Farmer markets in full swing…me love the Ballard and Fremont ones, have yet to hit the Queen Anne one on Thursday afternoons but I bus by it and it is hopping
  • Comedy show at Comedy Underground in Pioneer Square was awesome
  • Getting to get dressed up once in a while.  Wore an unworn white dress to the Sarajevo Lounge white party and got glammed up for the ballet in a new pink Forever 21 dress at the Seattle Center this weekend before hitting what ended up being the after party at the swank and totally me Sitting Room in Lower Queen Anne with Amy, Bryan and Polly.  Loved the ballet too by the way.
  • Asian dumplings…especially at $4
  • Sweet potato fries 
  • Google Local events…next one is coming up in a week at a restaurant I’ve been dying to try anyways.  And I may be featured in the Google Local Seattle newsletter.
  • Berries and melon in season
  • Redbox + discount codes = free!
  • Tauber Networking dinner at Salty’s in Alki Beach (dinner with a view?)
  • My new bike
  • Tootsie rolls and fudgsicles (?!?!)
  • Sarah coming to visit in less than a week
  • Brunch and shopping sound like a splendid Saturday morning and afternoon to me with Amy
  • Discovering must-try local fish and chips places…and discovering that one of those even offered me up free delicious “chips” every third Friday of the month
  • Being so close to the 4th of July trip to the cottage
  • Crashing hotel jacuzzis
  • The discovery of my favorite bagels in the city, Eltana in Capitol Hill, discovering that they are top rated in the COUNTRY and discovering that they like to give out free baker’s dozens of bagels frequently
  • Top Chef is filming here this summer for the next season = exciting!!!
Yum fish and chips from Pike Street Fish Fry. +1 for anything served on newspapers. Delicious!!!
Comedy Underground felt very much like Ann Arbor’s. Free bottle of champagne with our Livingsocial deal too.
Home fries were hands down the best thing on my plate at the Lucky Diner
Beautiful McCaw Hall lobby area.
Homemade Michigan beef pasties served for Mad Men finale night. I don’t like chopping rutabagas.
  • Getting my scooter serviced again
  • The decline of my garden
  • Un-sunny weather and cold temperatures
  • My camera battery frizzled by spilled wine
  • The end to Mad Men nights 😦
  • Church sermon topics as of late
  • Two big deadlines


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