Siamese Twin

My buddy Sarah from Ann Arbor and UM visited me for the weekend and it was like my twin came to visit.  I swear we have so much in common.  I am so happy that I got to catch up with her and introduce her to Bryan and Amy.  After a whirlwind of a week (dinner with ex-roommate Marieke at Qazi’s Indian Curry House, dinner at Salty’s at Alki Beach for Tauber Networking event, dinner with Amy for girls night at her house, free screening of Hit and Run at SIFF cinema with Bryan (followed by a Q&A session live with Kristen Bell and Dak Shepard!!!…found out they are both from Detroit), and two appointments this week) we actually had a great time just hanging out, moving slow, having long meals with long conversations, and just doing our own thang!

Chilli chicken extra spicy and butter chicken medium.
Garlic naan
Gorgeous and perfect day for a dinner on Alki Beach.
Free!…and with good company.  Plus ceasar salad, too sweet blackberry cobbler and a glass of Covey Run Syrah.

Bryan and I picked her up at the airport Friday night and were going to catch live flamenco and tapas at Bilbao only to find they just closed so we went and got tacos at a hopping Pecado Bueno.  We headed home to talk and show her my sweet digs.  Saturday morning was the slowest moving of all…she woke up at 2pm!!!  We had a great, long brunch at home and then spent the day and evening cooking spaghetti at Amy’s and then having a dinner with the boys and watching a Redbox awful movie called the Tower Heist.  It was fun and the best we could do considering the awful weather.  Sunday morning we went to Lululemon for a great yoga class and then headed to the Eastside for a Google Local Special Users event at Wild Ginger.  Fantastic!!!  Multiple course dim sum brunch of so many delicious edibles all with some great Asian flavors.  We sampled:  excellent shrimp shu mai, baked and steamed barbeque pork buns, sesame shrimp cakes with wasabi cream, these amazing little sesame kabucha squash cakes and best of all was our own private open bar.  I had a mimosa to start, then coffee, than an original guava martini like drink.  Great ambiance in our little private room.

My favorite shrimp shu mai and kabucha squash cakes.
Baked BBQ pork buns.
Steamed BBQ pork buns.

The rest of Sunday was gorgeous and we spent it at the market and then headed to Conor Byrnes in Ballard with Bryan and David to catch Open Mic Night.  She left early this morning as I sent her off on the light rail to the airport from downtown.  I miss her but am exhausted as well!  She is so fun, smart, sensible and motivating.  We can talk for hours and I really think that she knows me probably better than any of my friends and that we can both trust each other with anything and that is what I love and need in her as my friend.


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